Why are we so bad?-Part 1,2,3

Why are we so bad?-Part 1,2,3

A Poem by Suchita

This is a new poem different from the one submitted before with 3 parts instead of 2. We're all bad in some way but mostly as we're all humans with faults of our own that become exaggerated sometimes


New poem with 3 instead of 2 parts-please read


Why are we so bad?-Part 1


We’re bad, all of us, lets admit it

As children perhaps we’re not

So bad

As pets n animals aren’t so bad

They’re cute

Never hurt their owners, they’re too good


But humans,

Humans are bad

Atleast now, we’ve become bad

We judge a person

By all things that we shouldn’t

Labels, logos, lies

About a person

The brands they don determine them

Their status is determined by

Knowledge, power, one n the same thing

Looks, appearance ought be well-groomed

What about those poor

Who can’t afford such things?


They’re bad, we say


Clothes should be fashionable

In line

With the changing times


We’re bad

Coz those who can’t afford such things

Are looked down upon

For no fault of theirs


Our personalities determine us

Besides the clothes n the power

We should all have

Good personalities

Or rather bad ones

Ability to talk down to anyone

That’s called real power

Ability to share drinks n party

Be social n a hi-flyer


It’s all bad

Because we don’t care a person’s human

and different from all else


We care how he communicates

Is he glib in tongue

English is a must

It’s not good coz not everyone can be that way

And anyways it’s a superficial way of judging


Are we married, engaged, a couple, I hope

Otherwise you’re nothing

Unless you have a job

A hi-flying career


It hurts

Coz not everyone can have these things

Or rather everything

But we strive to do so

To look “decent “

Otherwise you’re indecent

These days that’s how you’re looked upon


Lastly, if I’ve missed anything, I’m sorry



That matters a lot

If you’re black or white

Rules of the game change


You’re given a slot

In “silent circles”

That much we know

Its not allowed

To talk about it freely

We must do it in the whispers of our mind



That’s a dirty or sacred word

Some are born bad

And it won’t change

Even in this day n age



That’s what I’ve talked about earlier too

Brands determine us

The people we meet and places we go to

The things we don’t n do

How we think n feel

It all better be a high five

Or we’ve lost out

In the game

Of life


Success, jobs n careers

Are the motto of all

What you do determines your value

Are you in the economy

Its so true

The level of your work

Determines your worth

You’re either in or out


I mean it’s ok to have these things

Even cherish them, celebrate them

But not at the cost of deriding

The basic human being

Who’s a complex creature

And beyond all these

False labels n things


Not allowed is it to devalue

Someone’s potential, being

They are much more than these “essentials”


It takes time, energy, effort, money,

To do all these things

At the cost of what


We want better human beings

Not robots like all

Fitting into their “place” in society

That’s determined by these things

Your sheer worth of power


I mean these things do have their place

In the scheme of things

But no sacrifices please

Of the human being

At the cost of it all

That’s what I mean


A person can be beautiful, good, intelligent

Even without these things

But who cares about the above?

Our attentions have been diverted

To more “beautiful” things

We can’t live, breathe without

That’s what’s wrong


Religion is fanatic

You’re either good or bad

Nothing in between

No freedom to do as you please

Always restricted by rules

We forget

The basic tenets of love


Crimes are rampant

As soon as we step out

We’re cheated

By materialism n mal intention

That values money over all else


Other crimes against men, women n children

Restrict our freedoms

Of humanness, humanity

The selfish “b***h” inside of us “kills”

The human being

Its criminal outlook n frame of mind

Nurtured by society n things.


I mean you must admit

That some of these things

Take away from

The shrine of humanity


That’s what’s wrong

With us n the world

If only we devoted resources

To better things



Why are we so bad-part 2


I wish I knew the truth

About me n others

Then judgements wud be more wise

I suffer


Is it the system or ourselves?

We have no time to wonder

The rights n wrongs we do


Knowledge about science, tech, subjects

Is instilled

Without virtues, morality

Awareness needs to grow

About humans, things, humanity


We’re all wrong in some way

Better to confess n give it away


Have mercy, compassion

And forget n forgive

Answers about issues

Need to be addressed

About this world n its ways



Why are we so bad? -Part-3 -The Big Bad Humans


You don’t know how bad life is, (it’s a vampire in disguise)

Until it happens to you


You’d dreamt of glorious days

But only got sunny or pleasant weather, simple joys


Ofcourse, you knew they were just dreams

As big as the sun, sky, stars, universe and as beautiful too

But you wished they’d someday come true

Hi-flying career

Fame, fortune, romance

Family, love, beauty, self, God

Lovely hues

Of life, sustaining you, from the inside, unconscious

While you dabbled at whatever life brought you

You tried and did most of it all, except

You never got dreams coming true


We’re all bad, no denying

As a skunk lets out its stink now and then

We’ve all got faults, no questioning

As minerals our goodness is embedded in ore


O why, o why, o why, when things could be perfect

Like the beautiful soul, self, God

We design systems to our conceptions of perfection

Like expecting robots to work night and day

Not realizing they won’t work out

Because of our imperfections

Human beings we are after all

It’s like even nature so beautiful and flawsome

Is flawed at times and so are humans

O why, o why, o why

When things could be perfect

We’ve a long way to go

It seems

Till utopia is reached

But don’t treat humans/faults like rotten teeth to be rooted out

Only Godliness can end it all

Make us perfect beings and all

That’s all I can say for now

And ofcourse also that despite it all

Life is beautiful, we make it so

To survive and all

Or is it really that good

I wonder now

In the depths of sorrow, throes of pain

Dark clouds hovering

To end it all, with a rainy season

Straining to receive streams of sunlight

From one and all

That’s how deep my sorrow goes

Nothing left inside

Like goodness hollowed out

All given to outside

Like worldly people, souls

In return for nothing but pure sadness and sorrow

That’s how bad the world is now

I just want you to realize it all

There may be beauty, there may be joys

That’s not my point

We’re just a little bad, that’s all

© 2018 Suchita

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Author's Note

I hope its not too long, if so let me know and I'll make 2 poems instead of one or you can use whichever parts you want

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Added on December 8, 2017
Last Updated on June 1, 2018
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Gurgaon, NCR, India

the way we think and feel makes us a poet, writer, in the first place. The way we express our thoughts, feelings, observations completes the process. I feel everyone can be a writer if they connect .. more..