The Story of the Ordinary Boy:

The Story of the Ordinary Boy:

A Story by StrangeCaraway

(And His Misadventures Upon the Discovery That Nothing Outside of His Home Exists.)

​ On behalf of everyone here at The Story of the Ordinary Boy, I’d like to welcome you all. I do hope your mental stay with us is enjoyable and that you’ll be with us through the duration of this particular venture. I told myself I’d make this brief and things really go downhill once you begin to break promises to yourself. The last thing I’d want to do is ramble on and on about nothing. It would be best for everyone’s enjoyment if I just shut up and began the story. Could you imagine if I tried to grab your attention from the get go and ended up just hammering on keys in a seemingly random fashion? Well I say I’d be astonished if you would make it very far at all with manner as such previously described being carried on about. No, this will indeed be a short, cordial introduction to what I assume will be a story packed with enticing dialogue, intriguing characters, perhaps a bit of romance and even some action. This will not at all be an indication of what is to come; this is indeed just a welcome to all within eye sight of these words and the words to follow. So before I began to ramble in anyway, taking away from the entertainment that is sure to begin soon, I will conclude with a final; Welcome all!


​ Once upon a time, upon which time I cannot be entirely sure. I’m quite certain it isn’t the time currently occurring, but it’s also doubtful it’s a time that is yet to come. Though I’m positive it was a Tuesday, I’ll just continue on with “A time”. Now once upon this aforementioned time there was an ordinary town. This town was much like any other town. There were streets that were traveled by various persons at any one time by several different means of transportation. There were police officers, firemen, mail carriers, government sanitation engineers. There were business men, bakers, butchers, florists, and car salesmen. You could often find baristas, hoppers, skippers, movers and cruisers and from time to time you could spot zinggers, zangers, clinggers, and clangers. But I digress. With all these people there must be a place they can all go when they aren’t busy with the tasks of day to day life. Like most other towns there were also neighborhoods filled with houses, each house more ordinary than the last. But our story really picks up upon arriving at a particularly ordinary house with an address of 4242 Capes Toga Dr. This ordinary home housed a similarly ordinary boy with a name such as Harry. Not that his name was Harry, but for the purpose of storytelling I shall refer to him as such. Now Ordinary Harry one day made quite an extraordinary discovery. At first he was unsure, like any inquisitive mind would be. But after running all the other possibilities through his mind he could come to no other conclusion. Nothing outside of Ordinary Harry’s home was real.

© 2013 StrangeCaraway

Author's Note

I'll see how people are digging it before I post more. Here lies the intro and chapter 1. I've no idea about chapter length and post sizes and such a duch but I do have quite a bit more to post and write. Let me know what you think!

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I find the....prologue?...funny!!
The story itself, leaves me hanging!>.>
Lol its intersting.

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Why thank you!! Well there is much much more to this story! I may be posting chapter 2 today, which .. read more

10 Years Ago

You're welcome! If you'd like send me a read request.

10 Years Ago

I'm still learning the site but I shall!

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Added on January 8, 2013
Last Updated on January 8, 2013
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