Carion's Crow

Carion's Crow

A Poem by SR Urie

a verbose submission to the status quo


Carrion’s Crow


Nancy finally explains it all.

Her creed merely distance to measure as the crow flies,

Though numerous plants seem to grow behind her wall,

They require no light to rise, nor artificial seed to be despised.

And there’s despicable Rangle’s fancy charge, a Nation’s fainted gall,

Forty weeds the speaker needs; she tries, she cries and lies

Tangled, dreaming of ivory halls, her glamour; a China doll.

So hairy the reeds of gutter’s weeds that mucks and mars the sties,

The voters opine corrupt Charlie’s swine, so concealed within his stall.


The rock, the knock, a blindside sock right between the eyes,

Mock the flock of mindless sheep justly before it dies.

Walk it round the clock, lock it beyond the stock, bite into our pies.

Seed a putrid weed while you feed the crowded greed in all your houseflies.

Hock a poor man’s dock using borrowed broken locks, the falling eagle sighs.

Heed the need of deception’s lead; once again old Harry lies.

Watch while the c**k of black men's rocks forming the very best that greed buys.

Fancy dreams, the rich man’s schemes, and Congress heeds the call,

Such high stakes sweet Nancy makes while the others can merely crawl.


We can’t see, no not you nor me; well just exactly how can we?

We’re not one of these who hold the keys, the banks they freeze

Collect more fees, seized to tease, and yet who pays the Star?

We’re not of those that chose the foes, or closed our nose

When doors slammed closed, still they’re excused from legal bar.

Even now here we are, near and far, eyesight none the duller,

Last year’s bill, what a rancid, bitter pill with such a nasty color.

What the hell, can’t you tell what they aim to steal or sell?

Well yeah, so can I, the shade of the skys the same, one to the other.


SR Urie


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© 2012 SR Urie

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One of the best and most interesting poems I've read in a loooong time. It's rare to find a poem that isn't a shadow of what poetry is, just maudlin and melancholy sets of words and emotions. This one, hard to get until you read it a few times, is good because of the technical aspects of the writing. It's, well, clean, imaginitive, and a refreshing departure from freeform angst.

Posted 8 Years Ago

It has a nice flow of words and you have an intricate way of expressing your ideas. Nice Poem.

Keep Writing. ^___^

Posted 8 Years Ago

Carrion's crows indeed. Will no one stop them feed? Oh I forget. They feed on corpses. What a constitution they must have.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on March 1, 2010
Last Updated on May 7, 2012


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SR Urie


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