Ginger tea and honey?

Ginger tea and honey?

A Chapter by Ivana~

"Girls, it's time to get up! Time to start the day." A soft spoken voice emitted throughout the sleeping beauty filled room. The sun gently shinned through the crease in the curtain's across the bed. The light of the sun lay peaceful on the foot of the bed. My name is Ivana. Now, this room I am in, is actually my best friend Rena's room. Sometimes my mom lets me sleep over on weekends at Rena's house. Her mommy is the best, she's so sweet and always bakes something I like whenever I come over. One side of the house was filled with the scent of french toast sticks with double cinnamon. On the other end, the smell of tea and honey came from a lone candle burning smoothly on the dinning room table. 
"Girls, once you finish dressing be sure to come down stairs and eat something! I won't let you leave until you both have!" Rena's mom scolded, because the last time we had a sleep over, we both didn't eat in the morning. We were to sluggish from staying way past our bed times. 
As we finish dress, A tan dress with the school emblem on the left corner of the frill on the dress. Along with a red bow on the collar, On top, was a red cardigan, the same color shade as the bow. A crimson red. Along with our Mary Jane shoes as well with white frilled socks of course. To top it off, a red beret with a tiny tan bow on the right side. Rena and I attended the Academy for girls only. In it we learned the normal subjects, public students would learn, but the way we learned was just in a different schedule than the others. 
"Here are your umbrella's girls. Its supposed to rain today! So be sure NOT to get a cold. Got it?" She had both her hands on our shoulders and looked at us in our eyes. Rena and I looked to each other, chuckling slightly at how serious her mom was being, unaware that the results of catching the wrong type of cold could be fatal. "Got it!" Rena and I said simultaneously.  After having ate, we left. Hand in hand as we walked the 5 blocks to school. Through out the day the clouds collected outside into dark grey clouds. Unlike Rena, I was actually afraid of thunderstorms, I didn't enjoy the lightening. The fact that the electricity could at any point shoot down and kill me was absolutely terrifying. 
"Okay class, because of the weather we are having we are going to have to end school early today BUT WAIT All of you go to the gym we are calling your parents to come and get you!" The class up-roared in cheers and applause with out waiting a second more, the children ran down to the gym. Rena and I sat with a group of our friends, waiting until our mothers came to pick us up. Slowly as the hour passed on, one by one all of our friends left with their parents, but the storm got only worse. Rena looked to me and offered her hand. "Get up...No one's coming for us. Lets go." She said sternly as if she was my mother ordering me too. I had took a hold of her hand. "But Rena its really bad out there..." I said as I clenched her hand tightly. She didn't answer me only ran out to the school door. Opening up the umbrella with both hands. 
"Hold on to me, and don't let go!" Rena had said as she walked out into the pouring rain with me. I leached on to her waist, gripping tightly to her dress. Outside was like a constant wall of rain being poured down. Moving rapidly with the wind which seemed to be going about 35 miles per hour. Every 3 minutes there would be a big flash of lighting. Barely walking through the rain, being pushed by the rain. The loud roar of the wind silencing out anything but the terrifying whistling of the wind. The road to my house was blocked own, a tree Rena and I used to climb on broke down. 
"No!!! Our tree!" I screamed out, As I screamed rain accidentally flew into my mouth, causing me to cough. Rena grabbed hold of my arm rubbing my back gently. "Come on! We gotta get out of here!" She said loud to me but was still quite muffled from all of the sounds of the wind. 

© 2014 Ivana~

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