The funeral

The funeral

A Chapter by Mariana Silva

Jenny, a small girl who has just lost her mother, finds herself with an unnamed imp.


She had just lost her mother. She could do nothing but sit and cry among her mother's flowers. They could not hold her, but they had the love of her mother deep within them. She remained among them and wept as her father attended to the collecton of mourners inside her house. None of them had been able to understand what she had just fone through.


She looked around at all the bright summer flowers and could feel her mother beside her. When she turned though, she continued to weep as she saw no one beside her. She felt so alone and isolated as she kept wishing her mother had not passed away. No one had seen it coming, but none had been as affected as Jenny.


She had been so close to her mother, she had even played with her mother the night before she died. She had pretended to have been getting ready for her prom, her mother had gotten out her make-up and made her beautiful. Both had laughed and played well into the night, even when Jenny's father had come in and tried to be angry about not being allowed to sleep but one look at his wife and daughter and what little anger was on his mind, disappeared. He had even joined in and played the part of father and date.


"Jenny," a voice whispered. Jenny was startled out of her thoughts and brought back to the garden where she no longer had a mother.


She looked around but could see no one.


"Hello? Who's there?" she asked in a hushed voice. The tears were still falling from her sad little brown eyes as she searched everywhere in the garden. She had no doubt that someone could hide in the tall grass or in the flowers that surrounded the garden.


"Jenny, please, don't cry anymore. Life goes on, and your mother wants you to live happily," the voice said. Jenny grew angry at the voice. She stood amongst the flowers and looked around.


"Show yourself!" she commanded. She waited and soon, the grass rustled and revealed a small, petite, green imp. If not for its coloration, she was sure that it could pass off as a small child.


Jenny was startled, but curious as well. She was talled than the imp by only a foot. Se sat down and looked at the imp.


"Who are you?" Jenny asked.


"Who I am does not matter. I'm here to let you know that you don't need to cry," the small imp said in a sweet whisper.


"Why? Because my mother is always with me?" Jenny said sarcastically. She had been told the same thing, far too many times already. The imp stared at her in confusion as it shook its head.


"No, because your mother was a happy woman, and needs to have a happy daughter to remind people of that," the imp said in a voice still so sweet and hushed that Jenny took every work to heart. The imp bowed and began to walk away.


"Wait? Stay with me a little longer, tell me about my mother?" Jenny begged. The imp turned and smiled.


"In your dreams. When you dream, you shall know your mother," the imp said as it disappeared.


"If you ever need me, you need only call out for me, but you must truly need me, or I shall not come at your call," a small whisper announed. Jenny nodded and soon found herself wondering whether or not to believe what had just happened.

© 2008 Mariana Silva

Author's Note

Mariana Silva
First chapter, I need reviews on this please

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I personally think you might have something here and I like it. Nice job and it really got me the good sense might I add. Keep writing!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on August 15, 2008


Mariana Silva
Mariana Silva


Love to read and write, so much in fact, there isn't a place where my journal and pen have not followed me because you never know when something will spring forth to be written. Not a prodigy but some.. more..

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