Please Don't Leave Me (Seven)

Please Don't Leave Me (Seven)

A Chapter by Amanda

ooooooo please don't hate me


I forgot to say out loud,
How beautiful you really are to me,
I can't be without,

-Please Don’t Leave Me, P!NK


 I peeked around the curtain, clapping a hand to my mouth. Last night there had been a few milling about, but now the number had tripled. I turned to Adam, who was watching me with raised eyebrows. “Adam, we need to go.”


His brows pulled together, “Go?”


“It’s not safe here anymore and we’re running out of food,” I shrugged. From all that I’ve seen in movies, video games, books, etc., and I’ve seen a lot, it’s never best to stay in one unprotected house. “We don’t even have any fortifications. Neither of us know what it’s like out there, shouldn’t we actually prepare?”


He crossed his arms. “Emma, it is safe enough here. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Besides, this isn’t a video game. Do we even have anything to fortify this place with?”


I felt slightly hurt by his tone, but I ignored it. He just didn’t realize how serious this situation was yet. “Adam, look.”


He peeked out the window with pursed lips. I didn’t wait for him to say something, “There will be more tomorrow and each day they’ll get closer. I am not gonna die in my grandmother’s f*****g house. You want fortifications? Fine, go in the basement, my papa’s workbench and scraps are down there. But just know fortifications won’t be enough!”


I knew I was being a little cross with him, but was he really willing to risk our lives? He’d seen the last broadcast. The world was ending. We were on our own. “What if our families come for us?” he asked in a strained voice.


I opened my mouth to answer, but I stopped. Did he want the truth? For me, he and Bella were the only family I had left. “My family…they’re either dead or fighting. Either way, I’m not just gonna sit here and die. They know that I wouldn’t stay in one place.”


He looked at me and I could see the sadness far back in his eyes. “What about mine?”


“That’s your call,” I said softly. I turned around and watched Bella play with her Zoobles™ for a few seconds. Then I sighed and walked away, into the kitchen. Off to the side there was a door that leads to a basement. I shuddered. You have to do this, you need to keep Bella safe, I tried to convince myself.


“Emma.”  I jumped and turned back around. Adam was leaning against the doorway. I wonder if he knew I was terrified of memories that basement held. Memories he doesn’t know about. “I-”


I hear my phone go off and I sprint to catch it. Adam is right behind me. “Hello?”




“Austin?” I ask in disbelief. Oh my God. Adam looks at me in confusion and I just shake my head. He looks at the basement and points. I bite my lip and after a second I nod.


“Emma! Oh my gosh, I’m so glad that I got a hold of someone! I…I came into town to visit Eric. He…he’s dead, Emma.” I clap a hand to my mouth and let out a strangled sound. My uncle is dead. “Everyone…except Devon. I have Devon with me.”


I let out a sob and a sigh of relief at the same time. “Devon? Can I talk to him?”


“Emmie?” I hear Devon’s voice.


“Oh my God. Oh my God, Devon, are you okay?” I don’t know what to feel. I think its panic and relief that are rising in my throat.


“I think I’m okay,” he says in a soft voice.


“I’m at memere and papa’s, okay? You-” I cut off as I heard Adam cry out. I dropped the phone and hightailed it down the stairs. At the bottom was a shovel, which I grabbed. A few feet away, my grandfather was standing over Adam. I screamed and hit the back of his head with my shovel. Destroy the brain.


And so I let the hate I’ve been guarding for years rush out as I hit Papa again and again. Adam had his eyes shut as he lay on the floor, clutching his shoulder. I felt panic rise up as I rush over to him. “Adam!”


His eyes flutter open at the sound of my voice. “Emma…” his voice is weak. I don’t know what’s wrong. He moves his head slightly and I gasp at the blood that is crusting on the floor and still kind of dripping from a wound on the back of his head.


“S**t. A-adam what happened?” My lower lip is trembling and I fight back tears. I will not lose my best friend.


“He…he came out of nowhere. I…fell…hard. I think I might’ve hit my head on something on the way down.” He gives a feeble laugh. Then he looks me in the eye. “I was bit. My shoulder…”


A sob bursts from me and I press a shaky hand to my mouth. “It’s…you’re gonna be okay. Okay. Just fine and dandy.”


Adam shakes his head, hissing at the pain it causes. “I might die. If I die…”


“You’re not going to die!” I cry, big, fat, tears rolling down my face. I don’t care.


“I love you, Emma,” He tries to sit up, but fails. I lean closer to him instead, a hysterical giggle escaping my sobs.


“I love you, too, Adam,” I have for a while. “Please….please don’t leave me. I love you.” I kiss him and he kisses me, but there’s a strange kind of desperation and tension in it. He’s fighting something. I don’t know what.


“I don’t want to…I don’t want to leave you. God, I love you…” he trails off and closes his eyes.


“Adam!” I panic. “Adam! No! Noooo! Adam, please, I love you!” I cry, my hands balling into fists on his chest. I kiss him again, hoping he’ll wake up.


He doesn’t.

© 2012 Amanda

Author's Note

Please don't hate me! I promise this makes the story better!

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Your not my friend anymore. Your not even invited to my birthday party! XD but really. >:'(

Posted 7 Years Ago

I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

I'm still going to hate you until you fix it.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

we're so weird...

7 Years Ago

haha 'course we are, OWSRALL to the end

7 Years Ago


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i haven't been on this website in like three years??? oh my god everything is so s****y??? body, a:hover {cursor: url(, progress !important;} more..

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