Save Our Souls

Save Our Souls

A Poem by Kayla K

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Please Save Our Souls
Hear our S.O.S
We're dying here,
crushed under this stress.

Dreams of plenty,
whispers of dark.
All it will take,
is one last spark.

We're here all alone.
No savior is near
Our voices, they scream
Yet no one can hear

Are you crazy, insane?
Who would save you?
Your voice goes unheard.
Time to bid adieu

You're just unwanted,
pointless and worthless.
Why would you stay here?
This world is too ruthless


My darling, my baby,
are you feeling okay?
I love you, you know this
Please never runaway."

They're lying,
your parents.
They'd hardly even
notice your absence.

I can't take it!
The voices,
just leave me alone!
I'm too young,
to make these hard choices

Death is much better.
No choices there.
Just take the jump,
to a better elsewhere

"My darling
, my baby.

Where are you going?
Each time I look,
you're running away.
Please tell me what's aching."

The ground, I see it.
Death is so close.
Just a leap,
then I can sleep.

Time to end it.
Life is over.
End it, now!
Take your bow.

It's too late,
to save my soul.
Gone with the wind,
My precious life,
depression has stole.

Don't go, dear child
Life isn't over.
Step away from the edge
I am the savior
Your pain isn't worth
the end of a life.
You can live through strife

Who are you?
And how do you know,
what I have gone through?

Don't listen!
Death is the way,
to end all the pain,
the darkness, the gray.

Depression is calling
This I do know.
But life, it is worth it.
Even with this sorrow

My savior, you came.
To you, I promise
I'll look for help.
I'm done being lost
in eternal darkness.


"My darling, my baby.
You're back, you're okay
I'm ready to talk
Please promise you'll stay."

Depression whispers,
speak to my heart.
But now I know,
I can't let whispers
tear me apart.

Just hold on
through all pain.
Love your scars,
and stand strongly
in the pouring rain.

Scream Save Our Souls.
Somebody somewhere
will hear the S.O.S.
Hold on and wait,
and find your success.

© 2011 Kayla K

Author's Note

Kayla K
If this confused you, it's a conversation of many people. The normal writing is somebody dealing with depression. The bold italics is depression whispers. The bold is a parent speaking to the child. The underline is a savior (you decide who).

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I enjoyed this. Very thought provoking. To me, the savior is the one fighting the battle. Her inner voice is telling her she's worth saving. At least that would be my idea of it. Great write. =]

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Very good. Applies to real life with the truth.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This turned out very beautiful. It's kind of serene and flows well. I liked it, a lot.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I value your words.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Kayla K
Kayla K

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