Princess and the Paper dog

Princess and the Paper dog

A Story by Strawberry Evil

A story of a girl and her dog, made of paper.

Princess and a paper dog

In the middle of a weighing darkness, there's a bleak mansion, from the windows there comes a faint light. You can see nothing else in the darkness, not trees, cliffs, rocks, other houses or lights. You can never see movement int those windows, no one comes out or enters the mansion. However, there lives a little girl in that mansion, all alone.

Once again the girl, who had forgotten her name a long time ago, was wandering the long aisle. She took small, careful step, with bare feet. Her baby-pink, ruffled dress was clearly old, dusty. In her small, pale hands she held a dog, that was made out of white paper. There were only little furniture A small bed, a pillow for the dog and a closet, that only had one dress in it, in one room. One room was full of mirrors. Nothing electronic was anywhere to be seen, the dinner table stood alone and dusty in one room. The many other rooms were emptied, or never had anything in them in the first place. The mirror room had always been the girl's favorite room. Today, as many times before, she wandered there, put her dog on the floor and danced in the middle of the mirrors, softly humming. Even though she was all alone, she was never lonely. She had her dog, and while dancing, you don't know what's going on around you.

The girl sat down on a small bed and talked to the paper dog. The dog did have a name, even when the girl no longer did. There had been pictures on the walls of the room, someday, but they had been torn down a long time ago. Girl sometimes wondered, rarely, what was she doing here. But she quickly forgot the question, every time. She took a large book from the floor, that was filled with exciting stories about different kinds of people. She read the stories out loud to her dog, that was laying on her lap. Once she finished reading, she went to lie on her small bed. She didn't sleep, just lied there for a little while. The wind flicked to the many windows of the house, like it was comforting her. 

After she had lied on the bed for the right amount of time, she put a little hat on and sat in front of the front door. The door couldn't be opened, but each day she sat there. She had already forgotten why she did that, maybe she was waiting for someone to open the door, to let her out. The paper dog sat patiently beside her, as she stroked it's back. Some times a small breeze came inside from under the door, like it was teasing her. The girl sighed, picked the dog up and started walking along the corridors. 
"This will be a good day as well, Dawn", she whispered to the paper dog. From the windows she could only see darkness, but that didn't bother her, darkness was beautiful. The girl took a red pencil from her pocket and continued her old drawing on the white wall. This was a relatively new thing, she found the pencil when she was investigating the old rooms, it was lying in the middle of the floor. Sometimes, really rarely, things seemed to just appear inside the house. Last time the hat had appeared next to the bed, but that was a long time ago already. The random red lines soon formed a picture of a tree. The girl stared at the picture she created, like she would have not known what it was showing.

This day was colder that before. The girl took candles from a large chest, carefully arranged them to the floor, and lit a warm fire to them. That fire wasn't like any other, it didn't come from a lighter or a match, but her finger. Sounds odd, right? To the girl there was nothing odd about the fire coming from the top of her finger, it was perfectly normal and she could control it easily. The paper dog had been placed to a safe distance from the candles, so that there was no way it could accidentally grab the flames. Once all the candles had been lit, she sat next to the dog and opened her giant book. 
"Today's story is about a demon, Dawn, that was named Darren", she told her dog and started reading the story. The girl found the book to be the best thing she had. Who ever wrote it must have had a wild imagination, the stories were wide and thrilling. It told about different people, but it was like the writer had actually known them all, and knew everything about those lives. She didn't know where the book was from, or how she got it. The girl had read the book many times, but never grew tired of the stories. It seemed like each time the stories were changed a little. The book didn't have a name and the writer wasn't told, but none of that mattered. 

Once she had finished reading, the girl took a candle to her hand and the dog to the other one. She wandered to the mirror room. She sat down, hummed a sweet tune and petted her dog's back. For a moment it looked like one of the big mirrors would have shivered and shown a different reflection than that of the girl. The girl looked at the mirror with a smile. That happened often and it gave her a safe feeling for some reason. She had no idea what happened to the mirror, but she never wondered what it was. She glanced at her reflection from another mirror. She looked more pale than usually, somehow, and her eyes lacked the sparkle they always had. She put the paper dog down and moved closer to the mirror to examine her face. The surroundings of her eyes were dark, lips blue and the hair had lost a lot of it's shine. Normally she looked like a porcelain doll... What in the world was going on? The girl took the paper dog to her lap, swayed up and ran to a room that used to be a kitchen full of people and happiness. In the middle of the room there was a table with a steaming drink on it. Once she saw the cup she understood that she was sick. One of the character in the Book was sick a lot, so she knew what it meant. The girl jumped to sit on the table, put the dog next to her and drank from the cup. The drink was thick but easily drinkable and really good. The girl didn't eat almost ever since the house didn't have any food and she never felt hungry. So, that drink was extra good. 

After she had finished the drink, she walked to a room with her bed, put the paper dog down and went to lie to the bed.
"Don't worry, Dawn. Everything's okay", she whispered and smiled to her dog. Breathing was hard, no matter what position she lied in. It was cold and hot at the same time, and her head hurt. This was a new feeling to the girl, she never had even a small cold. The wind pinged to the windows, like knowing something was wrong.
"Shh Dawn. Don't bark", she whispered with a weak voice. The dim light flickered and crackled. She pulled a sheer blanket on, crossed her hand on top of her thorax and closed her eyes. For the first time ever she felt tired. There was so much she wanted to do today: draw some more, dance, explore the upper floor and the basement. She did those things each day, but today it felt especially important.

While she lied there, silently and perfectly still, there was a big bang from the mirror room. Each and every giant mirror cracked and fell to the floor, breaking into shards. Right after that there was another big bang: the front door flew open. This finally made the girl get up. She glanced to the paper dog, picked the Book to her hands and started walking towards the door. She had a dark and wistful look on her doll-like face. 
"Catie, it's time to come out. Casey needs you", a familiar voice echoed in with the wind. 
"Your destiny starts now", the voice said softly. The girl, who now remember Catie to be her name, didn't look back, hesitate or questioned anything. She just stepped out of the door, into the darkness. 

© 2016 Strawberry Evil

Author's Note

Strawberry Evil
This is a story that is based on my poem White House

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Enjoyed it. However, there is one moment in particular that took me out of the narrative, "That fire wasn't like any other, it didn't come from a lighter or a match, but her finger. Sounds odd, right?"
Actually no, it doesn't sound odd. I mean yes it is odd, but not really within the context of the story. There is a paper dog and a room full of mirrors, the tone has been set, this is a strange story so I am ready to believe fire comes out of her finger. Explaining any further only takes me out of the story, it only questions my acceptance of this world.
Also, you begin the story in the second person and quickly abandon it and I feel that might be a sign that the story never wanted to be told in the second person.
Any way, I really did enjoy the story.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Strawberry Evil

7 Years Ago

Thank you so much for the review :) I appreciate your points.
Yea, it might be a strange add.. read more
I like the tone this story has. I would suggest taking a second look at your descriptions. Sometimes you worded things in a way that jumbled your adjectives and confused the meaning of the sentences. This really is a unique piece.

Posted 7 Years Ago

That was an interesting story! Great work!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Strawberry Evil

7 Years Ago

Thank you~ :)

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