[FLT] Chapter 3: How Much We Care About You

[FLT] Chapter 3: How Much We Care About You

A Chapter by Mobius Aquarian

After inviting Robbie over to their house, Daniella and Gabriella surprise him with something he wasn't expecting, and show him that they are friends like no other. NOTE: It's not what you think.

I suddenly felt Daniella and Gabriella simultaneously stop rubbing me, as they both put their arms around me, and embraced me in a warm hug, as they giggled. I put my arms around Daniella, since she was in front of me, and hugged her back, before reaching back, momentarily, to try and hug Gabriella back, as well.
About twenty seconds later, Daniella and Gabriella both pulled back, and Gabriella started to softly, and slowly rub my back, again, as Daniella softly, and slowly rubbed my belly and chest, smiling as she looked at me.
"So... are you ready for our bath?" she asked me.
"I guess I am," I said, nodding.
"Okay," Daniella replied, with a nod of her own, as she softly rubbed her hands across my chest, up my shoulders, down my left arm, until her hand landed in mine, as Gabriella blazed a similar path with her hands against my back, so her hand landed in my right hand, and after walking in front of me, to stand across from Daniella, the two girls led me over to the bathtub.
As they stood in front of me, on opposite sides, smiling, I looked down into the bathtub. The water looked very inviting, there was bubble bath at the top, and it looked like a whirlpool bath, with enough room for possibly four people. A smile slowly crept onto my face, as I could imagine how relaxed I'd be, after washing the girls, as they both washed me. As I looked at the bathtub, I watched Daniella and Gabriella slowly step in, one foot at a time, taking deep breaths as they felt the warm water surround them, as they sat down. They looked up at me, and smiled, holding out their hands.
"Come on in, Robbie!" Daniella said to me. "The water's great!"
Without giving it a second thought, I reached over, grabbed both their hands, one in each hand, and slowly stepped into the bath. Just feeling the soothing warm water around my legs felt good, and as the girls helped me sit down between them, I relaxed even more, as I felt the warm, soapy water surround my body.
Daniella then looked over at me, with a smile on her face, like Gabriella had. "So...?" she asked. "What do you think, so far?"
"Oh, it feels so relaxing..." I replied, with a look of pure relaxation on my face, and the sound of relaxation in my voice.
Gabriella put her arms around me, embracing me in a hug. "I'm so glad you're enjoying this," she said, sounding incredibly excited. "Now we don't have to worry about doing anything crazy around you. You're such an awesome friend to us..."
I smiled, and softly rubbed Gabriella's sides, as she hugged me. "Oh, Gabby," I replied, still looking relaxed. "Nothing you or Danni can do will freak me out, because I trust you girls so much. I think I will come over, every other night, so we all can take a bath together."
"That'd be great!" Gabriella replied, hugging me a bit tighter, as Daniella put an arm around me.
About ten seconds later, Gabriella slowly pulled back, as Daniella reached for two washcloths that laid on the edge of the whirlpool bath, next to a squirt bottle that looked like it held some sort of body wash in it. She handed one washcloth to Gabriella, then dunked the other washcloth into the water, about a second or two before Gabriella dunked hers. As Daniella pulled her washcloth out of the soapy water, she reached for the squirt bottle, and showed it to me. It had the word "rainbath" written on the top of the label, as well as several other messages, telling about what it did to your skin, how clean it made you, and stuff like that.
"This is the bubble bath that we're in right now," she began, "and this is what Gabby and I like to wash each other with. It's really moisturizing, so your skin will be really soft, you'll smell great, and it'll relax you, too. Do you mind if Gabby and I wash you with it?"
I nodded, as I sat up, straight, in the bath, getting some of the bubble bath soap on my back and belly. "Sure. That sounds like that'll feel really good."
"Oh, definitely," Daniella replied, as Gabriella pulled her washcloth out of the water. "Just go ahead and relax. Since you're our guest, Gabby and I will wash you, first. Then we can take turns washing each other. You and Gabby can wash me, and then you and I can wash Gabby."
I nodded, as I watched Daniella squirt a generous amount of the rainbath body wash onto her washcloth. "Okay." After Daniella had completely lathered up her washcloth, she handed the rainbath bottle to Gabriella, who squirted a similar amount onto her washcloth, and began to rub it together, to lather it up, like Daniella's. At the same time, Daniella slowly brought her washcloth to my chest, and began to scrub me, very softly and slowly, in circles. I smiled, and looked down, as I watched the suds from Daniella's washcloth slowly begin to cover my entire chest, before the feeling of relaxation completely took over, as I felt Gabriella's washcloth begin to slowly and softly scrub my back at the same time, and my eyes closed, and a smile overtook my face.
So this is what it feels like to be washed, I thought. Oh, it feels soooooooooooo gooooooooooooood... I don't think I've ever been this relaxed in my entire life...
It was almost to the point where, if Daniella and Gabriella hadn't been holding me up as they washed me, I was liable to fall backwards into the soapy water, and fall asleep. That was how relaxed I was. After Daniella had washed most of my upper body, and was washing my arms, and Gabriella had washed most of my upper back, and was washing my sides, I opened my eyes, still feeling incredibly relaxed.
"Hey, um," I asked, slightly curious, "did you girls say that you... take baths together?"
Daniella nodded, as she continued to softly and slowly wash my arms. "Mm-hmm! Gabby and I do almost everything together. We play sports together, we watch movies together, have fun together... there practically isn't a time when we're not together!"
"It just... got sorta lonely after a while," Gabriella added, as I felt her continue to softly and slowly wash my sides, as the two of them kept me relaxed. "Danni and I barely have any friends, because, well... what we're doing now, always freaks them out. Once they know that we like to bathe with friends, they usually run the other direction. So, we decided to hide it, until we met someone that we thought would be okay with it, and maybe would even wanna do it with us, every time. That's when we met you."
"There was just something about you," Daniella broke in, interrupting Gabriella and continuing the story where she had left off, "that just jumped out at us. We don't know what it was, but once we saw you, we instantly realized that we could tell you anything, and do almost anything with you. So we tested you, to make sure we were right."
"So you asked me to go skinny-dipping with you two," I said, assuming I knew what they were about to say.
"Yup!" Gabriella said, nodding, and moving on to wash my other side, as the one she was washing was sudsed up pretty well, while Daniella began to wash my other arm, having greatly sudsed up the arm she washed before. "We wanted to see how you would take it, once we told you our original plans. That body rub was our way of showing you that we could be trusted. We also wanted to make sure you'd be our friend no matter what, and not because we rubbed your body, or washed it."
Daniella broke in, again. "But after the way you acted when that Greg guy was trying to get us out of the water, we realized we were right about you. You wanted to be a true friend to us. And this is one of our ways of showing it. This is 'us' time, when you, Gabby and I all take a bath together, and wash each other softly, slowly and thoroughly. You're the only one who trusts us, and actually lets us wash you, so only the three of us will do this together."
I smiled, and nodded. "You girls are just so awesome," I replied, bringing huge smiles to Daniella's and Gabriella's faces. "I'm glad you're my friends, too... but you girls really don't have to do anything."
They closed their eyes, and giggled. "We know!" they both replied, in unison.
"But, like we said," Daniella added, "we like to take care of our friends, and this is one way we do it. We're like family."

Little did I know that I was actually being followed, by none other than Greg. Since I had left my house, about an hour earlier, riding in Ray's car to Daniella and Gabriella's house, Greg had followed us, by mainly driving around on alternate routes, staying completely out of Ray's sight, so neither he, nor I, would think he was following us. The luck I had with Daniella and Gabriella made him incredibly jealous, especially since I had seen them naked, and they had seen me naked. Because this was a big deal to him, he couldn't rest until he got a peep show of his own. Since he had already "asked" them to flash for him, and because of the girls' upbringing, he was denied it, he had it set in his mind that he would see for himself, any way he knew how to... even if it meant spying on the girls. Unfortunately, he couldn't have picked a better night. With his car hidden out of sight, he watched as Ray pulled off to the curb, the car door facing the curb opened, I got out, and closed the door. As Ray drove off, an evil smile overtook his face as he watched me survey Daniella and Gabriella's house. He reached for a pair of binoculars that were sitting on the seat next to his, in his car, just as I walked up the front walk, with a somewhat nervous look on my face, and rang the doorbell. Sliding over to the passenger seat, so he could open the passenger door, and get out onto the curb, he watched the door open, the reaction on my face as I saw Daniella and Gabriella, even though he couldn't see them, and waited until I disappeared inside their house. About a few seconds later, he quietly opened the car door, got out onto the curb, and as quietly as he could, shut the car door. Taking a look inside the window near where his car was, he could see why I made the face I made, when Daniella and Gabriella greeted me at the door.
My gosh, he thought to himself. What a lucky butthead! He actually got them to undress for him!
He continued to watch, trying to lip-read the three of us, as the girls talked to me, I got a bit of a strange look on my face, then Daniella stepped closer to me, and a few seconds later, put her hand on my shoulder.
Geez, he's practically going to second base! he thought, as he watched. That guy's gonna have a threesome, and I won't! Why him, of all people?!
As he saw the girls jump for joy, then hug me, he squeezed his eyes shut.
Darn... lucky... butthead... he thought. I have got to see this! Man, I hope they leave their bedroom window curtains open!
After opening his eyes, he noticed the girls were gone, and I was staring down a hallway, before walking down it, myself. He almost couldn't hold back an evil chuckle, as he looked around, quickly, to make sure nobody was watching him, and then quietly snuck through the hedges, trying to find the window that led to their bedroom, thinking Daniella, Gabriella and I were going in there. He passed by a couple dark windows, looking in each one, trying to see something, but after not seeing anything, he continued to sneak around, going over to another side of the house, before finding a bright window, with half-opened blinds covering it. A wide, evil smile grew on his face, as he saw it.
Must be they went in there! He thought. I'll double-check.
He quietly snuck up to the window, ducked underneath it, out of sight, and then slowly lifted his head upward, so he could peer into the window. Through the half-open blinds, he could see what looked like Daniella and Gabriella, still wearing the same towels they wore when I arrived, with their ears pressed to a door, obviously the one leading outside of the room, staring at each other. After doing that for about ten seconds, they slowly pulled their heads away from the door, talking to each other, with sad looks on their faces. They continued to talk, and reached for the edges of the towels that surrounded their bodies, as Greg's smile, and eyes, got wider.
Finally! He thought.
As they took off their towels, they folded them up, and put them on the counter, next to another towel that was still rolled up, before glancing over to the side, at a bathtub, filled with bubble bath.
What are they doing? he thought, as he looked over at the bathtub, as well. Were they going to take a bath, or do something crazy on the bathroom floor? Wait...
His thought train was derailed as he noticed the girls' eyes instantly shoot back to the door, as his eyes followed, and he heard the faint sound of knocking. Suddenly, Daniella and Gabriella perked up, as Daniella mouthed something, and the bathroom door opened, slowly. My eyes popped out, followed by the rest of me, looking slightly surprised, in my underwear.
Greg's eyes got wider, as the evil grin on his face was temporarily replaced by a look of surprise, before the evil grin slowly returned.
Dang, he's so flipping lucky! he thought to himself. That should be me in there, looking at those hot chicks! Oh, what I wouldn't do...
His eyes followed Gabriella, as she walked behind me, and started giving me a slow, soft back rub, before they shot back to Daniella, who walked closer to me, mouthed something, then looked down at what I was wearing, and mouthed something else.
They're softening him up! he thought. They wanna get into a threesome, and he doesn't! Gah... that should totally be me! I'd jump into one of those with them in a heartbeat! Darn you, Robbie, and your not wanting to have sex until you're married!
He blinked, as he then saw me take off my underwear, and Daniella smile at me.
He... actually... got... naked?! he thought. Wow, Robbie. Guess you do have it in you, after all.
As he continued to watch, the look on his face not changing, even slightly, Daniella mouthed something, followed by Gabriella, before I mouthed something, quickly, and Daniella began to slowly, and softly, rub my belly and sides.
He's got them eating out of the palm of his hand! he thought. They're practically his slaves! Oh, wow!
He almost couldn't hold back a chuckle, as he continued. Man, why didn't I bring my camera? This is too rich!
He kept watching, waiting for something exciting to happen, as Daniella and Gabriella continued to softly, and slowly, rub random parts of my body, Gabriella running her hands up and down my back, getting my butt, shoulders, and the backs of my legs, as Daniella's hands ran up and down my belly, chest, shoulders, arms, legs and hips, missing the spot between my legs. After several seconds of seemingly endless mouthing back and forth between the two girls and myself, Greg's eyes, which had closed, slightly, as not seeing much "action" from within the house had bored him, suddenly shot back open, as he saw Daniella and Gabriella embrace me in a warm hug, thinking it was something more.
Ooh, here it goes! he thought, as his mouth opened, slightly, only to freeze in place, before closing, as he calmed down, because the girls slowly pulled away, and began softly and slowly rubbing me, again. Drat...
But then, after seeing the girls mouth something to me, that I nodded to, and their hands softly rub across my body, before reaching my hands, he leaned in, slightly closer, to the window, as the girls walked me up to the bathtub, climbed in, themselves, before holding out their hands to me, and helping me in, as well. An evil grin returned to his face, as he rubbed his hands together.
Now, the fun begins... he thought. Everybody knows a bath with girls always leads to sex!

Man, is he wrong. Not only would the girls and I never have it that way, but we know that not every bath, where a boy and a girl bathe together, ends with that. It takes a lot of trust, yeah, and the temptation is great, but it is possible to take a bath like that, and just wash. You just gotta want to, and have the willpower to be able to resist.

Back in the house, the girls and I had stood up in the bath, so they could wash the other parts of me that they missed while I was sitting, as they had thoroughly sudsed up my entire upper body, below my head.
"Isn't this just fun, and relaxing?" Daniella asked, as her and Gabriella were washing my left and right legs, respectively. "The three of us, taking care of each other, like family."
I nodded, with a smile, still incredibly relaxed, just from the feeling of being softly washed, by the girls. "Oh, yeah," I replied. "Y'know, this is the first time any of my friends, girls or guys, have ever invited me to do something like this, with them. But this is really nice."
Daniella smiled, like she had been. "I'm glad you think so!" She replied. "Gabby and I love to do this, to each other, to our friends... and we're glad you're letting us do it to you."
Gabriella nodded, also smiling. "That's right!" She added. "And it's a bonus, because we don't have to worry about anything crazy happening."
"Mm-hmm!" Daniella and I replied, nodding in agreement, at the same time.
"I don't even remember the last time we had somebody bathe with us, Danni," Gabriella continued. "It's kinda different, because I'm not washing you, and you're not washing me."
Daniella giggled. "Nah, we're still gonna be able to wash each other," she replied, "but we also get to wash Robbie, too."
"Yeah! It's kinda fun!" Gabriella said, with a giggle of her own, which made me chuckle.
"And I'm gonna wash you girls, too," I added. "It wouldn't be fair, if you girls washed me, and I didn't return the favor."
Daniella nodded. "That's true, but sometimes Gabby and I don't mind just washing you, and not having you wash us back."
"But that'd be if you went on vacation, or something," Gabriella added, "and Danni and I took a bath without you, and we wanted to take one with you, when you got back, just to hang out with you, again."
I nodded. "Ah, yeah, that makes sense," I replied. "I'd hate to make you girls miss your schedule, just because I'm not here."
Daniella giggled, a bit, after I said that. "Don't worry," she said. "You wouldn't. If you were here, we'd probably come get you, or go to your house, and take one with you, there."
Suddenly, a few images flashed through my mind, of Daniella and Gabriella taking a bath with me, at my house, and my mom walking in on us, freaking out, without even knowing, and getting angry at me. I shook my head, fast.
Daniella got a bit of a concerned look on her face, as she washed my hips, around my middle. "Is something wrong, Robbie?"
I closed my eyes, and shook my head. "Nah," I replied. "I just don't know if my mom would be okay with that."
"Why not?" Gabriella asked, starting to wash my butt, very softly.
"I... don't know if she'd understand that I could take a bath with girls that are my friends, and not go crazy, in the bath," I replied. "She's never seen me do that before, so I don't know what she'd do if she saw us bathing together."
"Well, how could we prove to her," Daniella asked, "that nothing crazy would happen? Because you know, as well as Gabby and I do, that we would never do anything crazy, with you or any other guy, whether we're naked, or taking a bath."
"Hmm..." I said, looking down at the warm, soapy water below. "I'm not sure... I feel awkward just thinking about talking to her about it."

© 2020 Mobius Aquarian

Author's Note

Mobius Aquarian
This is the second half of chapter 2, which I split up, because it looked like it would've been way too long on its own. Here, the bath that Danni and Gabby were preparing Robbie for begins. I wrote this chapter to prove a point: what do you normally think of, if you're a boy, and (one or) two girls ask you if you wanna take a bath with them? Well, trust me, Danni and Gabby would not be happy if someone tried something really crazy on them during that. They think of it as a relaxing experience, and they'd wash someone to show them that they care about them. And I wonder if it'll open anyone's eyes, or give them another idea, that maybe it isn't as bad as you might think.
Oh, and the reason why it suddenly cuts out like that, is because after I wrote that, I had a bit of a mental conflict over whether what I was doing was right, or not. But I really didn't have to worry about anything.

** EDIT: Wondering why it's not "mature" any longer? Read the book's description.

** 2ND EDIT: I just realized I never got around to putting everyone's thoughts in italics. Sorry for taking so long to do that.

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wow sooo long! First off I must say I don't like Greg. He seems to be only after one thing I hate guys like that! But you did well writing Greg's point of view! This was just really awesome! I had to laugh a little though because Greg is just so stupid! I get the feeling that he is gonna do something stupid and mess things up with Robbie and the girls! I can't wait to see what happens next. And I understand why you made it into two parts because it is just soo long. But soo freaking awesome! Let me know when you write more I cant wait to read it and see what happens next!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


wow sooo long! First off I must say I don't like Greg. He seems to be only after one thing I hate guys like that! But you did well writing Greg's point of view! This was just really awesome! I had to laugh a little though because Greg is just so stupid! I get the feeling that he is gonna do something stupid and mess things up with Robbie and the girls! I can't wait to see what happens next. And I understand why you made it into two parts because it is just soo long. But soo freaking awesome! Let me know when you write more I cant wait to read it and see what happens next!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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