[FLT] Chapter 1: Meeting on the Beach

[FLT] Chapter 1: Meeting on the Beach

A Chapter by Mobius Aquarian

One day at the beach, a boy meets two girls that are nothing like he expected, and the three soon form a strong bond. NOTE: It's not what you think.

Daniella and Gabriella were twin sisters that I met one day at the beach, after going with my friends. They seemed like really nice girls, and right away, I could tell that there was something about them. Every time I looked over at them, they always seemed to smile at me, or be looking over at me, and talking to each other. I noticed this a lot, when all of us were swimming in the lake, but it didn't really come into play, until a half an hour later, when they, myself, and my other friends were sitting on the beach in a circle, playing Truth or Dare. I worked up the courage to invite them to come play with us, and everyone else was okay with it. They were glad that we had included them.

This was when the weird part came in. It had gotten to be Daniella's turn, and she looked at me, and smiled, before asking me whether I wanted "truth" or "dare". Thinking nothing weird would happen, and since I had answered "truth" to several questions before, I figured it was time to say "dare", just to see what would happen. At first, I immediately wished I hadn't, because after I had said "dare", both Daniella and Gabriella both looked at me with smiles on their faces, and Gabriella giggled, as Daniella told me their dare.

"I dare you to... go skinny-dipping with Gabby and me!"

My eyes opened wider, and I blushed some, not to mention how the other guys looked, as Daniella could only giggle, at the sight of my face expression. As half-embarassed, half-freaked-out as I was, somehow I could muster up the strength to say something in reply.
"S...s...s... skinny-dipping? W-with you two girls?"
Seeing the opportunity, Gabriella smiled, and replied, "what's wrong? Never done it before?"
Almost feeling peer pressure, I closed my eyes and shook my head, trying to make everyone else think I was regaining my composure. "Nah..." I said. "Let's just do it." Everyone else's eyes instantly zoomed over to me, like they were surprised to hear me actually say that. As I looked over and saw everyone, except for Daniella and Gabriella, looking at me, the redness returned to my cheeks. But before I had a chance to react, Gabriella's hand reached out and grabbed mine, picking me up, and pulling me with them, as Daniella got up and followed her sister.
"Come on!" Gabriella said, as she did this, with a smile on her face. "Let's do this!"
Getting to my feet and walking on them, as Gabriella held my hand, and walked in front of me, I replied, "okay." Everyone behind me just watched, almost in shock.

Daniella and Gabriella led me behind several rocks, until we were on another empty beach, quite a ways away from the beach our friends were on, when they turned around, and they both put one hand on both of my shoulders, so Daniella's right arm was on my left shoulder, and Gabriella's left arm was on my right shoulder. They then smiled at me, probably trying to relax me.
"You've got nothing to worry about," Daniella spoke, with a smile on her face, like her sister had. "We're not gonna do anything crazy with you. Gabby and I don't like to do this sort of thing where everyone can see us. We just wanted to get you away from everyone else, so we could talk to you."
I blinked, as I listened to her speak. "Talk to me?" I replied. "About what?"
"We wanted to tell you..." Gabriella chimed in, looking almost like she had summoned most of her courage to say what she was about to say, "...that we... think you're... cute."
I slowly began to smile, after she said that. "Well, thanks!" I replied, feeling a bit less nervous than before. "I think you girls are beautiful, too."
At the sound of my comment, a smile returned to Gabriella's face, and she looked slightly more relaxed, as well. "You think so?" She replied, sounding incredibly happy, before turning to look at her sister. "See, Danni? We were right about him!"
I slowly raised an eyebrow. "Right about me...?"
Daniella nodded and closed her eyes, with an even bigger smile on her face. "This is awesome, Gabby!" she answered her sister. "I wonder how much alike he, you and I are? Oh, this could be really great!"
At that moment, the two of them closed their eyes, clenched their fists, and squealed, with incredibly excited looks on their faces. I blinked, and winced a bit, as I heard this, clearly not expecting it. After they had stopped squealing, and started to look at each other, with big smiles on their faces, I decided to speak up, again. "You girls sound really happy about something. Can I know?"
With that, Daniella instantly turned to look at me, her face expression not changing even in the slightest, and thrusted her arms around me, hugging me tightly. "Oh, yes, Robbie!" she began, sounding incredibly excited. "Gabby and I have been looking for a friend that likes both of us, and likes to do things with us, no matter how weird they are, and I think we found one in you!"
I smiled, as I heard Daniella say this, and put my arms around her as well, hugging her back, and softly rubbing her back.
"Of course!" I replied. "I'd love to be friends with you girls. But... what do you mean by 'no matter how weird they are'?"
Daniella slowly pulled back from her tight hug, still smiling, as Gabriella spoke up. "What she means is... well..."
She glanced over at Daniella. "Maybe we should show him, first?"
Show me what? I thought.
Daniella nodded. "Yeah... I just hope he'll be okay with it."
"Well, we could always ask him," Gabriella replied.
I saw my chance and took it. "Ask me what?" I spoke up.
Daniella and Gabriella both looked back at me, before Daniella spoke up. "You... remember the original reason why we brought you over here?"
I nodded. "Yeah, it was because you dared me to skin--" I stopped, and blinked. "Oh... yeah..."
Gabriella nodded, but kept smiling, like Daniella was. "We still wanna do that with you, but... we want you to trust us. We would never do anything crazy to you, or with you. Danni and I will never have sex until we're married."
This relaxed me, somewhat, and I nodded, with a bit of a smile on my face. "That's good," I replied, "because I'm celibate, too."
This time, Gabriella thrusted her arms around me, embracing me in a warm hug. "Oh, that's great! This'll be perfect, then!" she exclaimed, after doing this. Several seconds later, she slowly pulled back from the hug, and her and Daniella both took a few steps backward, still smiling at me.
"There is one question we wanna ask you, though," Daniella asked, as she put her hands on her hips, and Gabriella dropped her arms to her sides. "Do you... have enough willpower to be able to resist having sex with Gabby or I, if we... undressed in front of you, or you saw us naked?"
I closed my eyes, and nodded, looking as serious as possible. "Yup," I replied, "and how about you girls? Would you be able to, if I did, or you saw me naked?"
"Yeah," Gabriella replied, "we would, too. We just wanted to make sure. But if you do feel like we're overpowering you, at all, just tell us, and we'll go hide, or put our clothes back on. And we'll tell you if you're overpowering us."
I nodded, the serious look on my face slowly becoming slightly neutral, with a slight smile. "Okay."
"Okay..." Daniella replied, walking her fingers down to the ties that held the bottom part of her bikini to her waist, as Gabriella walked her fingers up her back, until they touched the strap of her bikini top. As I watched, Daniella slowly began to pull on one end of each tie, until the ties slowly came loose, at which point, she slowly slid the bottom part down her legs, revealing her bare waist, just as Gabriella unhooked her bikini top strap, and took it off, revealing her bare chest. She then reached over, and began to unhook Daniella's bikini top strap, as Daniella bent over, and began to pull at the ties that held Gabriella's bikini bottom to her waist, until the ties came unhooked, and Gabriella unhooked Daniella's bikini top, and the two removed each other's outfit part. They then stood in front of me, naked, smiling some, feeling confident about themselves. I slowly put my hands onto my hips, as I looked at their naked bodies, before me.
Keep control, me, I thought. They trust you, you don't wanna defy their trust...
"Are you okay?" Daniella asked, looking a bit concerned.
I nodded, slowly. "Yeah, I'm good. I was just... admiring how beautiful you girls look, when you're naked."
Gabriella smiled, and giggled a bit, and then spoke up. "Thanks! I wonder how hot you look under your swim trunks?"
I chuckled, a bit, after hearing that. "Well, there's only one way to find out, I guess..."
And with that, I slowly began to pull my swimsuit down my legs, slowly revealing my waist to Daniella and Gabriella, until my swimsuit was at my feet, at which point I then stepped out of them, set them aside, and showed the girls my naked body, as they walked over to me, still smiling. Daniella and Gabriella put one arm around me, and stood on opposite sides of me, smiling at me. Gabriella began to softly rub my back, which calmed me down a bit more than I was.
"See?" Daniella asked, smiling as she looked at me. "This feels nice, doesn't it?"
I nodded. "Yeah, you're right, it does," I replied. "And it's even better, because we can all do something like this, and not be sexual about it. I'm glad you girls trust me, like I trust you girls."
They both smiled at me, and Daniella started to softly rub my back, as well.
"And... once we get in the water," Daniella added, "there's something we'd like to do with you."
I blinked. "It's not anything bad, is it?"
Gabriella shook her head. "No, of course not!" she replied. "I think you might like it."
"Well, then, shall we?" Daniella asked, smiling, like her sister, as I slowly began to smile.
I nodded, smiling. "Sure. Let's do this!"
"Yay!" Daniella and Gabriella both cheered, as they led me to the water's edge, with their arms still behind my back, softly rubbing it.

As the three of us slowly walked down into the water, as it lapped up against our feet, Gabriella spoke up.
"Wow, I think the water's warmer over here, than it was back at the other beach!"
Daniella wriggled her toes in the water. "Yeah, you're right, Gabby!" she replied. "I wonder why?"
"Good question," I replied, as we walked farther into the water, until it came up to our bellies, at which point Daniella and Gabriella put their arms around me, and swam farther out, until we were quite a ways away from the beach we had started on, but still out of sight from everyone else.
With the water now up to our shoulders, Gabriella leaned backward, still holding me, keeping me afloat, as Daniella swam a bit closer to me.
"Would you think I was weird if I told you," she began, smiling at me, as she spoke, "that you have very soft, touchable skin?"
I chuckled a bit, and smiled. "No, I wouldn't," I replied. "Thanks! And so do you girls, if that doesn't freak you out."
Gabriella, holding me close to her, to keep me afloat, giggled after I said that.
"Thanks!" Daniella replied, also giggling a bit. "I wanted to give you a massage, to relax you, and to show you how glad we were that you're our friend."
"Sure, if you like. I don't mind." I replied, smiling. "But you girls don't have to do this."
Gabriella softly rubbed my belly with one of her hands, which, like her other arm, was also wrapped around me, keeping me afloat. "We know," she replied. "But we want to. We don't know many guys that are like you. Everyone else just likes us because they say we're beautiful twins, and they don't think like you, Danni and I, do."
I blinked, the smile slowly fading from my face. "Wow," I replied. "I'm sorry they're like that to you... if it's one thing I don't like, it's when guys like that give guys like me a bad name."
Gabriella instantly leaned forward, and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. "Aww, that's so sweet..."
I giggled a bit, as the smile slowly returned to my face, as Daniella continued to smile at me. "I've always thought that, if a boy and a girl trust each other enough, they can do things that other people would see as being sexual, and not actually be sexual. Like... this, or taking a bath together."
Daniella giggled a bit, just as I blinked, and Gabriella softly rubbed my arms, a bit, before nodding to Daniella, as Daniella nodded back. I got slightly curious, as I only saw Daniella nod, and didn't know why she was nodding. I glanced backward, but only saw Gabriella's beautiful smile, and long, gorgeous hair behind me. Daniella then returned her attention to me, and continued to smile. "Just go ahead and lay back," she added. "Gabby's got ahold of you. We're not gonna let you drown. We just want you to relax."
Following her cue, I slowly laid back, as Gabriella slowly let me shift my position in her arms, without letting go of me, so I was laying back, with most of my belly, up to a few inches below my bellybutton, coming out of the water, as Daniella swam to my side, and began to softly rub my belly, and sides. As I slowly closed my eyes, and allowed myself to relax, the other half of my body slowly floated to the surface, as I heard Daniella's voice, as she continued to softly rub my belly and chest.
"Just lay back and relax..." she spoke in a calm tone, as she softly rubbed my upper body, keeping me very relaxed, so much so that everything else, aside from the two, beautiful girls that I felt I could trust, fully, that were now also my friends, just seemed to disappear. The only things I could feel, as Daniella kept me relaxed, were her soft hands against my belly and sides, nearing my middle, and Gabriella's warm, soft arms and hands, which surrounded my chest, toward my neck and shoulders. I had never before met girls like them, who cared about their friends, and even felt safe doing things like what they were doing to me, knowing that certain things were perceived as being sexual, but vowing to never go to the point where the task could become disastrous, if the person they were with lacked self-control. I felt a sense of trust with them, like they would never steer me wrong, and cared about me way too much to even get too far.
As Daniella's soft hands, softly rubbing most of my front, above my waist, and my arms, kept me relaxed, the calm voice of her sister, Gabriella, slowly brought me back to reality.
"We should do things more often, the three of us together," she said.
Daniella nodded, with a big smile on her face, as she glanced down at me, then over at Gabriella, while continuing to softly rub my chest, and arms. "We should! Hey, why don't you come over to our house and hang out with us, Robbie?"
I nodded, with a smile on my face, still relaxed, as Daniella continued to softly rub me. "I'd love to! Where do you girls live?"
"Oh, not too far from here," Gabriella replied, smiling, like her sister, and I, were. "About six or seven blocks down the road, to the right. We'll give you our number, when we get back to everyone--"
Suddenly, the three of us heard voices, coming from the shore, which caused us to look, and Daniella's hands to stop moving.
Gabriella shifted her grip around me, letting me stand up, straight, in the water, but still keeping me afloat.
"Wait, they're actually looking for us?" I said, slightly in shock.
Gabriella's voice began to sound a bit more afraid. "What if they find us?" she asked. "I don't want them to see us naked! Only Robbie. We trust him."
I looked back at Gabriella. "Get behind me. I'll cover you both," I said, sounding somewhat confident. Gabriella nodded, and shifted her grip on me, so her chest was hidden behind my back, as Daniella swam behind me, and put her arms around my other arm, so her chest was blocked by my arm, but both girls kept me afloat. Just then, a couple of our friends, both guys, walked toward the water's edge, looking down, noticed my swimsuit, and the girls' bikinis.
He looked out onto the water, instantly saw the three of us, and pointed, saying "hey, there they are!"
I glanced over at Daniella, then at Gabriella. "I think we should swim to shore," I began, "but stay in deep-enough water, so they can't see too much of us."
Both girls nodded at me, with neutral looks on their faces, as they swam underwater, pulled me under with them, and put their arms around my back, holding onto me, as we all swam toward shore, hiding under the water, so only we could see each other. After swimming far enough, Daniella and Gabriella pulled me up to the surface, the three of us taking deep breaths as our heads broke the water, and we floated, with only our heads, and the tops of our shoulders, breaking the surface of the water. I looked over at Greg, one of the guys who watched us swim to shore, who was standing next to Daniella's, Gabriella's and my swimsuits, with a bit of an evil grin on his face.
"Greg," I asked, "could you throw us our swimsuits?"
Greg closed his eyes. "Come get 'em yourself," he replied.
I blinked, looking a bit disgusted. "We can't," I continued. "We're not decent. You know what we were just doing."
Greg nodded, smiling evilly at us. "Yup," he answered. "That's why I want you three to come out here and get your suits, yourselves. Heck, you stay back there, and just send the girls out."
Daniella and Gabriella blushed, and also began to look disgusted, as much as I was. "What?! No!" they both replied.
"Come on!" Greg called out. "I wanna see! There's no need to hide from me!"
As I stared, disgusted, at Greg, I heard Gabriella whisper into my ear, "what is up with this guy? I don't trust him."
I glanced over at her, and whispered back, "he's usually not this bad..."
"Come on, chicks!" Greg called out, again, having no idea what Gabriella and I whispered back and forth, as Daniella and I continued to stare, disgusted, at him. "I wanna see me some boobies!"
A look of disgust returned to Gabriella's face, as the look on my face turned to anger.
"Knock it off, Greg!" I yelled back. "They don't trust you!"
"And what," Greg yelled, "they trust you? You're keeping the hot girls all to yourself! Can't you share with your buddies?"
I closed my eyes, facepalmed, and looked down at the water, as Daniella and Gabriella continued to glare at Greg.
"Greg..." I called back, "...just ...stop. We're not doing anything fun, anyway! We were just swimming! Just hand us our clothes, okay?"
Greg glared back at me. "Come up here and get them yourself!" He called back. "All three of you! Maybe you girls will feel better if your little friend, here, comes up with you!"
I growled, disgustedly, under my breath, as Daniella yelled, angrily, while glaring at Greg. "Just throw them to us! Is that so hard?! I know what you wanna see, but you won't see it from us, anyway! We're above that!"
"You gave HIM a peep show," Greg yelled, pointing at me, "so why not give me, your friend Greg one, too? I just wanna peek, and touch 'em!"
The blush on Daniella's and Gabriella's faces got a bit worse, and a bit of redness slowly appeared on my face, as well, as the three of us continued to glare at Greg.
"Don't you have something better to do?" I yelled.
"Like what?" Greg yelled back. "Why would I do something else, when I can watch beautiful, naked women come walking out of the lake?"
Daniella and Gabriella gritted their teeth, as the looks on their faces, a combination of disgust and embarrassment, got worse. I closed my eyes, and thought for a few seconds, before looking over at Daniella.
"Hey," I whispered, "I think I know how we can get Greg off our backs."
Daniella glanced over at me, and the look of embarrassment and disgust slowly faded from her face. "How?" she whispered back.
"We can fool him," I whispered, glanced at Gabriella, then back at Daniella. "If one of you girls swims over to the other beach, and make it look like you're coming out of the water, but you really don't, we can probably fool him long enough, so I can sneak up there and grab our clothes. What do you think?"
Daniella and Gabriella glanced at one another, then back at me, and nodded.
"That sounds like that could work," Daniella whispered. "I'll go over. Gabby, can you take Robbie back to shore?"
Gabriella nodded. "Yeah, I can swim, and hold him up, at the same time."
"Good," I said, nodding, as well. "We won't start swimming over until you've got his attention."
I then glanced over at Gabriella. "Do you wanna swim low, so they don't see too much of us?"
Gabriella nodded, and I looked over at Daniella. "Sounds like it's settled, then. Just don't let him see what he wants to see. Just make him think you're gonna show him. Hopefully, by that time, we should have our clothes."
"Okay," Daniella whispered back, nodding, as she let go of me, and started to swim toward the other beach, only showing her upper back, as she slowly came up, with each stroke. Gabriella and I watched, as Daniella called over to Greg, with a somewhat naughty look on her face.
"Hey, Greeeeeeg!" she called out, waving to him. "I'm gonna swim over and come out on that beach over there. The other beach is way too small. We can't do anything on it, and I know you wanna do something with me!"
Gabriella blinked, looking surprised, as Greg instantly ran over to the other beach. "Wow, Danni," Gabriella whispered to me.
I glanced over at Gabriella. "She's just lying to him, Gabby," I whispered back. "She's not really gonna do that."
"I know," Gabriella whispered, "but I'm surprised she actually said that..."
"Yeah, wow..." I whispered back, as Gabriella started to swim back to shore, slowly, with an arm around me. "Where'd she learn all that?"
"All those other guys we met," Gabriella whispered. "Almost every other guy is like that Greg guy. They like us for our bodies, and nothing more... we're just a couple of 'hot chicks' to them... that's why I'm glad you're not like that."
I slowly put an arm around Gabriella, and softly rubbed her back. "And I never will be," I whispered back.
Once Gabriella and I got close enough to the shore, so our feet touched the sand at the bottom of the lake, I glanced over, noticing Greg staring out at Daniella, who swam closer to him, but was still a good distance from the shore, before slowly crawling up the beach, keeping my lower half in the water, until I reached my swimsuit, and Daniella and Gabriella's bikinis. I then completely pulled myself out of the water, and laid on my back, in the sand, as the sun warmed my dripping wet, naked body. I reached over, grabbed, and slowly pulled on my swimsuit, before getting onto my hands and knees, quickly grabbing both pieces of Daniella's and Gabriella's bikinis, and quickly crawling back into the water, and walking out to Gabriella, who smiled as she saw me come back with her swimsuit, and quickly put it back on herself, with a bit of my help. After embracing me in a quick hug, she put her arm around me, and swam back out, carrying me with her, until we saw Daniella, who was across from us.
"Danni!" I called out to her, waving my free arm. "We got 'em! You can come back over here, now!"
Daniella quickly looked over, smiled, and started swimming toward us. Greg, who was waiting for him to swim toward her, got a bit surprised.
"Wha--?!" he yelled, as he looked over at the other beach, and, noticing our swimsuits had disappeared, got somewhat enraged. "YOU--" he turned his gaze back over at Gabriella and I, as Daniella swam closer to us. "GAAAH! I CAN'T EVEN HAVE ANY FUN OF MY OWN!" he yelled, as he stormed off. Daniella swam up to Gabriella and I, put her arms around me, softly rubbed my back, and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.
"I'm so glad you're our friend," Daniella whispered into my ear, before she slowly pulled away, and I handed her her bikini. After helping her tie the tie on the top, so it was secured to her back, the two of them put their arms around me, and swam to shore, pulling me with them. As we came back onto the shore, we walked back over to the beach we were on before, to find that almost everyone else had left, except for another friend of mine, Ray, who had brought me to the beach in the first place, and wasn't about to leave without me. His attention instantly turned to Daniella, Gabriella and I, as we walked up the beach, toward him.
"Took you guys long enough!" he said, with a chuckle. "Everyone left, after Greg came running out of here, throwing a fit... what happened to him?"
I blinked, as I tried to come up with a reason. "A crab pinched him in the butt, while he was swimming."
Ray couldn't resist bursting into laughter. "Oh, that's rich!" he said, while laughing. "A crab! That guy's weaker than I thought!"
I chuckled some, as well, as I listened to him laugh. After a few seconds, he slowly calmed down.
"Well, we should probably get out of here... I wanna get home before my favorite TV show comes on."
I nodded. "Okay, then let's get outta here," I replied. "I'll go change, and meet you back here."
"Okay," Ray answered with a nod, as I walked over to grab the bag with my clothes, and a towel, in it, as Daniella and Gabriella followed me over. I reached down, picked up the bag, and walked over to the changing area. Before I walked into the changing room, Daniella put her hand on my shoulder.
"Hey, is your cellphone in your bag?" she asked me.
I reached down into my bag, and pulled out my cellphone. "Yup, it's right here," I replied.
She held out her hand. "I can program my number into it for you, so you can give us a call, either today or tomorrow, and we can hang out."
I nodded, and handed her my cellphone. "Okay." She took my cellphone from me, and programmed her and Gabriella's phone number into it, then handed it back to me. I looked at the cellphone's display, then at Daniella, and smiled. As I reached back into my bag, to put my cellphone back into my pants pocket, Daniella spoke up, once more.
"We should probably head out, as well," she said. "Don't you think so, Gabby?"
Gabriella nodded. "Yeah, we might as well, so we can get ready, for when you come to see us," she added.
I stood back up, after Gabriella said that. "Alrighty." I replied. "Well, it was great to meet you girls, and... today was a pretty interesting day..."
Daniella leaned forward, gave me a hug, and softly rubbed my back. "Yeah... it was something," she whispered into my ear.
I hugged her back, and whispered back, "yeah, that one part was stupid... but everything else was nice."
Daniella slowly pulled back, and nodded, with a smile on her face, as Gabriella leaned in, and embraced me in a warm hug, softly rubbing my back, as well.
"I'm glad we met you, today," she whispered into my ear, as she did this. "You're one of the best friends we've ever had in a long time..."
I smiled, and closed my eyes, as I returned the warm hug. "Thanks... and I'm glad I met you girls today, too... it was great..."
Before she pulled back from the hug, Daniella slowly leaned toward my face, and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek, just as Gabriella gave me a soft kiss on my other cheek. I smiled, reached around, and softly rubbed both of their backs, until Gabriella slowly pulled away from the hug. The two girls started up the beach, toward the parking area, turning back toward me, momentarily, to wave, with a smile on their face, as I waved back, watching the girls walk up to their car, get into it, and drive away.
After I went into the changing tent, dried off, and put my normal clothes back on, Ray had walked in, after I had left.
"Hey, you know," he said, as he was drying off, "it looked like those girls, Danni and Gabby, had a thing for you."
I blinked, as I heard that. "What do you mean?"
"Come on, man!" he continued. "You can't tell me you didn't see it! The way they waved at you, the way they hugged you... they both kissed you! What girls do you know that do that?"
Pictures of Daniella and Gabriella smiling flashed in my mind, as I tried to think of other girls that were like them, but couldn't. "Yeah... I guess you have a point," I replied.
Ray chuckled, a bit, after hearing me say that. "You guess? Man, you gotta pay more attention! You know, you're lucky... those girls took to you, before anyone else. I mean... they even wanted to go skinny-dipping with you... and they just met you!"
I felt a weird, tiny chill run down my spine. "That's true... but they didn't do anything crazy with me, if that's what you're thinking."
Almost as if it struck a chord, Ray's head popped out of the changing tent, after I said that. "They... didn't? But... you guys took, like, half an hour out there! You had to have been doing something!"
My mind flashed back to the soft, relaxing massage Daniella gave me, as I could see her, smiling at me, in my mind's eye. "Well, we did something... but not that..." I shook my head.
Ray closed his eyes, and snickered, before pulling his head back inside the changing tent. "Yeah... something tells me you wouldn't have done that with them, even if they wanted to do it with you," he replied.
I looked down at the sand underneath my feet, and kinda chuckled a tiny bit, nervously, as I knew he was right. But I was glad they didn't wanna do that sort of thing, anyway. I would've immediately aborted the dare if they had, and wouldn't have even let the ridicule I probably would've gotten bother me. I was above that, just like Daniella and Gabriella were. About a minute later, Ray came out of the changing tent, wearing his normal outfit. He looked at me, just as I picked up my bag, and looked back at him.
"Well, I'm ready to go," he said, looking at me. "How about you?"
"Yup," I replied. "I'm ready when you are."
"Okay," he said, as he started to walk up the beach, carrying a towel, with his swimsuit wrapped inside it, toward the road, where his car was parked, on the side. I followed him, carrying my bag, and as we reached his car, he opened the trunk, and put the towel inside it, as I put my bag in, as well. He closed the trunk, and we both got into his car, and drove away.

The images of that day, Daniella and Gabriella, and how stupid Greg was acting, kept flashing through my mind...

© 2012 Mobius Aquarian

Author's Note

Mobius Aquarian
This is the first chapter (or part, I guess you could say) of a story I brainstormed on a trip up to Raquette Lake, NY with my family. I wasn't feeling the best beforehand, but things got better on the way back. xD
I wrote this story to prove a point, that I don't think a lot of people know about: not all nakedness is sexual. It can be, yes, but it doesn't always have to be. That's what I made Daniella and Gabriella to prove. And Greg represents how some people might react to that sort of thing, and how Danni, Gabby and Robbie deal with it.
I made this mature in the Erotica genre, because I wasn't sure where else to put this. If you think it belongs somewhere else, feel free to suggest it.

** EDIT: I actually took off the "mature" setting and changed the genre to "philosophy", just as a bit of a test. The book's description explains why. But one reason is, I don't think non-sexual nakedness (or nudity, if you prefer) should be kept hidden from anyone who isn't an adult.

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wow wonderful chapter. The detail for it is great and I find it hard for me to stop reading it. I like the thought and the idea for this book. You really have to have a open mind while reading this, I think you got something to prove here and should be shared. Anyways great idea. The way you word it was just really great. Can't wait to read more! thanks for sharing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Nice idea to get a point across that's well worth making. To really drive the point home, maybe graphically describe the characters' nudity, making it realistic yet attractive, and then force us to think of it non-sexually. Thanks for the chapter.

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow wonderful chapter. The detail for it is great and I find it hard for me to stop reading it. I like the thought and the idea for this book. You really have to have a open mind while reading this, I think you got something to prove here and should be shared. Anyways great idea. The way you word it was just really great. Can't wait to read more! thanks for sharing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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