Little Lesson

Little Lesson

A Poem by Andrainea Silverlite

Once I saw a little blue bird
     It was so young and meek
Me being me, I had to take a peek
     There nestled in the down and the sticks
I saw the little blue bird and heard it holler, "chertik"
      No chirping did I hear or even a simple melody
Instead a whisper of a voice spoken softly
      My heart broke in two at the sound
Of so tiny a voice so profound
      That it had so little of a choice
I mourned the loss of its magnificent voice
      I wanted to cry and rage to the eternal sky
Of why it let such a endless voice die?
      I wept big silent tears
While the little blue bird shuddered in fear
      Soon I felt the hands of my mother, gentle and kind
Wrap around me tight and soothe my mind
      She told me this little bird was bound for greatness
Just because it had no voice, did not mean it could not impress
      Upon all the people it will one day see
After all, it had the greatest effect on me
      I stand tall now with kids of my own
A house full, a home
     And I still remember that little blue bird
The lessons, life, and word
      That it taught a young child like me
To be everything that I was meant to be

© 2011 Andrainea Silverlite

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Added on January 9, 2011
Last Updated on January 9, 2011


Andrainea Silverlite
Andrainea Silverlite

Jasper, AL

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