morning till night brings me the light-mountain views from my window

morning till night brings me the light-mountain views from my window

A Poem by Suchita

Morning till night brings me the light- mountain views from my window
I awaken to morning hues
Whether cloudy, foggy, sunny dues,
Makes me feel like they “owe” n make me
This beautiful of theirs scenery daily
So enchanted I am by their ways really
Sometimes I awaken at night
Yet it brings me the light
As bright as sunshine
Fueling my goals, dreams divine
Morning till night 
am tranquilized
overawed by the beauty n tenderness
of it all
my mind, body, soul, sees the light of daylight
I feel soothed, calmed, reassured by your words
The language of your gaze n atmosphere
Is such a sphere
Of charm n thorough fare
Morning till night brings me the light
Mornings are bright
Radiant with love, happiness n shine
Of my goals all mine
Shared with thou-morn n thine
I start the day on a positive note
Writing my book, I cast a vote
That this book I dote
Whether or not, you do so, I quote
May my stories n poetry
Gain an entry
Into your soul n carefree
Make you be
Smiling make you see
A beautiful picture, novel, film
In reverie
And all else will/should follow
Such aims of mine aint hollow
Afternoons are an empty lot
For me to fill the dots
With my work or not
tis my choice, pleasure
Of neverending pleasant weather
That beckons to me
To sleep or write
Continue the fight
Of my dreams so right
Morning till night brings me the light
Evenings come in bright n dusky hues
Dazed views
Outside my window
Fill me with no sorrow
But shall show all
The faint light of their dreams
Coming alive
With ease n beauty
Of the skies
Coffee, tea can envelop thee
In relaxing times
Such are His ways divine
Never a moment wasted
On nature, man n thine,
Everything intertwined
With beauty of the light
is my choice to make my day
So bright n divine
Night ushers in the sleep
Never weep
For it gives you 
Dreamful mystique n silent beauty so sweet
Sometimes to awaken you in the middle
So you can fiddle
With its light n rhythm
n’ pen down your dreams on paper
Couldn't make you happier
So you see morning till night
Brings me the light
Of divine sight
That motivates, encourages, enlightens
Night n day
 goals n dreams
So fine, without ending
In sight
Is their might

© 2018 Suchita

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Added on August 18, 2017
Last Updated on June 1, 2018



Gurgaon, NCR, India

the way we think and feel makes us a poet, writer, in the first place. The way we express our thoughts, feelings, observations completes the process. I feel everyone can be a writer if they connect .. more..