Happy (Ten)

Happy (Ten)

A Chapter by Amanda

This is a milestone for me. I have never ever reached ten chapters in one of my books. The chapter and song I chose are kind of ironic >:)

Someone once told me that you have to choose
What you win or lose, you can't have everything
Don't you take chances, you might feel the pain
Don't you love in vain 'cause love won't set you free
I could stand by the side and watch this life pass me by
So unhappy, but safe as could be

So what if it hurts me?
So what if I break down?
So what if this world just throws me off the edge
My feet run out of ground?
-Happy, Leona Lewis

We walked towards the high school, all of us on guard. Carlee had her father’s cane, I had the baseball bat, Adam had a shovel, Devon had the machete, and Austin had his handgun. I thought I saw Devon’s backpack wiggle, but I played it off.

Adam squeezed my hand and I grinned. I saw Carlee send me a ‘what-the-Jesus’ look. I let go of his hand and slowed down until we were trailing a few feet behind the group. She wasted no time. “That was not a best friend hand squeeze!”

“He’s my best friend…” I said, trying to contain the grin on my face. “…and my boyfriend!”

She squeals and I allow myself to actually be a girl talking about cute boys again. “What the f**k, man! I cannot believe this! How many times did we scheme to get here?”

I laughed, “Not nearly enough.”

“So how did it happen?” she asks, looking between me and him. And then she stops, remembering something. “Wait, didn’t he have a girlfriend?”

“Dear God, Carlee, you need to get out more,” I joke, punching her lightly in the arm. “Yes, has a girlfriend.”

Poor Carlee looks confused, so I continue. “Me, smarty! Sierra came to Memere’s house and accused him of cheating. Long story short, the broke up.”

“Ahh!” She squealed again, clapping her hands. “You’re so lucky!”

“I know…” I sighed, wondering how the end of the world could have possibly made my life better. I haven’t seen my ‘mother’, I’ve kissed the guy of my dreams, and I have my other best friend with me. I was almost in paradise.

“EMMA!” My eyes snapped up to meet Adam’s the same time someone tackled me to the ground. I screamed and rolled over, trying to slide whoever it was off of me. I saw the jaundice in the person’s eyes and realized what was going on. Thank God Bella had been with Devon.

The zombie screeched as it tried to get to me again. Adam swung his shovel and knocked the guy off course. I screamed again as the wobbly guy bared his jagged teeth.


Austin had taken the shot, thank God. I pressed a hand to my throat where I felt my heart attempt to jump out of my throat. Adam and Carlee were over me in seconds. “Are you okay?” Adam’s hands fluttered uselessly. “Emma?”

“S**t,” Carlee mumbled, a far away look in here eyes.

I couldn’t speak. I felt like I couldn’t control anything. Was I breathing? I didn’t know, couldn’t tell. My eyes were wheeling around, which made me want to laugh at the mental image, but my breaths came out in choked bouts of air. What was happening to me?

“Emma, please, baby, talk to me. Emma!” I wanted to answer Adam’s pleads. Calm down. You need to calm down.

“Emma, I will slap you if you don’t snap the f**k out of it,” Carlee threatened, worry in her hazel eyes. Adam winced. Oh goody, I thought wildly, another slap.

“She’s not breathing!” Devon panicked. Well, there was one answer.  

Adam leaned close to me, his lips next to my ear. “Please, Emmie, please hear me. Open your eyes, do something, please. I love you.”

I know, I love you too.

Then his lips were on mine, trying CPR I think. I was so confused. My eyes were closed? They hadn’t been seconds ago…right? Austin was working over me, and he said in a gruff voice, “ARF.”

“ARF?” Carlee questioned, her eyes now fearful.

“Respiratory Arrest. We need to keep providing support.”

Devon began pounding rhythmically on my chest as Adam continued to breathe air into me.

I must be alive. How else could I see and hear all of this?

As those thoughts entered my head, a darkness began to fuzzy my view. It seeped on me and I knew that I had to fight it. Come.

No! I have to stay!

You’re time is up.

I was tempted to give in for a second, but I remembered Bella, Adam, Carlee, Devon, and Austin No! I fought to push it away. I can’t leave them.

You will not cheat death forever.

And then the darkness overtook me and I felt nothing more.

© 2012 Amanda

Author's Note

I got three syllables for y'all: MWA HA HA!

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I KEEEL YOU!!!!!!!!!! you are dead meat. unless you fix it. then i luv ya again. :P

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i haven't been on this website in like three years??? oh my god everything is so s****y??? body, a:hover {cursor: url(http://cur.cursors-4u.net/others/oth-8/oth704.cur), progress !important;} more..

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