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My Thoughts

A Poem by SupernaturalGirl

I'm just describing random stuff I feel like talking about, its like a story only different.


I am being totally random and talking about my emotions, likes, dislikes, interests and such. I want to start off by saying "I CANT WAIT UNTIL MARCH 21, MY FRIEND AND I ARE HAVING A HUGE BIRTHDAY BASH TOGETHER AT THE LOCAL COUNTRY CLUB!!!!" Anyway, I have been listening to Hero by Nickelback and I keep picturing a supernatural video of bloopers, funny scenes, intimate moments and all that. I love to picture stuff like that, I could do it all day. I LOVE JENSEN ACKLES AND I KINDA LIKE JARED PADALECKI. My best friends Ashlyn and Janelle are going to first meet at the birthday bash and I want to see how they hit it off, I'm really good friends with Janelles friend Maddie, so I hope Ashlyn and Janelle can become friends. I love music and writing alot. I'm watching the video that goes with this link right now, I know its fake and all but its so real and awesome,  and like always its about supernatural. Has anyone gone on to my profile and checked out my website thats underneath my screen name???? I'd love to hear comments and stuff about my website, I'm curious, weebly is a pretty cool place to create a website. My boyfriend and I are at an awkward part of our relationship, I'm like the only one trying to help it improve. I also like the video "supernatural- trouble with boys" on youtube. I love the fact that you can find anything on youtube. I like to play field hockey and hang out at the mall, with or without my friends, but Its usually better with them. I turned 13 and I can't wait to have the biggest party I've had so far and it hasn't even happened yet, LOL. I had a dream on 3/7/09 and it was long and I couldn't remember much when I woke up, but I know that it was awesome. I have a new baby cousin named Alyss who was born on December 30th 2008 and I love her to death and I miss her, Roxanne and Lance very much. anyway, if you read this then thx and plz check out the video and my website. 


© 2009 SupernaturalGirl

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Wow, sounds like you are going to have a blast at your March 21st birthday bash. That date is my anniversary to my wife Sammy so a special day for me too. Nice write.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Your life sounds very busy...and your only thirteen.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I love to read, write, and have fun. I love to read Stephenie Meyer books they are amazing. I am reading Host by Stephenie Meyer at the moment. I love to write fanfiction and the link I have on my pro.. more..