Burn In Hell

Burn In Hell

A Poem by Andrainea Silverlite

Inspired by the song 'Burn In Hell' by Judas Priest


Note: I was listening to the song Burn in Hell by Judas Priest and got a wonderfully, wicked idea!


I hear the darkness begin to chuckle

I can hear him

So softly he laughs

The devil on the throne


I can hear him say my name

The whispers are spoken plain

I can see his amusement

At my pain


Soon, I can feel the flames

They lick me all around

As I stand here

Burning in hell


I should not use this gun

I should not have done you wrong

Now pay the price

With your soul

Burn in hell

That is what she said to me

As I pulled that trigger

On the source of my hatred


Now, his words ring true

As I stand here

Burning in hell

For all my sins


I begin to scream

Like the banshee who screams

My voice fills the air

And the devil just laughs


I can hear him

Oh, those dark whispers

Then I hear the voice I dread say,

Burn in Hell b***h


Slowly I burn

Slowly I blister

Then I feel the hate

Then I feel the rage


I glare at him

And I grin evilly

As I say,

I will come back for you


The devil just laughs

Beckoning me with a black, clawed finger

Grinning, he slowly brings me forth

He knows my desire


So, he gives me the fire

To return to the land

In which to have my revenge

On the one which put me here


Only price

Is my eternal soul

I give it up willingly

And I hear the laugh again


I slowly rise

Clawing my way through my grave

I arise

My rage bellowing from deathly lungs


Once free I begin to walk

A slow steady step

To the door of my hate

Only to see, him lying in a pool of blood


I scream my rage

As I hear the chuckle

Of the darkness around me

My soul is now his


As I stand here

Burning in hell


In torment

© 2011 Andrainea Silverlite

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Added on January 8, 2011
Last Updated on January 8, 2011
Tags: burn, crying, death, devil, hell, murder, sadness, twisted


Andrainea Silverlite
Andrainea Silverlite

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