Why I Never Celebrated My Country Independence Day (First Celebration)

Why I Never Celebrated My Country Independence Day (First Celebration)

A Story by Sulamit

This is why ,now I see the reason.My family's reason of not celebrating .


Monday 24,2020 was the first time I ever  celebrated my country's independence ,but it wasn’t like I had in mind..let’s say I got more than I asked for.Stories were told,some are heart wrenching and some beyond my understanding .But this been said the openness of it all is what made me quiet happy,the freedom and luxury of hearing my family's side of the flag .

Growing up in a strong chirstain based household ,never did I hear the word  “Happy Independence Day” uttered  .Being born in other country ,other then my origin didn’t help at all .Even ,in that state the thought of celebration was a foreigner term  to me.I don’t recall a day  partaking  in the festival .Partly because ,I have no identification .You wouldn’t join a ceremony if you weren’t given permission ?

A guy in a store sparked a thought in me ,why don’t my family ever celebrate independence day I asked ? I went home to hear the answer to that question.Not sure if my mother would give me any straight and honest,I asked anyways.I was heated,what  was the reason I never ever thought there was such a thing as celebrating the freedom of your country.My mother replied with” well ,that’s what …”  she was quit caught of guard for sure .She continued ,saying these types of stuff of only for people unlike us ,who don’t have same faith background.For my mother,independence day meant making alcoholic drink big feast secular music, that would never be her .So that is why I never seen independence day celebrated .

I convinced my mother we can customize it to her liking .Meaning make traditional coffee,christain music of her choice and so on.She agreed ,and so it began.

Monday came.Family on my mother's side ,her brother and his family showed up.Ordered greasy and dry pizza.Played games and drank traditional coffee ,it was fun until…. I had seen my uncle’s wife get up to dance in the middle of the living room and said “ here take the flag” She said “NO” her voice quiet dominant and sturdy.I didn’t give it much thought.She also warned us to not film her while dancing .I had spent all day trying to find a flag to grace this day ,well of course.It my first.I searched and called every store i knew existed.$8 dollar worth of flagwas bought .I was fascinated that this was my first time buying my country flag .I took the flag and proudly showed it to my family.

After my time of laughter and between pauses ,the real conversation I never knew I needed started.Boom.

Quiet honestly I don’t recall how it started.But I remember the way my uncle and his wife drew a picture with their words.Their eyes filled with regret of serving their country that didn’t offer a peace of bread for a day nor a light for a night .Walking the street they were bashed because they wore military uniform .I asked what does this day mean to you ,they each were not hesitant to answer.I Was baffled with how much pain it brought this day to them.Yet I knew only celebration.But I was glad to know my country was like every other country it had it past and it’s future .

© 2021 Sulamit

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Added on May 27, 2021
Last Updated on May 27, 2021
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New writer ,no idea what am doing or how I ended up here but Hiiiii! more..