A Poem by I love you; just not today.

Hmm, Its how I'm feeling right now.


Because I miss you,
Because I love you,
Because I need you,
And it's all hurting me.

I see you with her,
I see you happy,
I see you smiling,
And it's all hurting me.

Because I try to,
I try to hate you,
But that's impossible,
And it's all hurting me.

You were the world to me,
I think you may still be,
And I try to destroy this world,
And it's all hurting me.

You knew I wanted you,
I knew you wanted me,
But we wouldn't admit that,
Now it's destroying me.

You see I know you lie,
I really hate your act,
I see underneath it all,
I'm slipping through the cracks.

I'll always miss you,
No matter how close we are,
No matter how much we see each other,
And it's all hurting me.

I'll always need you,
No matter who say " I love you,"
No matter how many boys, I crush on.
And it's all hurting me.

I'll always like you,
In words I can not say,
In ways I can not describe,
And it's all hurting me.

I go online when you're ther,e
But moments later you're gone,
I sigh, it's nothing new,
And it's all hurting me.

You should know, I want you.
I wish I could know you want me.
When will we admit the truth?
Because it's destroying me.

You build my trust right up,
Then watch as it crumbles down,
I'm becoming invisible,
And that's what's destroying me.

It's you and it's me,
It's everything,
It's them but it's us,
It's my broken trust,
It's life and it's death,
It's pain but it's love,
It's something so real,
Made into something so fake,
It's a hope that we'll be protected,
When the earth burns, dies and shakes.


© 2009 I love you; just not today.

Author's Note

I love you; just not today.

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look what happened in the end
who was rigght?
i think alii little was.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Lots of feelings and emotions. Good poem. Thank you for sharing. Debileah

Posted 12 Years Ago


There is so much I want to say and feel about this piece, but I don't want to come off as I know more than the next. So, with that being said, I am a reader and I know what I feel so I will draw on that with the following words.

First, I love the way your heart is exploding with feelings and that is easy to see on the page and I enjoyed it.

Second, I think you can say all of those feelings with less words. Sometimes less is more and keeps the interest of the reader.

Third, the repitition of the last lines in each stanza is too much. I think if you keep the rhyme scheme and changed up the words, you would be surprised with the emotion it will evoke.

Fourth, I loved the change in the meter in the last stanza because it showed a sense of frustration and you drew me in and I was hooked by the rhythm of the emotion itself.

Lastly, I loved the piece and thank you so much for sharing this with me.


Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on July 25, 2008
Last Updated on August 17, 2009

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