Two Guys and a Girl

Two Guys and a Girl

A Story by SupernaturalGirl

A young girl named Nevaeh gets into a tragic situation where she ends up in a place she doesn't know.... until she ends up at Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki's apartment door, what's happens next, well you'll just have to wait and see.


Twenty two year-old Nevaeh was cold frightened and wet. It was pouring outside and it was late. She didn't know where she was, all she knew was that she needed a place to stay. Little did she know she was in California, she lived in Maine. Nevaeh was kidnapped from her home in Maine four days before by a young man about twenty-five that she didn't even know, but he knew her. She was kept in a cold dark basement with little food and water, she was raped once and hit across the face for trying to fight back. Then she escaped, and now she didn't even know where she was.

    She wandered streets in the rain wearing nothing but a thin silky nightgown that went halfway down to her knees. She was too tired to go on so she stopped at a building made for apartments, really nice apartments. She knocked on the door and a man about her age opened the door, she couldn't believe it, it was Jared Padalecki. She explained what happened and what she needed. He led her upstairs to a living room and went to go  talk to Jensen, who Nevaeh had just noticed. Jared explained to Jensen what happened to her and he looked worried. They let her stay on a mattress in the living room, she fell asleep as soon as she hit the pillow.

In the night Jared woke up to get a glass of water and walked by the entrance of the living room and couldn't help but to look in. He saw her laying on the matress in her short nightgown underneath the white sheet with her legs sticking out from the sheet, he couldn't help but stare. He ignored the feeling and got the water and went to bed. Then, in the same night, Jensen woke up and was hungry, he saw the same image only this time her thin strap to the nightgown was down off her shoulder. He ignored the feeling and got his snack, he couldn't believe he had such a feeling for someone eight years younger then himself and Jared.

Nevaeh woke up in the morning and went to the bathroom. She was not aware of the lingering feeling that were in the boys. She saw the guys in the kitchen eating breakfast, they had not told eachother of the feeling. They both stared as she walked in, still dressed in the nightgown and asked if she could have some cereal. After saying yes, Jared offered her a shirt and because she wouldn't fit in their pants a pair of boxers.

She got dressed, feeling awkward and out of place in their home. She brushed her hair with her fingers and went to pick up the mattress and sheets and putting them where they belong. She had hoped to get a motel for the next couple of nights until she could pull herself together. Jared and Jensen both secretly wanted her to stay, but didn't want to seem wierd or obvious in any way. When they did ask if she would please stay for awhile, she said yes.

That day she went to go buy some clothes using a little money that they insisted she must take. She bought a tank top, a short jean skirt, two Dresses, a copuple pairs of jeans, a couple tee's, a pair of sneakers, and a hair brush. She had just enough money for it all, then she went back to the apartment, while they were at work, using a key they had given her. When they got home there was a home cooked meal on the table that Nevaeh had made them in thanks for everything.

That night after Jensen had gone to bed, Jared decided to stay up to talk to Nevaeh. Nevaeh was on the small balcony, she was leaning on the bars with her hair gentling blowing in the breeze. He went out, smiling, closing the sliding door behind him. She smiled slightly obviously coming out of deep thought. He gave her his coat after he saw her shake off a shiver. He wanted her to be his badly, but he held back any desire he may have flung out. They talked, getting along fine, until it got later and they got tired. She went to go lay on the mattress in nothing but a thin nightgown that she had bought earlier.

That night Jensen couldn't contain his urges and went to the living room to sneak a quick peek at Nevaeh before he fell asleep for good that night. He saw her under a thin white sheet with her hair down and her nightgown short and thin. He had begun to dream about her and him alone together for awhile now and he wished he could have those dreams become a reality. He went back to bed worried about what he would do when she had to leave.


© 2009 SupernaturalGirl

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Wow, this was a really good story. Good job. (:

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is an amazing story, guess she was lucky she ran into the two guys from Supernatural. Well done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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