The Bleeding Hours

The Bleeding Hours

A Poem by Sujash I. Purna

In collaboration with Nellie Pierce


The bleeding hours drip like mercury.

The house is quiet, I am left alone
The fibrils of our love come creeping back to me
On vinyl, underlaid by hiss and moan.
I see myself running forward in time
But backwards in my dreams, my ankles tied
Thalassic indigo thick as molasses
I un-drown and meet myself, laid waste at your side.
But you, so unnerved by those clamorous vineyards,
Hardly I see you smell my rajanigandha hair
(That I) Let cascade unto your worried face,
I saved you from gales, I clung to your arms
In a violent whirlpool we held each other firm
Not the strongest gush could break our bonds,
Not the strongest wave could wash away our hopes.
Through the venetian blinds, behold my dear,
The sunshine to break you away from your fears,
But leave me wrapped in mine, though sun shines still
On boulevard and river bank, where you were not
Though I held your empty frame like a gust of wind.
I count the flowers as they bloom in spring
But never do they bring you round to me again.
I don't even want to touch you.
I don't want to gaze in your eyes.
But I want to examine you, surreptitiously,
till you are nothing but a man
And break the bonds of glamour that held us there
In the whirlpool, where I hoped forlornly.
That you were there as my shadow emerging
As rays of suns forgot to singe your outline.
Through your darkest days I knew I was the sole sunshine
I dazzled you too much, I dread and blinded you away
And like an afraid child you huddled to a remote place
I couldn't bring you back from ever again.
I cried, all days and nights
I prayed for you though, my dear, I sang you lullabies,
But woke you up from your old nightmares,
And taught you how to dream again...
I fed you dreams from my own heart
A gently gulping artery
A baby bird, my love, a nidifice
The sun struck open all our cerulean shells
And beat upon our eyelids,
Pink pearl warmth
We woke and saw the daylight
Rub us raw.
But then you fluttered to the azure sea,
Leaving behind our dream-circled nest and me.
Before I caressed your wings, you bade me goodbye
And away and away you went
Like a kite flying boldly overhead
And wooing its holder to leave the ground...

© 2011 Sujash I. Purna

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Remind me of a Jonathan Swift poem. Each line adding and making the story come alive in vision. The description was very good.
"I don't even want to touch you.
I don't want to gaze in your eyes.
But I want to examine you, surreptitiously,
till you are nothing but a man"
This is a poem you will desire to read again. Thank you for the amazing story in this outstanding poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I had to hold my breath at the sheer beauty of this poem! I've never come across anyone who can express themselves in a more tender yet intellectually stimulating way. I am bowled over by your work (as always and more) Sujash! Keep up the great work. Thank you :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

It's so hypnotizing. Intertwining your words and passion to create a story worthy of anyone. Painted a picture like a song.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This poem was almost like a story to me. At first you're talking about letting nothing break you two down then BAM you're losing her/him and then again their back, then gone then back again. Finally you end it with your final goodbyes. Really interesting, I enjoyed it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow, this was absolutely beautiful. It was an amazing collaboration. The lines flowed very nicely. Keep up the wonderful work.
♥ Ta'Shandra

Posted 9 Years Ago

Absolutely beautiful. I love how you don't find yourself tied to a rigid structure - the very pattern of your soulful lines flows like water. Beautiful metaphors, and I can honestly say that this is the most beautiful poem I've found here for a very long time. I look forward to reading your other works - this is certainly a good sign :) Fabulous work, keep writing :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Sujash I. Purna
Sujash I. Purna

Kirksville, MO

Wotcher! I am Sujash and I ramble. I am a freshman at Truman State University from 2012(isn't it this year???!!!). I'm looking forward to a dual major in Creative Writing and Music(Performance) .. more..


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