How can We Realize God Present in Our Life?

How can We Realize God Present in Our Life?

A Story by Syaiful Rahman

God covered everything

Every religion doctrines followers that God always presents in our life. God have never slept. He would see His creation wherever they there is. In other hand, we can not live without seeing God. 
Because of it, what happen is always depended to God. Everyone put God for every phenomenon. If we see a fruit is falling. We will realize that the phenomenon because of God. If we get a good thing. We will say that it happens because of God.
But, someone doubt when someone do many thing of badness. What do the phenomenon because of God or someone? We begin afraid to depend badness to God. We have believed in that God is always the best. And the meaning of the best in our mind is all of phenomenon appropriate with our willing.
The fact is supported by development of knowledge. If we see a fruit falls, we will not say that it happens because of God. We will say that the phenomenon because of gravity effect. Indirectly, we begin limiting God place of our life.
We try to see God is goodness only. So, we will give question, what badness is without God intervention? What is there other God as rival? The question become problem for theism. They effort to protect God from bad statement. But, they feel difficult to answer the question.
So, I have a opinion to solve this problem. Firstly, we must understand goodness does not always appropriate with our willing. Sometimes what we think about a good thing for us, actually  it is bad. Sometimes what we think about a bad thing for us, actually it is good. The phenomenon is always met in our life.
Therefore, we must realized that there is something can be not reached by our mind. God has His ways to do something. May be, God just give power to act for creature but employing of the power depend on the creature. For the note, what we do, what we will get. 
Syaiful Rahman

© 2015 Syaiful Rahman

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Syaiful Rahman
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dear Syaiful, I believe for every
little drop of rain that falls ,
a flower grows. We live in a
beautiful world of amazing grace.
truly, Pat

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Syaiful Rahman
Syaiful Rahman

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