Chapter 4 - Confessions

Chapter 4 - Confessions

A Chapter by Nataliya Maize

Things get interesting when Brother Thomas is forced to reveal secrets of a hidden past in Keira's bloodline, and Keira is suddenly forced to make the decision of entering into a world she doesn't know and leaving the old one behind.


That night as Keira finished packing her bags she could hear the sobs of her tearful mother who stood in the arms of her stiff-lipped husband. Reluctantly watching as her eldest daughter and the Thomas rode off under the night's sky by carriage. Keira had always known that her dreams where more than mere nightmares. Years of concerned looks from the faces of her mother and father had told her that much alone. And as she traveled slowly down the rocky dirt road, that lead her further away from the one place she ever called home, she glanced back at her loving parents who stood standing in the dimly lit doorway of their tiny cottage with sadden hearts, and sobbing eyes. It was then that Keira realized it would be a long time before she would see them again; a day they too, knew would one day come.

It was obvious to her now why her father had badgered her for being a daydreamer. He watched helplessly from the side lines as his little girl slipped further and further away. Each day more and more into a world that was much more of a reality to her then she would ever know. There was no longer any question in her mind as to why he wanted so passionately for her to become established, creating a life of her own within the busy town streets of the Durnshire marketplace. He had known all along that this day would come. That once of age Thomas would come to take her away and open her eyes to a world unknown. Perhaps, in his own mind, her father's constant persuasions of fairytale endings were what seemed to him the only chance to keep his daughter grounded within the town they loved so well.

Realizing this made Keira feel awful, she was disgusted, and ashamed as she watched the silhouettes of her parents, grow smaller the further the carriage drove. And after having made such a point to tell her father that his only dreams for his daughter would never become the reality he had wished them to, Keira found she could no longer contain the emotions within. The feelings of anger, and guilt washed over her and soon she began to weep, wiping the tears as they ran from her eyes. She was only glad that as the carriage drove she would hide her emotions, within the darkness of the night's shadow.


That night, in the library of the monastery Keira accompanied Thomas near the warmth of a burning fire. She went on to discuss the dreams that had haunted her since childhood.
Thomas was a tall man, an elder with silver, shoulder-length hair, and a well trimmed beard that covered the edges of his sharply-chiseled, narrow-jaw. Under no circumstances did he resemble that of an archaic man, but rather one of well-rounded health; a common trait of all Dor'rithian Monks. And like them, Thomas wore nothing more than a simple green, hooded robe gathered at the waist, and long oak staff.
For as long as Keira could remember, Thomas had been a friend of the family. Trusted, and occasionally referred to as Uncle, or Unky Thomas by her younger siblings. To this, the humble monk would simply give a gentle smile, and bend down before them with open arms and warm embraces.
But this night was anything but welcoming, and as Keira continued, she could see that it was just as difficult a discussion for the monk to take part in as it was for her. For many years she had known that Thomas held the keys to the secrets of her past, but what secrets he held she did not know. On many occasions Thomas had admitted to his guilt for having hide anything from her, but would promise that when the time came those things would be revealed to her.     

Many days and nights had come and gone since the rebellion of long ago. And in those days, the monk had often thought of how he would go about revealing such truths without the threat of devastation. But now, there she was, sitting with him in the same room not more than an arm's length away, waiting for him to reveal whatever secrets he had held since birth.

Patiently Keira sat, observing the great cluster of books that flooded the tables of the room laid out before her. Several dusty stacks piled high, one on top the other, shattered all throughout. Yet even thou, through all the mess and clutter there was a sense of warmth, a comfort and coziness that kept her in a sense of ease, reminding her so much of the home she had left behind. After making her observations, she began to illustrate for Thomas the vision of her dream. Watching as the monk paced back and forth, his head pointed towards the ground, pinching at the sides of his bearded chin as if in contemplation. As he continued to pace, Keira found herself pondering what it was that he knew, what it was he had kept from her. And what was it that was so important to keep secret, that even Thomas, a high ranking Dor'rithian monk, found himself at a lack for words.

She glanced out the window of the library, finding herself suddenly overcome by a strange curiosity that caused her mind to drift of in thought. The sky was pitch black; there were no stars out this night, just the large glowing ball that hung quietly in the night's sky, casting its translucent rays upon the vast tree line of the neighboring forest. There was a slight breeze easing its way up from a nearby coast, imposing itself against the trees, and forcing their branches to undulate within the (-blank-) of the pale moonlight. Keira watched as the shadows of each tree flickered in and out of view, appearing to dance freely under the moon's heavenly rays. “Such beauty,” she thought. “Such grace.” The wave of the tree line was nearly hypnotic. And she couldn't help but wonder what it was that lay out there beneath so much grace, that could possibly change the world as she knew today.

Taken by surprise, Keira's thoughts were interrupted by the crashing sound of the monk's voice. Still her eyes remained fixated upon the majesty of the distant tree line. Her fingers tapping against the cold frosted planes of the window.

“This woman you speak of, what happens to her in the dream?” the monk asked.

“I can never see her face.” Keira spoke softly. “Just the long strains of her ebony colored hair, whipping in the breeze of an unfamiliar coastline. She walks to the edge of a steep cliff. Her white dress blowing in the wind against the skin of her ankles, as she stares off into the distant horizon of an unfamiliar harbor. She's looks to the rocks beneath her, and sees as the waves crash violently against them, but when she look back in the distance she sees a group of birds... flying towards her.”

“Birds...what kind of birds?” Keira turned to face Thomas.

“Black... black... crows. She spoke softly. Thomas signed in relief. “And a raven.” The monk grimaced at the sound of the word, his hands tightening into balled fists.

“It's almost as if their dancing...” she paused in thought, before continuing. “The woman... she becomes drawn to their movement, I can feel her frustration, her jealousy of their freedom... it's like she's a prisoner.”

“What happens next?” Thomas replied.

“That's when things get odd.”

“How? He questioned.

“The birds fly closer, and the woman hears voices. There's this sense of something evil approaching, but it's a familiar feeling to her. And then suddenly it's as if the birds just disappear... all except one; the raven. Eventually the voices get louder, and the woman's knees begin to buckle, she starts to weaken and she falls to her knees at the edge of the cliff. And when she does the voices... become one, a single voice heard as if standing just behind her, it's as if all that matters is that one voice, and even time itself has stopped.”

“Who is it?”

“It's a man... he's looking for someth...”

“Try to remember Keira, who is it?” The monk asked urgently.

“I don't know I never see his face either.” Keira replied. “And I don't know what he's looking for.” she continued, as she laid her head upon the palms of her hands.

“What does he say to her?” Thomas pleaded.

“Clara! Her name is Clara! Keira announced, ignoring Thomas's question. “I could never remember that before!” she spoke with relief.

But Thomas was shocked as concern rang out over him. Slowly he pressed tips of his fingers against the temples of his forehead. It was as he had expected all along. He knew then that Keira had truly become of age, and that the dreams were not of her imagination but of memory. Quickly Thomas raised himself to his feet. Walking to the other side of the room he whispered to himself in a lowered tone.

“It's true... the prophecy... is...true.”

“Prophecy? What prophecy?” Keira demanded, staring intently into the monk's eyes, searching for any signs of an answer. The monk clinched his eyes tightly together, his hands gripping firmly upon the shaft of his wooden staff. It was apparent by his expression that he could barely contain the secrets he had hid from her for so long. And for about a moment he felt compelled to unleash to her all he knew. But in doing so, would only cause harm than good. The truth would have to be revealed to her with time. But for now he would start with what was necessary. Only time would help Keira transition into the woman destiny would have her become.
Thomas gazed upon Keira's concerned, perplexed face.

“Did your mother ever tell you... about your childhood... as an infant?”

“I know that I'm adopted, if that's what you mean...” she replied, showing bits of her resentment for having said such words. “That... the Blakely's aren't my true family. And that you were the one that brought me to them. To live with them.” she continued sorrowfully, her eyes glaring upon the burning fire. Never had she needed to say such words, and after having done so she felt as if a piece of her had been stripped away. Allowing herself to become alienated from the only family she had ever known.

“Yes.” Thomas spoke softly. He knew hearing such words were heart wrenching, and he regretted for having push the subject.

“You were an infant, when your mother...” he paused after the word.” Your birth mother left you in my care; and on these very doorsteps to.” Keira began to speak but hesitated when she couldn't find the words to continue.

“What you don't know is that it wasn't that your mother didn't want you, but that it was simply that she couldn't care for you.” Keira raised her eyes from the floor, peering at him in response with extreme curiosity.

“What are you saying Thomas?”

“Your mother... she couldn't protect you from the dangers that hide out there.” Keira sat in question. She had never understood the reasoning behind her mother's actions. Never known why her mother had left her behind so many years ago. This was the first that anyone had explained the truth of her mother's decision, and what really happened to Keira on that night.

“Couldn't protect me? From what? She asked. Thomas shifted in his seat leaning in closer, his hands locked together, and the tone of his voice lowered to a near whisper.

“What I'm about to tell you isn't what you'd ever expect to hear... from anyone. The world that you knew no longer exists... it never has. Promise me... that once I tell you what I know, you will not try to go back to the past you once lived. Keira... there will be no door to open this time around. If you try to return to your past, you will only cause great danger to follow you. Promise me you will not allow yourself to put your family in danger, simply out of fear.” Thomas stood to his feet, pausing in search of words before continuing. But Keira was speechless; unable to respond to his request. She simply sat back in her chair listening to the rest of the monk's story; as slowly his words began to take form in her head. Pictures fading into her thoughts.

“Many years ago, before you were born, a battle was fought between good and evil. Not the type of good and evil you've come to know in the parables of a common child's story. But a true evil... evil itself. There was a battle fought between Demons and Angels; the children of Evo's kingdom. The first creations of our lord and creator. These beings would become known to us as the watchers and guardians of man. But this battle was not fought alone. Man had joined in the fight, with a hope to protect the world of Dor'rithia from the threat of its own destruction. And it was not fought alone by the hands of angelic and humans, but by the hands of many...”

“What? What do you mean? I thought... you don't mean to say... that there really are some truths to the legends of Dor' rithia folklore?” she asked.

“The world you know Keira... is not the reality we life in. Durnshire is a suppressed community. And as much as they hold dear their hospitable ways of holding open their doors to traveling newcomers, they are more isolated from the reality of our world then they know. Now, am I going to be interrupted again? Thomas spoke with a slight smirk stretched across his face. Or should I continue?”

“No... sorry, continue please.” Keira replied.

“As I was saying... the war was not fought alone, but by men of many races.” Thomas swallowed.

“Various races... both Elvin, Dwarfing, even Goblin. All... of which still exist today, along with many others. Not just as the myths of folklore that today's society has turned them into, forcing its people to believe. But, together, side by side, they fought in a battle for the sake of a common goal...

“What goal?”

“To banish the Fallen from the lands of this world and for the sake of its very existence.

“Woo... wait a second. So all of this... all of these stories I've heard since childhood, are real? Not just made up fantasies written to entertain children?” Keira interrupted.

“Yes. Much of them are very true. In fact most of them are written from the very text books of our past.”

“Then, what happened to all those people?” Keira questioned. “Why do we never see them?”

“Let me continue. Later, in the years to come, these races would become known to the humans as “Neutrals”. A sort of derogatory term used by the humans since the massive divide that occurred during the last war. It was a division that led dividing clans to oath either an allegiance to the Watchers: predators of man; and the fallen angels of Evo, or the Guardians: the last few remaining holy ones. It was in these neutral's hope that they would escape what they thought to be an inevitable life of slavery. Had “The Fallen” won victory over the lands of Dor'rithia, these divided clans, these Neutrals, would have become their handymen. Hoping to one day earn the respect of “The Fallen” through a lifetime of obedience, rather than through the gain of an iron ball and chain... or worse death.

The other half of these clans would swear their lives to protecting the people of these lands. Giving oath to “The Guardians”; the last remaining Angels of Evo. They would give their lives to save what was left of mankind, from the destruction that was nearly upon us so many years ago. Their commanding leader -Abaddon, was referred to as the Angel with the key to the abyss, or The Gatekeeper. Abaddon's one sworn duty was to cast The Fallen and their elite leaders, Lucifer and his second in command -Azazel, into abyss, for a period of a thousand years. Until the day when the Gate would reveal itself once more. Reopening itself one last time, and providing man with the chance to prove its worthiness for existence within this realm... the realm of the living. And by doing so, we could once and for all prove the fate of our existence, and close off the gate to the spiritual realm permanently.  

“Thomas where does this gate lead to?”

“It is said... that gate leads to the realm of chaos, destruction, death, or in other words... Hell. When that day comes, man will find itself held to the highest test of all. A battle for the sake of its survival.”

“And the neutrals? What became of them?” Keira questioned.

“As for the Neutrals, they had unknowingly condemned themselves to death. You see Keira, the abyss was never meant for man. It was created purely for those of the spiritual realm. Those clans which had abandoned their brethren and took arms against them, would in return be destroyed by the very Fallen that promised their sovereignty. Victims to their own deceit. Still, the Fallen's plan for the neutral's betrayal of its brothers fell short of victory; condemning Lucifer and his army into the abyss. It was then that Lucifer's failures would give rise to a munitnous uprising. A new leadership established to take oath against Lucifer, and overthrow him. Azazel would be left to seize command of Lucifer's army, promising to pursue man through the weakness of his will. Persuading him to faultier down a path of his own destruction. And once released from the depths of the abyss, Azazel would do anything to regain his power and strength in numbers to conquer the lands of this world once and for all.”

“Then why the worry? Why now, if Azazel is locked up within the hold of the abyss, it'll be several years before the gate is reop...”

“Azazel had already escaped.” Thomas paused with a sigh. “Somehow, some... way, the Gate never took him and Azazel escaped. It wasn't until after this knowledge that Abaddon quickly gathered the forces of man and their sworn allegiances. Forming a secret order that would promise to protect its people until the days of restoration were upon us. This order would continue to gather and prepare itself from within the walls the cities themselves, until the very moment of the gate's reopening.

“Unfortunately that would prove to be all too soon. During the last war, the portal of the gate had remained open for a short period of time before closing itself off completely. And those forces that were not captured dispersed themselves to the far reaches of our lands, waiting for the right moment to reemerge.
And as the years went on, these entities would slowly ease themselves back into the hands of our society. Demons, whispering into the ears of man. Many of whom held great power, influence, and wealth. And soon... they too would fall victim to the deceit of the wicked. Men of political stature, second only to the rules of their kingdoms would speak out to the people of their lands with lies and blasphemies. It wasn't soon after that the people would fall to their lies, and revolt against the Kings and Queens of this nation. Until finally the rulers had no choice but to leave their lands and go into hiding. Through the years to come, society would slowly erase our former leaders from the textbooks of time. Transforming their pasts into the stories, we know now as the myths and legends of familiar folklore. Fairytales said to entertain children before being put off to bed. But they were anything but that.”

“I can't believe it. I mean I always knew that angels and demons were really, but a battle? And now mythic creatures? It seems so...”

“Unreal? There are a great many things in our world that seem not unlike dreams Keira. But sometimes dreams are more real than the reality we believe we live in. I wonder... have you heard the story of how the Angels of Evo and the Wielders came to be?”

“The Wielders? No, I can't say that I have.” Keira replied as he carried on without hesitation.

“Folklore states that when Evo created his army of angels he cut into his hand as both a symbol and a gift.” Keira watched as Thomas demonstrated for her.

“With this, he created the angels from the life-force that lay within him. Granting them with both the ability to do good works, and possess freewill. But from the life-force that dripped upon the world of man. It was said... that those that it touched were imbued with great power. Power to control and manipulate the five natural elements of our world. Fire, water, earth, air and for some... spirit. Along with the strength, and the courage to do good like that of his angelic brother and sisters. For this very reason...” Thomas held out a single finger.

“Evo gifted the people of our lands with crystal rock. A simple stone used to better harness... control... and even increase the energies of these Wielders. Thus the "Wielders”... were created.  

“Unfortunately, it was this gift given to unto man that made a great portion of the Angels jealous. They became outraged and envious of man, who was thought of as the lesser being second to only to them. Eventually a third of the angels rebelled; the first of which...


“Precisely, their new leader. And The first born angel of Evo, once highest in the ranks of the angelic born. And well, as you can imagine these rebelling angels followed their new leader. They allowed themselves to mix amongst man for the sole purpose of corrupting them in the eyes of Evo.

“For those of man that did not wield special powers, The Fallen would speak to them through whispers, controlling the minds of many. This was the way they suppressed the Wielders, and caused chaos, conflict and eventually, war.”

“But why?”


“But I thought the Angels were gifted to do good works...”

“Freewill. Angelic or not Keira, not every soul is pure of heart. We alone have the ultimate choice in the end. It's what makes us who we are.”    

“So what happened afterwards?”

“Well... the world of man became a world of distrust, and disloyalty; especially amongst those of political stature. The Fallen would do all they could to prove that Evo's beloved man was weak. A species undeserving of the gift their God had granted them.

“But, before this oppression our world lived in harmony through the creation of the Wielders. Dor'rithia saw several years of peace, and happiness. Those gifted with Evo's life-force in return were granted with leadership. And in exchange for their protection, the people of their own volition submitted themselves to the leaders of their lands. Whole kingdom's erected in honor of their new kings and queens, as gratitude for their loyalty, and humility from the people that sought their protection.

“But as the years passed, so did the need for their protection. And the knowledge of the Wielders and understanding of crystal lore diminished. Those with unearthly powers were no longer needed as they once were. It became a dying trait that pasted down several generations, and faded slowly away through its descendants. Now it is remembered only through the history books we view as nothing more than folklore.”

“What happened to those people? Where did the leaders go?” Keira asked.    

“The remaining leaders of these lands were called together in secret. A council, sworn by oath to protect the people of this world from the corruption of The Fallen.”

“Abaddon's council.” Keira whispered.

“Yes. They prepared themselves for battle when the time was near. And though it was believed that the great cities of our past were lost and in ruins; there was hope. Rumor passed through whispers that one of the great kingdoms of the time had managed to survive. Until this day it remains hidden from the eyes of man. The lost kingdom of “Callynndria Callowmere”, Queen of the Spirit Wielders, and one of the most powerful wielders of all time. She was granted with the ability to control all of the five natural elements of this world. The first and only pre-born wielder. These are the stories that are known to us today as nothing more than pure folklore. Some of which have been corrupted over time, and ignored by the masses.”

“But Thomas, what does all of this have to do with me?” Thomas simply smiled in response.  

“I've told you too much for one night, haven't I? All in due time child... I promise all in due time.” Breathless from his long winded speech, the monk stood to his feet, turning back towards the cluttered table of leather-bound books that stood behind him.

“Aww! But before I forget, I do have one more last night thing to give you.”

“Give me?”

“Keira... when your mother left you in my care, she left you with something. A book. It's her journal. I assume it holds the keys to your past and will help you to better understand the answers to the questions you seek. I never bothered to open it myself. It was a gift to you. I apologize thou, I know this all must be a lot for you to take in, but you must believe me when I say, all that was done, was done to protect you.”
As Thomas spoke these words, he reached out his arm and handed her the journal. A small, tan, leather-bound book wrapped several times with a single strap of thick leather twined around a tiny silver knob.

“This was the book your mother left you. Read it when you have the chance. I'm sure it will have the answers you seek.”

Keira took the book, finding herself in a state of shock, and bewilderment from her recent discoveries. She could find no words to respond to what had been revealed to her other than to ask the question.  

“What now?”

“For now...” Thomas smiled. “We get some rest. Tomorrow we have a long journey to Duskmere. I have a friend there that might be able to help.”

“Read the book Keira.” He spoke, grasping softly upon her shoulder. “I'm sure your mother will have answers.”
Keira grasped the book tightly in her arms, starring at it with both amazement, and puzzlement. The light of the fireplace gleaming off the tiny silver knob, as she lifted her eyes towards him in acceptance.

She finally realized Thomas meant what he had said earlier. There truly was no way of turning back now. Not to the old life she once knew. And although she didn't quite grasp the entirety of her situation, she knew that there was more to be said. Slowly, Keira stood from her chair, giving Thomas nothing more than a simple nod, as she went off to her room. His words continuing to echo in her head as she walked down the narrow corridors of the hall. And as much as she wanted to lash out in protest, demanding that there be more said in return for her shaken reality, Keira knew there was nothing more she could do but wait and find the strength to move forward, whatever the circumstance may be.

But what did all of this have to do with her? She returned to her room, and plopped herself upon the cushion of her bed, gazing at the small journal she held in her hands. Pondering to herself what could possibly lie within the aged pages of this tiny book. What words, there were that could further change the life she knew as Thomas had in one mere speech? Too late she thought, the damage was done, and as she sat there in shock she realized her world would never be the same. But perhaps her mother would have something to say. Something that would lift her spirits. Something that would give her the little bit of hope she so desperately yearned for, something to pull her through whatever upcoming events awaited her. She reached her hand towards the leather twine of the journal. Hesitating for a moment as she took a deep breath and slowly pulled aside the leather strap. The binding of the small book cracking as she turned its weathered pages.


         © Copyright 2008 Nataliya Maize.  All rights reserved.


© 2009 Nataliya Maize

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Once again, a wonderfully written chapter. Fluid and descriptive. I loved the depth and details you presented. Very nicely done.

I too am left wondering what it all has to do with Keira. And so, soon, I'll be pouring over chapter 5. :)

On the technical side, just noticed a few typos here and there. No biggie. :D

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

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and this moment I feel like this is something that could be turned into a novel. It has great potential. The story Thomas told about the war reminds me of a movie I saw a while back. The other reviews already brought up with what I thought could use a little tweaking but otherwise great so far. And yet another well placed cliff hanger.

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

"Black... black... crows. Keira spoke, Thomas's face showing a sign of short lived relief, until she continued. "and a raven." He grimaced at the sound of the word.---you forgot the " after crows

The problem is..." Thomas paused with a sigh. "Azazel never made it through the gate.---you forgot the " before The problem is.

this was a great chapter. the only thing i saw was that i would have prefered if maybe there were some breaks in his speech. Maybe have Keira interupt him a few times. I jsut felt like he was talking for a loooooong time

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

awwww whats in the book, whats in the book??? I'm off to the next chapter just to find out lol


This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Once again, a wonderfully written chapter. Fluid and descriptive. I loved the depth and details you presented. Very nicely done.

I too am left wondering what it all has to do with Keira. And so, soon, I'll be pouring over chapter 5. :)

On the technical side, just noticed a few typos here and there. No biggie. :D

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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