New Employee

New Employee

A Poem by SuzieQ

Today a new secretary arrived.

Couldn't stop my shocked look if I tried.

Instead of wearing heels and a skirt.

It was a man in slacks and a white shirt.

It got all the women in the office to smile.

Men hadn't worked in this place for awhile.

My stomach in knots since he was so cute.

I wonder if tomorrow he will wear a suit.

When he walked by I couldn't help but blush.

I think I have just found my new crush.

Oh no, he's looking over my way.

Should I be quiet or what do I say?

I got nervous as he started to stare.

That is when I fell out of my chair.

Oh he must think I'm such a fool.

I’m acting like a young girl at school.

Then I picked up my coffee to take a drink.

Spilled it all over me so I ran to the sink.

Now my white blouse has big spots of brown.

He must think I'm the clumsiest in town.

How can this guy have such an affect on me?

Now I can't work and I'm weak at the knees.

He just asked what time is his break.

Why did I stutter for goodness sake?

I can't get rid of my permanent grin.

I wish I could take a big swig of gin.

Is he married or does he live alone?

That is when he picked up his cell phone.

He's talking to someone and being so sweet.

Asking them to go to a restaurant to meet.

I'm so jealous I can barely see.

I guess single is what I'll always be.

© 2013 SuzieQ

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hahaha that's so cute! You are really a little girl at heart aren't you, Susan?

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on April 27, 2013
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