Let nature and I be, change the society

Let nature and I be, change the society

A Poem by Suchita

nature is such a friend


Like ghosts fighting, flirting amongst themselves
Making whoosing, vrooming sounds and of all kinds
Cool winds blow across the mountain fare
And my open window welcomes the chill around
Blue above is clear white
And these winds are fighting amongst themselves
Making ghostly sounds like never before
As if warning of dangers to come
Slapping open doors shut
But by the nicety of it all
All I can feel is what cozied up in the blanket means
While they play their song
Love the changing weather 
Which is boon to coffee and tea
In such abiding security
Now rain has started 
I’m baffled by the beauty of it all
Nature so good and pretty
By virtue of its traits, not appearances
Calming, soothing, convincing, enchanting
Every day the weather like me as if
Doing its best to please others
Got to stop this game
Has become my mirror
If not for me, then nature
Give me and her a break, say what the human race?
For whom everything is forsaken
Just for their little pleasures
Nature copies others
It’s influenced as we all live together
It can see different people
And start emulating them innocently
The only one supporting me
O people, when will you see?
The cruelty you bequeathed me
And now nature too copies me
Let beautiful nature and me be

© 2018 Suchita

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Added on February 25, 2018
Last Updated on June 1, 2018



Gurgaon, NCR, India

the way we think and feel makes us a poet, writer, in the first place. The way we express our thoughts, feelings, observations completes the process. I feel everyone can be a writer if they connect .. more..