Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Switchblade

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Ch. 5


“You’re not Junie?” A lanky man with a chiseled face stared me down with swimming pool eyes.


“I’m an employee at a tea shop, it seems. What do you want?” I tapped a half bitten nail on the makeshift menu, a chalkboard hanging from an oldish looking coat hook.


“I want to see Junie.” He had to be about six foot five, but that didn’t stop him from stamping his (excruciatingly large) feet and whining like a child.


“Alright, alright.” I spun around, savoring the feeling of my brand new used apron and leaned towards the doorway that lead to the part of the building that served Juniper’s modest home. “There’s a weirdo here to see you,” I sang. Almost instantaneously, bounding footsteps brought a still slightly disheveled Juniper to my side behind the counter.


“Klaus!” She leapt over the counter right onto the freakishly tall man and ruffled his strawy hair.


“Klaus, this is Adaline. Adaline, Klaus.”


“So you’re one of Junie’s?” he asked through a thick German accent.


“Apparently so,” I replied with a laugh. He offered a hand and I took it. He had a firm grip and a cellist’s fingers.


“Lucky girl.” He grinned, all pearls.


“I’ll make you your usual.” Juniper’s early morning voice was a brook in a pine forest. “You and Adaline ought to talk.”


Klaus strutted over to a table, and pulled out a stool, gesturing for me to sit. I climbed onto the stool, which seemed nearly as tall as I was, and Klaus sat opposite me.


“So Juniper brings home a lot of girls then?” I asked, not knowing what else to say.


“Not nearly enough, in my opinion.” He smiled again. His canine teeth were noticeably pointed and his expression screamed mischief.


I smiled back. Juniper didn’t seem like the type. “Where are you from?”




I raised an eyebrow.


“It’s a real place,” he winged.


“I never said I didn’t believe you.”


He grinned again. I wondered if he was ever unhappy.


“Hello Miss Waitress,” he said to Juniper who had just slid across the room with two glasses.


“Chai iced tea for the gentleman,” she joked as she set one tall glass down before her friend, “and our special of the day for the lady.”


Klaus laughed and began to sip his drink.


“Go on, try it,” she urged me.


I eyed the glass. It was obviously iced tea, but served in a vintage looking milk bottle, just as Klaus’ was. It looked sweet and dangerously fruity, and was garnished with a sprig of mint.


I took a sip.


“Rose hips,” I attempted, rolling the flavor around in my mouth. “Blood orange, grapefruit and…Dragonwell?”


Juniper clapped her hands and squealed.


“Looks like we’ve got an expert on our hands,” Klaus said, impressed. “I like this one. You ought to keep her.”


Juniper laughed a bird call laugh. “I’ll try.”


They both laughed and I smiled, whitewashed walls reverberating with nothing but contentment. The view of the street through the full length windows that made up Juniper’s storefront smiled back at me. I didn’t feel like I was getting to know Juniper, not in the least. I felt like I was remembering her.

© 2013 Switchblade

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This is really good but I did not read any character development, I would like to know more about their looks and personalitys.
Check me out. I have one romance so far.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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