A Mysrerious Place

A Mysrerious Place

A Story by SydneyLynn

This WAS a school project, i just liked it a lot. . .


A Mysterious Place.

The power of this place is unbelievably crazy that it’s scary. The scariest part is I don’t know where I am, or how I got here, one moment I was outside and the next I was here, wherever here is. With no warning or explanation to this, I don’t know what to do. I’m stuck here in this dark hallway with no ceiling and no end.

The walls have this sort of green eerie glow that leads into the darkness of this maze that seems to be everlasting, with twists and turns of all sorts trying keep me from finding my way.

          Then a voice, one I wasn’t quite sure I knew whispered to me through the air, “Find it.” I looked behind me, no one was there.

          I was completely spooked, the voice seemed to be inside my head, yet the voice was thrown through the distance. Frozen in place, eyes wider then they have ever been, I blurted the words, “Find what?”

          No response.

          In that instant I knew I was alone again, whoever was there was gone now, or maybe they weren’t there at all. It was as if I could feel a shift in the air and it was like a weight being lifted from my chest, someone might have been there, but maybe not entirely.

This place I’m in, it has this way of knowing your next moves, what ever you think, it does and whatever you fear it puts you into battle. It’s like a giant tricks that this maze "of all things! - was playing on you, to make you scared, and maybe even crazy. Before this stuff began I knew that I could feel what it was like to be here, and none of it was a good feeling. Nothing made me want to stay here; I knew I had to get out. And fast.

I began to walk again; the only sound was the echo of my shoes bouncing of the walls into nowhere, and after awhile it began to get brighter and suddenly the feeling of fear was released, for I thought this was the end of my journey, that this was where I would get out!

Oh boy how I was wrong, it led me to the end of a hallway, but I was right about one thing; I had reached the end alright . . . the end of the hallway. The light source -what I had thought to be freedom- had merely just come from a lamp swinging overhead.

          Wind began to swirl around me, filling my head with a chorus of voices, repeating the same thing; Find the thread that binds these roads together, be quick on your feet but light as a feather. Don’t be tricked or you’ll be doomed, to spend the rest of eternity inside this tomb. The voices repeated the rhyme again only the last line was different from the last, instead it said; it’s only a matter of time before they find you.

          The wind picked up and I suddenly had this feeling of dread and anxiety, the rhyme repeated again, more powerful, louder, and faster it all became before it blinded me completely.

          And then just like that it stopped. No more wind, no more voices, nothing. Complete silence. Even the lamp above me had stopped moving. I opened my eyes to find three long hallways where the wall had been, exactly alike yet two of them led to my death, and the other led to my freedom.

What was that first line again? Find the thread that binds these roads together . . . ?

          That’s when I saw it, or maybe I didn’t, whatever it was all I know that there was some kind alluring pull to it, one that the others didn’t have, and the closer I looked I could see it. It wasn’t a thread but instead it was a golden glow of some sort leading the way to my freedom. Maybe. I take a chance and a breath and I’m on my way.

          The hallway took me on turns and and curves through creepy hallways with creepy creatures I thought would jump right up and bite my face off.

About half an hour in to the hallway the floor began to shake all and the bugs skittered away, the walls around me began to crumble and I began to panic. I chose the wrong way! I thought frantically. But I was so sure I had-

          I wasn’t able to finish that thought before the floor split in half and I fell right through, grabbing onto anything to help me get back to safety, only ending up with nothing and plummeted downward.

          Closing my eyes as I wailed and screamed for help, knowing it was already too late, I was going to die.

Turns out I was wrong once again.

I found myself on my feet, uninjured and the only thing out of place was the setting of this room.

          It was beautiful; it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was ancient, yet new. It wasn’t creepy and full of weird bugs like the maze, no, this place had floors of swirling white marble and gold, the ceiling had a gorgeous painting in the middle and the edges that weren’t painted were gold and had wonderful designs of flowers and cupid’s arrows. Golden pillars stood largely and the walls themselves were too made from gold. In the center of the whole room was the only furniture here, a long dining room table that looked to fit 20 or more people with a delicious looking feast all ready for me, me, and me.

          I licked my lips as I stepped forward, the smell incasing me as it brought me closer. A plate of turkey and a basket of bread, and the ripest fruits and vegetables I had ever seen and more. I was about to pick something up when a two faced wide bellied man plopped down on my where my hand was, luckily I was quick enough to snatch my hand back up. I looked at him as he shook his head’s and said “no, no, no, this will certainly not do.”

          “Pardon me but, who are you?” I said awfully confused on why this man has two head’s and one body to share.

          “I is me and he is he!” one sang.

          “I’m here!” The other danced.

          “And I’m there!”

          “Were the God of choices, cant you see?” They said together, “So what do you chose, what will it be?” While they were at this all I could make out was a ‘huh?’

          “North, east, south, and west!”

          “I’m here to know what you like the best!”

          “So what will it be?”

          “What do you see?”

          “What do you want, and what do you please?” sang both.

          “Uhm. . .” I tried again but sure enough they cut me off once more and returned to their psycho-babble-rhyming, jumping off the table and into my face, singing and twirling all over rhyming and never once missing a beat.

          “What door will you choose?” They began again.

          “This, this, this or that?” One rang and behind them appeared 10 doors.

          “Hurry now! Get it done quick!”

          “Choose, choose, choose your pick!” They saw the expression on my face, utter confusion, they gave a quick smile and a tiny wink and said together, “Here we’ll make this easy!” They snapped their fingers and 8 doors disappeared and only two remained.

          “Ooooh! Double trouble!” One clapped.

          “Indeed there’s double,” The other agreed, “Choose quick or there will be trouble!”

          “That one.” I say and point to the one on the right. They looked stunned, shook their heads and laughed loudly, there one large belly bouncing.

          “Are you sure my girl?” One said quietly.

          “Give it another go!” The other said just as small.

          “That one.” I insisted, getting a little annoyed by their rhyming.

          “Whoa!!” They shouted, their voices hitting the ceiling and ringing in my ears.

          “Go, go, go my girl to find the one you seek!”

          “Don’t you waste another minute! Your time is at its peak!” And with that they shoved me through the open door, as I followed the same golden glow I did earlier, to who knows where and for who knows what...?

© 2010 SydneyLynn

Author's Note

tell me what you think.

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Its cool :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

I liked it, but it rememinded me of Alice in Wonderland. It's great, I love all the rhyming.

Love, Jami

Posted 12 Years Ago

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