In love with Life

In love with Life

A Story by Suchita

This is a story about life and loving, how life is so hard even for those seemingly perfect souls who seem to have everything. Nobody does really and so it’s a tale of love and hardships, how love is

Sue, a beautiful woman had had enough of the hassles by now. She was moreover, not conventionally intelligent but intelligent n good she was. In other words, she had all the makings of success in this world, or so she thought. 
However…sometimes, perfections and goodness spark off jealousies and hatred and sheer bad luck. 
Sue lived in the city of Delhi, India, a chaotic, bustling city with a whole variety of life to watch. However, she remained indoors having already explored most of the life happening in the city.
Her parents-they had been looking for a groom for her for 2 years now and hadn’t found one that suited their high sensibilities yet. They were a changeable lot; moody n seemed unable to be satisfied. And rightly so, their conceptions of the perfect groom did not match with those available.
For, there was Sue’s old boyfriend Mayank, a handsome chap in whom Sue saw no faults. But her parents thought he’d be a bit too over bearing for the poor child.
“Mom, it’s ok, he doesn’t need to be perfect,” she’d be often heard retorting back to her parents’ unfulfillable expectations, needs, desires.
Then, there was Channing, a foreign breed. Though he did succeed in amusing her parents to a certain degree, it was too less for their surging demands
And then there were a dozen others, some she knew, some she didn’t that wouldn’t be accepted by her parents’ soaring hunches.
Yeah, she knew all they wanted was someone who’d love her, care for her, look after her gently. Her mother would even say-“your husband will love you a lot.” But there was no-one perfect in this world, so there she was, back to spinsterhood at the age of 35. 
“I knew it, I knew I’d never get anyone in life for me”, she thought.
“Whereas all the girls n guys are having fun!”
No, she wasn’t that old, though she sadly felt the best years of her life were over. However, not without her share of affairs n tantrums. She could’ve had so much of a good time had she gotten married at the age of 25. 
Hadn’t she, with her shy self, imagined her romances, the perfect nights, blissful days. While here she was feeling so miserable n down n out. Of course, she was still loved by ‘em handsome men of all kinds, only she didn’t have one man to herself. She had dreamt of getting married to the perfect man, having a perfect honeymoon every day, forever.  
But in reality, she too was fed up. Of imperfections.  
Her boyfriends, some seemed haughty, some downright, mean or uncaring, n a host of other faults she saw in them. 
When in love, she’d be blind to their idiosyncrasies, imperfections, etc.  But once out of love, she’d realize how pathetic they were. 
 Ok, maybe their manliness was a bit desirable, but not the other stuff. The moodiness, the games they’d play, their unwillingness to express their love for her as she wanted, etc, etc.
 Maybe they didn’t love her after all; maybe they didn’t want to show how much they loved her after all. 
Or maybe she was too good n giving to them. She needed to be more balanced, but the way she was reared meant that would be hard to come by.
 She might’ve appeared too desperate too, perhaps, she needed to learn restraint. Thought restraints were hard to come by, speech n actions she could however, restrain. 
Depressed, Sue decided to quit her teaching job and decided to see a psychiatrist/psychologist, any she’d have. 
So there she was at the psychologist’s, a term she wasn’t even that familiar with even at that age somehow, though unconsciously she knew all about it. 
Besides, love matters, she was having other problems too, like depression. Still, she was not daunted by the illness n was pleased to talk it out with someone.
The doc was alright. She got better immediately after several sessions with him and obtained a zest for life. He was a skilled practitioner in his field who knew just how to handle disorders of her kind.  This was all she needed.  The motivation and happiness to live a life on her own terms, something her therapy gave her in abundant amounts. No more crying in bed, getting sick at home, she was out exploring the world. 
She soon found amusement in the little pleasures of life. Sipping a cup of coffee every morning, she’d make a scrapbook from all her pics, all kinds of scrapbooks took up her time. Slowly, she moved onto writing-books n posting her simple but profound writings on online writing sites. This gave her tremendous satisfaction; even expressing herself in poetry came easily to her now, a medium she had been distant from.  
Even though she was no more in love, she was in love with her life! And that’s what mattered to her. No more tears, tussles, boyfriends. 
Though, being pretty as she was, the men still came n went away from her life, this time not out of their own doing but hers. 
Now she was a free bird with a mind doctor to look after her. She could do as she pleased n most of all stay out of touch with bad boys. The docs took care of her extra vulnerability and she felt strong, n secure, ready to take on the world!
She focused more on her career, herself n other things, other than boys and even went out more often. 
Wishing that one day perhaps, she’d find her soul mate. Men came n entered her life, which was more satisfying that a one haunting relationship with its boredom, grievances n lack of freedom. Yet she still searched for a soul mate which only time would tell and the future beheld.
Happy ending.
Life may not be a bundle of roses at all times, but it does reward us at times and endings like these are truly blissful.
Sue’s poem on True Love
So many definitions, explanations
I’d say, just whatever feels true to you
Is true love for you
Love may be long, love may be short
But whatever feels good
Is true love for you
It may not be perfect
It may not be right
But whatever gives life
Is true love for you
When you look at someone and love them whole
When you feel someone’s soul
Gives you a good feeling, thought n so
Wings to fly, to nestle beneath
Dreams to dare n cuddle underneath
That then’s true love for you n me
Sue’s quotes on love
When in love, we realize how good love is though tormented by it even then, when out of love, we realize that it was yet not the perfect thing, it could’ve been better. What’s true love then? 
In love’s lost garden lie stories, tales, metaphors; beauty, hopes, joys, freedoms, truth, realizations, etc; but none are as beautiful as man n woman.
Love is blind but only to one’s faults, so let it be a good thing with halts
Love should come with wings attached promising of dreamlands real n ethereal
Love is pleasure, love is pain, love is experience, and love is gain
Love is of so many kinds. Find one that brings you happiness
Romantic love makes you the best you can be
True love is when you see a person n love them for who they are
Love that leaves out everything but love is my favorite
Love is tangible n intangible both. We love to feel it, express it, touch it, talk it, and see it in each other’s eyes
They say you can’t see clearly in love because you want to see only love n what you want is what you get
Love is proportional-the more you give, the more you get
Love brings out the best in you
Love is true bliss
Love is not limited. It is unlimited. You can give as much as you want
Love gives you good health n stead 
Love like you love no one else the same way, such type of loving only can bring you true satisfaction
Love is kind, gentle, a heartfull, not mean, nasty, and selfish. It should only imbue one with good feelings
Love needs no bank balance. It is free of cost.
Love is fun n games
Love is a bird that loves to fly everywhere free
When in love, love like you’ve never loved before, coz there’s no better feeling than such a love.
Love has no fear; it relishes the adventure through n through
Love doesn’t care about society; it follows its own heart
In love, morals do matter
Fear not in love, it doesn’t hurt as badly as other things. The pain is always bearable.

© 2018 Suchita

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Gurgaon, NCR, India

the way we think and feel makes us a poet, writer, in the first place. The way we express our thoughts, feelings, observations completes the process. I feel everyone can be a writer if they connect .. more..