Throbbing Brain

Throbbing Brain

A Poem by Andrainea Silverlite

A poem about a headache

Stinging ache
Like a bee, but maybe more wasp like in nature

Throbbing pain
Like a heartache, but deeper - like an ocean

Knife splitting
Like cutting a melon, but sharper - like a butcher

Harsh beating
Like banging drum, but hollower - like a kettle drum filled with water

My skull wishes to open up
And spill the secrets inside.
My Muse is screaming
And I feel like I am dying.
The constant ringing
And the constant banging
Is slowly driving me insane.
When will the pain ease?
When will it go away?

Slowly, ever so slowly,
I peel back the layers of my brain
And find the demon in me.
He was the cause of the pain
And He was driving me mad.
Now, I watch as he sits there
Banging his little drum
And singing his little hum
While I writhe in pain
And pray for him to be slain.

Gently, ever so gently,
The pain begins to recede
And the demon in me
Begins to bleed.
lors swirl
And everything goes quiet.
My Muse begins to sing
And I feel once again
The calm, serene, and blissful

© 2011 Andrainea Silverlite

Author's Note

Andrainea Silverlite
Okay, I know it is a little weird in how it is written, but hey... when your head aches.. not much else makes sense.

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I really liked the bit about the little demon playing the drums. It was a nice way to describe the throbbing of a headache. Also, haha, you're picture is quite intense over there :3 Overall, I see skill, especially with the rhyming; the flow was real easy and nice.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on January 13, 2011
Last Updated on January 14, 2011
Tags: headache, pain, splitting, beating, banging, screaming, bleed, slain, insane


Andrainea Silverlite
Andrainea Silverlite

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