Started Fostering

Started Fostering

A Poem by Farmgirl

took in a family member beyond broken ... 16 is his age ... But its okay.... I love the Broken ones and their are no Orphans of God .


Well we started fostering a child to say the least
he belongs to my husbands side of the family
I never imagined this journey would be easy especially since he suffers from
a very dark mentality I dont blame him at all its truly not his fault
he is only a product of his environment you see left home alone since 8 or 9 I think
came from a home broken damaged and beyond saving if you ask me but then again
though nothing is impossible for God time and again he has shown me he uses broken
he still works miracles and makes changes in hearts lives and minds that I never thought would be possible for many but still he looks past the flaws and deems them worthy of love so I do too But
We bump heads alot hes way too much like me when I was as a child who also grew up fast and he acts like more of an adult than a child because of parents who didnt want to adult that is how he turned out so far they didnt want
 let go of addictions that were more important than giving him and his brother   a life that they was deserving of but never received

hes alot like me to say the least
now dont get me wrong I am not entitled by far and am not comparing war wounds and scars

 but dont you think  that much like him  I should have been dealt a different deck of cards ??? Maybe then I could be a better mentor mother

because I will be honest the hand I got not so great not even a straight not so different from his childhood either

 at all only instead of hopping house to house friend to friend mine was childrens home after childrens home and therapist after therapist psych ward after psych ward because I was touched by my father I was shipped off for safety I was told I found out the truth more recently though

My sister saved us more than Ill ever know from that going further than it went unoticed it wasnt long thats for sure I thank God to this day for her she is the only mother I have ever truly known I think its why we are so close now that we are older she has always been a spiritual mother

anyways back to my prince thats my nickname I gave him to give him a voice and a sense of belonging to know that he is loved and valued more than he will ever know
and can eat whatever he wants and do what he wills to as long as it doesnt affect his safety or his future or my household rules and order

I mean cmon I am not his Mother that ship has sailed a long time ago  its like I told him recently
I am not your mommy but I will be your mentor and give you the proper guidance as needed for you a better future

but for the most part you have to be your own man and learn responsibility this world and people do not give hand outs for free
but as for me I just want you to get your ducks in a row focus on you and  and be happy

that is the conversation we had before I began this journey
ill admit I was ready to throw in the towel on day three but My Jesus wouldn't turn him away for being flawed lost  dark humored & homeless and broken and neither will we

 But man do I sure need some extra knowledge and strength
I thought losing a baby would be the worst experience for me but being a foster mentor is a much greater sorrow

believe you me especially when most days alll you receive is resentment because hes not used to somebody wholeheartedly selflessy setting rules guidelines and standards for his safety and well being

Hes not used to many caring so much he sees me as his enemy more this his friend thats for certain

So to conclude
Yep we started fostering and it is exhausting

lol Pray for me & for him to allow the light to come in and once and for all abandon the darkness that
consumes his way of thinking and behaving so he can move forward forgive and heal

I want him to see that he is loved unconditionally here
but not without tough love  discipline & standards set in order for the man I know he can be despite coming from a broken and deeply troubled family


I want him to see that Jesus is the Key to healing and restoring everything stolen from him too early in his childhood by addictions and devils refusing to release strongholds consuming his amazing hearted  mommy and daddy they once used to be

 but man its sad to discuss what drugs and alchohol addictions do to families self destruction is the only place that it leads oh how I wish they could grasp hold of reality instead of settling for less than they deserve and constantly stealing from people who work hard to own everything theyve gotten free handedly but
by swiper no swiping doesnt work for their mentality

its so sad honestly it grieves my spirit greatly and its not just me

 I know that they can be changed if they would just surrender everything

 if only their blinders would lift off for a moment so they can see of what the sin life does to a once well kemped family

but nope instead its what sin left behind on my doorstep sadly and we have our hands full baby

But Im not complaining I love him no matter what

God is able to make him stand up as a man in his future even if I cannot

But right now we are just living in the moment

trusting God

Yep by faith Fostering started

this is where the light meets the dark

pray for us all

Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

© 2017 Farmgirl

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this is a great story,im glad you could help,i`m sure he deserves a better life,,the music is great

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Thanks again for your time and visit brother .. happy it blessed someone .. to bless others and care.. read more

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