Bottled Anger

Bottled Anger

A Poem by Javan

A little something I wrote while angry...


I don’t know if the worlds gone crazy
or if it’s just me
It’s hard enough to carry my woes,
and now my own two feet
wanna disobey me,
taking me places i don’t wanna be
and the smoke from this joint
ain’t the reason i cannot see
what’s in front of me,
hunting me down like a rabbit
But this ain’t Elmer Fudd,
this is life, i can’t stand it
So i sit in the dark,
fighing the shadow around me,
Trapped in a hell of my own creation,
so how can u hope to understand me,
when you wont even take a look into my mind
Because you’re scared of the horrors that u might find
so yeah, i’m sweet, and i’m nice and i’m kind
But under that mask, guess what you’ll find?
A boy that’s struggling to become the man
That he know’s he can be,
but he can’t understand
Why all that’s supposed to be good in this word
is bad and is rotten.
Are you listening girl?
cause i’m showing what burns and smoulders inside,
what i fight, and i scream and i struggle to hide.
So this is just me. Take it or leave it.
But that thing you ripped out,

was my soul,

But i don’t want it no more. keep it.
I hope that it keeps you warm at night
to know that i’m hurting and losing this fight
With myself. yeah, i know, It don’t make no sense
But f**k it, i’m done. This is my 2 cents.

© 2012 Javan

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Added on May 9, 2012
Last Updated on May 9, 2012
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London, Croydon, United Kingdom

Just another 26 year old with an over-active imagination and a half-decent vocabulary. I started writing just to help me get things off of my chest and out of my mind. It's an escape for me. Been.. more..

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