Midnight Relapse

Midnight Relapse

A Poem by Kayla K


"Once again it was too much to contain, I let loose in a steady flow of crimson rain. Once again I was on the floor, broken in a pathetic heap, crying behind the safety of a locked door. I loathe to be a burden for you to bare, to shame and disgrace, to grasp your heart and rip and tear. I loathe this dissension into despair, this aching, throbbing, hopelessness, dropping me into hell and leaving me there. So to spare you from all this, I plaster this smile, this masquerade, not a hint that something is amiss." ~ Renee Yohe, Purpose For The Pain

"I've been coloring outside the lines again." ~ Renee Yohe, Purpose For The Pain

"So we keep the barriers strong, we protect the truth." ~ Renee Yohe, Purpose For The Pain

**Thank you, Courtney Moise, for coming up with the first stanza and giving me a platform to start off of.


Lies of the mirror reflect me gears,
turn the sun, darken the fears,
the lollipops are sugary lullabies
of misted venom, forests awarded,
porcelain teddy, collapsive steers

Coloring outside the lines,
breaking open the chains.
I'll twirl in white dresses,
but crimson blood stains.

Drowned in deafining silence,
choked by his ghostly essence.
A midnight relapse takes it's toll,
desperate attempts to gain control

Murdered summer flowers,
killed by an icy cold.
Fearing each memory,
as winter takes ahold.

Dance to firefly lullaby,
play make- believe pretend.
She thought that she could fly,
never thought that it could end.

I ran from myself,
left reality of life.
When finally I returned,
my hand clutched a knife.

We thought she was a princess,
but what princess would bleed?
Like a butterfly of delicacy,
she has fragile wings indeed.

"Shoot for the stars",
the wise once said.
"Reach for the moon",
the noble all said.
Yet I found the moon,
a lonely place to tread.
And the twinkle stars,
are horribly misread.

Twinkle twinkle little star,
would you help me heal this scar?


"What we have here is a dreamer. Someone completely out of touch with reality. When she jumped, she probably thought she could fly." ~ Unknown

"Our heads aren't a good place to go alone, and when we isolate ourselves the lies have room, they have power, but where there is light there cannot be darkness." ~ Renee Yohe

"There is a purpose for the pain. It's called redemption." ~ Renee Yohe, Purpose for the Pain

"Someone murdered spring
She lies frozen and helpless
Under an ice veil"
~Renee Yohe, Purpose for the Pain

"The thing that people love about you, and that story, is that it's honest. Even if it's just a little bit, you're trying." ~ Movie Trailer for Renee


© 2011 Kayla K

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F*****g amazing thats all I have to say cuz i'm speechless

Posted 11 Years Ago

Dance to firefly lullaby,
play make- believe pretend.
She thought that she could fly,
never thought that it could end.

Is my favorite stanza. Very emotional write. The constant struggle appeals to me and I can sync with it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I love all the quotes from Renee Yohe!

Posted 11 Years Ago

=] Came back once I got your Q message, about it being here. This is one of your best writings for the simple fact of the raging emotional tornado sweeping through your sanity lines. You color with elegant crayons measuring out your height of rivalries inside and pose accurately. ~C.M.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Kayla K
Kayla K

Small town , NY

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