At a Gallop

At a Gallop

A Poem by Shanny Rowanhill

Well about war, there are so many heroic tales. I like to write about their fear, and the price of following orders, rather than the hero soldier.


At a gallop, we ride
At a gallop, over the hills
At a gallop, across the fields
And yes, across the icy lakes too

Our swords we bring
Our swords, in our hands
Our swords, for defense
And yes - they kill, our swords

And now you say, that you know what it's like
We both know oh so well that you don't
Forget it all, and crash your burden
We can't expect you to join, we are here on our own

We fought, we died
By your command, we died
(What on earth have we done?)
We never enjoyed it
We were never proud
(You won't even get to know it)
We were afraid
We were ashamed
(How could you send us so far away from our homes?)

At a gallop, we ride
At a gallop, in the twilight
At a gallop, closer we come
And yes, we've come for you

With fear, in our hearts
With fear, it won't go away
With fear, and sorrow
And yes - you die, for us

Now would you give us our freedom?
No, I really don't think that you would
This has nothing to do with bravery
The honour is all yours but, you never understood

© 2010 Shanny Rowanhill

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Added on October 9, 2009
Last Updated on March 7, 2010
Tags: gallop, war, soldier, fantasy


Shanny Rowanhill
Shanny Rowanhill


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