Word Vomit 01 - The Blue House

Word Vomit 01 - The Blue House

A Story by NightWatch

I was not expecting this...

The blue house, if you could call it a house, towered over all the others. It was more of a mansion, but everyone just called it the "Blue House." It used to be home to a bunch of famous people that nobody really care about anymore, but now it's full of crackheads.
"I dare ya to go in!" one of my friends said, just before taking a swig of the vodka he was holding.
My other friend chimed in, "Yeah man, go in th' blue house!"
Derek and Jake... I don't think they know just how loser-ific they really are. We're all only 17, but they hang out with the wrong crowd, and drinking's something they can't go without. Especially when we're about to do something illegal.
Derek, the one with the vodka, said, "Oh! Don't forget the firecrackers!"
"Pfffffft!" Jake laughed, "Crackers! Get it?! 'Cause they're crackheads?!"
I rolled my eyes. The only reason I hang out with these losers is because they've been the only ones to talk to me consistently for the past four years. Highschool's full of a bunch of stuck-up morons...
I walked up to the car and pulled out the firecrackers. I already had a lighter on me, just in case the losers needed me to light a cigarette for them. With the explosives in hand, I walked hesitantly up to the door and turned the knob. Locked... Wait, no it wasn't locked, it was blocked on the other side. I turned around.
"There's no way in!" I said.
Jake shouted, "Sure there is! You gotta line the door with explosives! Like in that video game we were playin' lastnight!"
I shook my head. There was no way they were going to let me leave without doing something stupid. Stupid people are entertained by stupid s**t. That's just the way the world goes. I put the firecrackers on the ground in front of the door and lit the fuses. I must not have gotten away fast enough because all I can really remember between then and waking up in the hospital with severe burns was a lot of light and two drunk loser-ific morons laughing their asses off at me.
Guess I shouldn't really hang out with them anymore, huh?

© 2015 NightWatch

Author's Note

This did not happen, I promise! Just some word vomit XD

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Added on December 27, 2015
Last Updated on December 27, 2015



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