Choosing to Live

Choosing to Live

A Poem by SweeTLoU

alone and scared
feel the sting
while wondering
is anyone there
that even cares

seeking death
your final breath
full of fear
its finally here
time to fight
for one more night

is this the end
wheres my friends
wheres the friends
i used to know
why did they all have to go

were all together
yet were so alone
storms we've weathered
made us hard as stone
seems so strange
how we all changed
were all so different
yet were all the same
remember when we used to say
wed never wanna live this way?

its not too late
theres still time
lets change our fate
im changing mine
time to walk straight
and stop running blind

if you feel alone
and you feel scared
your not on your own
theres people who care
some dont know
but ive been there
hating the world
in which your tossed
that familliar place
where you feel lost
no emotion in your eyes
full of pain but still cant cry
thinking you got nothing to give
trust me its no way to live

leave that way of life behind
you wont believe the joy youll find
doors will open that blow your mind
f**k the stats be one of a kind
be the one that makes a change
not the one who stays the same
dont waste your life wondering why
choose to live, not to die.....

© 2014 SweeTLoU

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Added on November 11, 2014
Last Updated on November 11, 2014
Tags: addiction, recovery, life, moving on, struggle, pain, hope



I love music i love playing guitar, jammin tunes anything from metal to country, most of the stuff i write is addiction or recovery based. if it helps anyone else thats great but i just write to clear.. more..

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