Why Can't You Help, Why Do You Always Have To Hurt

Why Can't You Help, Why Do You Always Have To Hurt

A Chapter by SupernaturalGirl

Isabelle gets angry and frustrated for the way Clark has been acting lately, she wants it all to stop but its only just beginning.


I was glad to be getting out of LinDale, for some reason I felt that all those horrible things that have happened recently were not a coincidence. Maybe, I thought, It was just LinDale, maybe I just couldn't adapt to that wierd town that all those strange people lwho ived in it. I wasn't in the mood for talk so I sat in the car in silence for the entire ride back. I cried when I knew Sam was looking out the window, I looked out my own window, Dean drove and Sam looked out his window. I couldn't help but think of Clark, where he was, what he was doing and if he planned on doing that to me again. 

When we got bak I took Dean and I's stuff to our room, Sam followed me down the hall and went straight to his room from there. I unpacked our clothes and went downstairs to make our dinner. Clark was probably at his apartment, I thought. We ate dinner and then Dean and Sam went to go take care of our weapons and such before bed. I went outside to take the trash out and saw Clark coming down the street. I wanted to run back inside but I stood there almost as if I was frozen.

He came up to me looking innocent and unaware, he looked as if he didn't even realize I was the same girl he harrassed. "Hi, Isabelle" he said short and quick. "Why should I say hi to you", I said with anger. "Isabelle, I'm really sorry for what happened, I hope you could forgive me" he said hopefully. "No, now go or I'll get Dean and Sam out here to kick your a*s", I could almost picture it and I chuckled to myself softly. He ignored the comment and did something I wasn't ready for. 

He knelt down and pulled out a ring and said "Will you marry me?". I stood there shocked. I wanted to say no and run, but he was blocking my path to the house and he was much faster than me and would catch me before I even took one step. "Clark, are you crazy? Your proposing to me when 1, I'm pregnant with another guy's baby, 2, You know I don't like you like that and 3, you hurt me, you hurt me bad", I said the last part softly and started walking away. He caught my arm and said "Can't you give me a chance Isabelle, I'm much better than that guy". "No actually your not because Dean would never have done that to me".

He didn't let go of my arm so I shoved him off and walked towards the house. He caught up with me. he was never going to give up, I thought. I stopped, I was irritated and tired and wanted him to go away. "Clark, can you just leave already, no means no". He grabbed me and dipped me, and then he kissed me hard. I tried to get away and run, but he never let go. "Leave me alone you creep", I yelled at him. I ran into the house leaving him standing there, with the ring, in the rain.


© 2009 SupernaturalGirl

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Added on March 4, 2009
Last Updated on March 4, 2009




I love to read, write, and have fun. I love to read Stephenie Meyer books they are amazing. I am reading Host by Stephenie Meyer at the moment. I love to write fanfiction and the link I have on my pro.. more..