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The man walked right into the wall.

    “Did you see that?” I asked my friend who was with me at Starbucks.

    “See what?”

    “The man across the street, he just walked right into that wall,” I pointed with my finger.

    “No, I was looking at my phone.”

    I looked at the other people inside the coffeeshop trying to find a bewildered face which, like me, might have seen the man. No one seemed to have seen the man. Just like my friend, everyone seemed to be so preoccupied at looking at their phones and gadgets.

    I look out and this time I saw the man pop out of the wall. “Now, did you see that?”

    “See what?”  This time my friend sounded irritated.

    “The man whom I said entered the wall. Well, he just popped right out of the wall. The man wearing a black baseball cap.”

    “No, Johnny, I didn’t see. I’m trying to text my girlfriend about the party which we are to attend tomorrow.”

    “Come, let’s follow him.” I pulled my friend out of Starbucks.”

    “Johnny!” he resisted, but I was too strong for him.

    We ran at the direction the man was heading. “Come on, ran faster.”

    Louie dropped his phone. He stopped to inspect it. “Come, on.” I pulled him again.

    “S**t, will you stop running. I think my phone is busted.” He was running while inspecting his phone.

    Now where did he go?  I could see the man. Ah there, to our right. “Let’s go.” We ran after the man.

    The man noticed that we were following him so increased his speed. After a few more steps, he went straight into the wall at the side of a drugstore.

    “Now, tell me you didn’t see that.” I said.

    Louie’s eyes were still wide when I looked at him, and his mouth was wide open .

    “What the hell happened?” he exclaimed.

    “See, I told you. He goes through walls.”

    Breathing heavily, we reached the portion of the wall he’d gone into. There was no door, no crack, just bricks cemented together.

    We looked around, hoping to find the man. We waited for several minutes. The man did not re-appear.


    “What do you think about that?” I asked Louie.

    He shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe he’s some kind of magician, practicing his trade. We see this done all the time on TV.”

    “You think so?”

    “What else could it be?”

    I shook my head. “Nah, why would he do it out in the open.”

    “Maybe he’s trying to attract publicity.”

    While we tried to analyse, the man suddenly popped out of the wall that he’d entered.

    He just ignored us and went on walking.

    “Excuse me,” I tried to call his attention. “He continued to ignore us.

    I ran after him and grabbed his shoulder. He turned around, angry.

    “Mind your own business, my boy.”

    “I just want to know how you do that, how you walk right through walls,” I said.

    “Yah, me too,” said Louie.

    “I said mind your own business.” The man started walking away from us.

    We tried to ran after him but Louie and I slipped into the ground under our feet. We kept on falling and falling and falling…

    The man turned his back. “Damn nosy kids!” he walked right into another wall.

    “Louie! What’s happening?”  He lost grip of his phone and the phone hit me on my forehead. “Ouch!”

    We kept on falling into the space under the ground.


© 2018 StoryTellerWriter

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Added on June 9, 2018
Last Updated on June 9, 2018