Bloodshot Eyes

Bloodshot Eyes

A Poem by SweeTLoU

life in addiction, its about the day i died and was brought back to life and a little of the aftermath

Watch cars pass as you walk the streets
no blue sky just watch your feet
pay attention as they move
they're leading you right to your doom

friends awaiting your return
water&cotton ready to burn
watching the corner as they yearn
yearn for the poison,  when will we learn

wake up and realize
we dont live until we die
hell is heaven when your high
you cant see pain with bloodshot eyes

wheel and deal now thats the plan
holding the world in the palm of your hand
your one way ticket to paradise
selling your soul and paying the price
cant stay forever but right now will suffice
its a deadly endeavor but we never think twice

everyone smiles as you walk back
rigs are ready to run the track
only question is who goes first
get to the point and quench the thirst

wake up and realize
we dont live until we die
listen when your flying high
can you hear the angels cries

push it down when you see red
feel the rush go to your head
welcome back to where you fled
paradise from a world you dread

suddenly it all goes black
too late now you cant turn back
breathing stops, lips go blue
your angel sheds a tear for you
you see the light as you come to
crashing down from where you flew

wake up and realize
we dont live until we die
you cant see pain with bloodshot eyes
is that a blessing in disguise?

take the pieces of your soul
off the floor to make it whole
leave this prison now your free
all along you had the key

see a friend walking the streets
staring down at their feet
dont have to wonder why
youve seen the world through bloodshot eyes

Im awake I realize
I couldn't live until i died
no longer does my angel cry
they see my smile when i look to the sky

© 2014 SweeTLoU

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Added on November 11, 2014
Last Updated on November 11, 2014
Tags: addiction, recovery, life, moving on, struggle, pain, hope, overdose



I love music i love playing guitar, jammin tunes anything from metal to country, most of the stuff i write is addiction or recovery based. if it helps anyone else thats great but i just write to clear.. more..

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