She's pregnant...

She's pregnant...

A Poem by Mariana Silva

Every family's fear may not always be concerning enough for all those involved.


Horrified, she’s staring at the one test she wished she had failed….

She looks down and almost breaks down, crying.

Why! Why didn’t God protect her from this?

She’s realizing how quickly her life was derailed,

The one day of truth she had been fighting,

She’s wishing she had never been his…

And she’s done! She just wants to deny it all!

She blames everyone but herself

Because they were all putting too much pressure on her.

She picks up the phone and debates who to call…

Tries lying and convincing herself,

It was all her family’s fault for pressuring her!

She lets the phone hit the floor,

And falls soon after it.

She lets her head fall forward as she looks ahead…

She can already see the blinding white door

As everyone hears for the first time, her admit

As to why she had not wanted to leave her bed.

She keeps on looking and thinks of how she resents the child…

She wonders how anyone will trust her with the kid

Without thinking that she may want to do away with it.

As she thinks about killing her child, she tastes bile.

She now blames the child in her for what she did,

And no matter how ridiculous, she refuses to care about it.

She goes on as if nothing is wrong

Denies her sisters’ suspicions and continues partying.

She thinks she can just ignore the truth until that one night…

As she’s listening to her favorite song,

The pain begins anew!

She looks to the floor, and is horrified at the sight!

Rushing cars, rushing people, and rushing thoughts…

When its all done, everyone is crying

Because she refuses to take her own child.

Her mother talks to her as she holds a tissues and makes knots.

She asks why her daughter was always lying

And why she didn’t want her own grandchild.

She just stares at her and shakes her head.

As far as she’s concerned, her family can take care

Of the thing she had been pressured into.

When she expects her youngest sister, she sees her eldest sister instead.

She tries calming her but her eldest sister no longer cares.

She simply reminds her sister that she was once an infant too.

© 2008 Mariana Silva

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Horrified, she's staring at the one test she wished she had failed�.

That is the most incredible first line I have ever read, and it cause my attention IMMEDIATELY. This was so wonderfully well written that I breezed right through reading the whole thing. Simply stunning dear. I think that you have a lot of talent and this is a perfect example.


Posted 15 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 12, 2008


Mariana Silva
Mariana Silva


Love to read and write, so much in fact, there isn't a place where my journal and pen have not followed me because you never know when something will spring forth to be written. Not a prodigy but some.. more..

Honest Honest

A Poem by Mariana Silva