I'd Lie (Three)

I'd Lie (Three)

A Chapter by Amanda

Dedicated to Sophie, since I've kind of been depriving her of my characters romance :)

He looks around the room
Innocently overlooks the truth
Shouldn’t a light go on?
Doesn’t he know that I’ve had him memorized for so long?
-I'd Lie, Taylor Swift

I made my way quietly down the stairs and out into the backyard. Adam was standing there with his hands in his pockets. His hair was wet and kind of sticking to his forehead, which meant he’d just taken a shower.

“What?” I hissed, my arms wrapped around myself.

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I couldn’t sleep knowing what I’d said to you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, really, I was just pissed off.” Adam sounded desperate, almost pleading. I was probably wrong. He had no reason to apologize for the truth.

“Adam…” I didn’t know how to start this. “You were right. I do talk too much about myself. What you said really put things into perspective. I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you.” I could remove my arms from their position around myself.

“What?” he questioned. “Emma, you’ve always been there for me. That’s what you were trying to do today. I was just angry because I broke up with my girlfriend.”

“How are you doing?” I smiled softly, glad that so far I had kept ’me’ to a minimum.

He faltered. “I…I’m fine, I guess. I thought…I really thought we loved each other.” Chip, chip, chip. Would you like a hammer with that chisel?

“You do. You can’t get that angry if you don’t love somebody.” I look away, up at the moon and stars.

“You can’t love someone if you don’t trust them,” he said softly. I bit my lip against the question, Do you trust me?

I sighed and lightly traced patterns on my left wrist. I looked down and slid my finger over the not so large X on the middle. “What’s that?” Adam asked.

“Nothing.” I flipped my hand over and smiled at him.

“You’re lying. What? Did you get a tattoo without me?” He smiled encouragingly at me.

“It’s nothing, Adam.”



He pulled out his phone and I thought he let it drop. But he flipped my hand over and shined the light on my wrist. I cringed. He was silent for a minute.

“W-w-what is that?” Adam’s voice was shaking.

I looked down, blood rising to my face. “A scratch. Or two.”

“Why do you have scratches on your wrist?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. Sometimes I just-”I began to explain, but then stopped. Don’t make it about you, I reminded myself.

“What? Tell me,” he pleaded. I stayed silent, and he realized what my problem was. “God d****t, Emma! Please, talk to me. If you love me, you’ll talk to me!”

Wait, what? I looked up at him, my eyes wide with shock. He looked just as shocked, like he couldn’t believe he’d told me that. “I do love you,” I said slowly, “but my…I can’t talk unless you’re sure that you don’t mind.”

I heard him blow out a breath in relief, and obviously he thought I meant not in love. That was fine, he didn‘t need to know. “Emma, I solemnly swear that I do not mind that you talk. I am sincerely sorry that I said that to you, especially since it’s so untrue.”

His grin broke my heart…again. “Okay. Sometimes I just get into these moods where I get really depressed. And one time I just took a pipe cleaner and took the fuzz off. I took the wires and made an X. That’s it really.”

“Were you going to…to kill yourself?” he choked out.

“No…” I trailed off. “You’ll have to be glad I’m such a coward.”

I saw the tiny bit of hurt flash in his eyes. “You’re not a coward. Remember when you punched Scotty Niall?”

I laughed. “You called it called it Em’s PMS Punch.”

“And then I almost got one, myself,” he laughed as we recalled. I leaned into him, glad for the heat as we sat on a large rock. I was only wearing a tank top and sweatpants and there was a slight breeze.

“Hey, remember that time when you fell off of the jungle gym?” I asked.

“You were crying and I promised I would never ever get hurt again. You stopped and told me if I ever scared you like that again, you’d punch me.”

“Hmm, I seem to remember it differently.”

“How so?”

“I remember you telling me that you wouldn’t get hurt anymore and never leave me if--”

I was cut off by a blood curdling scream that chilled me to the bone. I jumped into Adam’s arms, screaming a little and clutching his jacket. I buried my face in his shoulder, my heart pounding. His arms had immediately wrapped around me. “What was that?”

“I don’t know,” he frowned. We hadn’t moved from our positions and I relaxed into him, my heart still threatening to burst out of my chest.

“HELP ME! HELP ME! DEAR GOD-” A woman was sobbing and crying and screaming and it made me want to cry for some reason. I could hear Scruff barking from inside the house.  The lady had choked off and I couldn’t hear any other helpless screams. Adam held me tighter.

I thought it was just a random occurrence. You know, something that happens once in a lifetime. I never dreamed that it would be my first taste of the apocalypse. I never dreamed that it would change my life, everyone’s life, forever. I did dream that me and my best girl friend Carlee were flying on the beach once. Don’t ask.

© 2012 Amanda

Author's Note

Okay, so what do you think? I don't think I'm very good at writing Fluff...I'm not very good at things I don't relate to.

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It's good so far! Although, the last paragraph could use some clarifying. I know, you probably don't want to give away to much but it leads me confuse.

Posted 7 Years Ago

i like the dream part at the end it was funny. and i don't think the "fluff" was really fluff it established a clear relationship between the 2 characters. and you totally left me hanging at the end of the chapter. grrrrrr thx a lot. lolz good write keep it up.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I love the fluff, but I hate that it ends abruptly, but what cuts it off is interesting, so it's okay! :D
great chapter!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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i haven't been on this website in like three years??? oh my god everything is so s****y??? body, a:hover {cursor: url(http://cur.cursors-4u.net/others/oth-8/oth704.cur), progress !important;} more..

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