Where It Begins (Two)

Where It Begins (Two)

A Chapter by Amanda

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Death and Disaster raced down the hallway to Nature's dwelling, both breathing heavily. "Cousin! Cousin, you must come quickly!" Disaster called as they ran towards the destination.


The plan was working perfectly, now Nature just had to realize his mistakes. Nature threw open the door, taking in the tussled figures before him. Death, though chest heaving, still had a haughty look about her that turned Nature's face to sneer. Looking to his cousin, he relaxed his face once again. "You called?"


Death looked ready to snap at Nature, but Disaster put a hand on her shoulder to restrain her somewhat. Though through her teeth, she told him in a steady voice, "Something has happened."


Curious, Nature asked, "What is it? Something terrible or something terrific?" Glancing at each other, Death and Disaster said in unison, "You'll see."




 When we round the corner, my eyes fall on a crowd of the monsters and survivors, at least I think they're alive, escaping through a fence. There's a guy with black hair gesturing urgently to a girl with messy curls who looks like she’s calling to the monsters. I saw a flash of pink hiding behind he man's leg and realized it was a child.


They needed help.


 I don't know if I would've helped if it wasn't for the little girl. I looked down hesitantly and said softly, "Stay here, silly."

 Grasping the sword firmly by the hilt, I steadily walked towards the fray. The monsters hadn’t noticed me yet, too keen on the chick attracting them. Actually, I don't think anyone had noticed me yet. Which was good, this wasn't prom time and I wasn't an insecure teenage girl.


 I stepped stealthily to the closest undead, running the sword efficiently through the back of it's head. I suppose it was once a beautiful woman, but now her long flowing skirt was torn and muddy and her hair, or what was left of it, was knotted. I think about it sometimes, how these things all had lives before they started doing...this.


With the chick still on the end of my sword, I slowly maneuvered her forward, the other zombies distracted and ignoring my scent. As soon as I was close enough I discharged her from the blade, her brain staining it. I kicked one of the monsters in the back, thrusting my sword up under the chin of another. Spinning around I managed to take down two more snarling things. At this point I was a bit sweaty and I wouldn't have been able to keep it up.


There was a clang and I looked around to see a dude smashing one of them in the face with a shovel. “Devon!” The guy called and I watched as a few of their group came through the fence. There was a younger boy, he looked about fourteen. He was bludgeoning a man with a large rock that probably came from the ground. His eyes were glued to the girl that I'd seen at first, with all of the curls. I guessed this was Devon, since the shovel dude called to him again.


 The other boy with dark hair by the curly girl was looking around, "Guys! There's more coming close! We have to go!" The curly girl looked hesitant but I couldn't imagine a reason why.


"Hal! Hal, where's Bella?" A guy that looked about my age appeared from behind the fence, where the little girl must've been pulled. This made me think about the little girl in my care. I began to back away, hoping this confusion would allow me to be unnoticed.


I'd left the girl a few yards back, where she was hiding behind a tree. I sheathed my sword, which I might need to clean later, and picked her up. When I did this, her shin scraped against the rough bark of the tree and she cried out. I froze when I heard the last zombie being dispatched with a sticky thwack as her head exploded by shovel.


 There was silence for a split moment and then I heard shouts. I picked up our bag and held silly close, apologizing for her knee. "HEY!" An angry shout came from close behind me and I spun, startled.


 A girl with straight auburn hair was advancing close, a cane clasped in her hands. The others of her group were not far behind; including an older man I hadn't notices. When I had spun, I had tripped, sadly. I couldn't be perfect all the time, unfortunately.


 Silly was cushioned on top of me and I pushed her off quickly but gently and said, "Go! careful!"


That’s when I cried out pain. That little b***h had hit me. Hit me! With a f*****g cane! I looked up in time to see the cane coming down to hit me again. I raised my arm to protect myself, and it crashed down on my bicep. I was seeing red now.


 She looked ready to produce another swing, but I quickly got to my feet and snatched from her. "What. The. F**k. Are. You. Doing?!" I snarled at her, my arm throbbing. "I have a f*****g kid with me! There are f*****g people eating each other! Coming this f*****g way!"


"Hey! Don't f*****g yell at her.." The guy from before, the first one I had seen with the shovel, stood semi-in front of her.


"Don't f*****g hit me with a cane then!" I shouted, throwing it to the ground away from that crazy b***h. I began to back away, towards where my little girl had gone. I heard footsteps as they followed me. I turned around and clenched my fists. "Stop following me! Leave us alone!"


 The curly girl from before stepped forward hesitantly. The man by her side with the black hair watched her closely and I wondered what that was about. "We just...haven't seen many other people. We have a safe place. And you have a little girl. You can come with us..." She said softly.


 I felt like something was wrong here. Was I dreaming? It felt surreal, being beaten by a cane and then asked to go somewhere safe by the people who had hit me. I looked at them all carefully, my eyes scanning them. They looked like they had been through much, especially the curly haired girl in front of me with the soft voice.


 "My name is Emma, and that's Adam, Bella, Hal, Carlee, Austin, Devon, and Marco. We have a dog too. Who are you?" Emma said, rocking on the balls of her feet. I opened my mouth slowly, hesitant to answer. Before I could, my little girl shouted from behind me,



© 2013 Amanda

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I'm still not organized, sorry

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