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The Sunset
The Sunset
Walked That Mile

Walked That Mile

A Poem by Andrainea Silverlite

I have no idea....

People don't me
But, that is okay.
I smile
And just walk away.

I hear the rude words
Being yelled at my back
But, I just smile
And know what they all lack.

I can see the sneers
Thrown in my direction
But, I just offer them
A smile
And show them no reaction.

Finally, I see a puzzled glare
And then I see
A nose thrown in the air.
But, as always
I offer a smile
And just continue walking that mile.

One time I happen to glance
And saw a man grin my way.
No sooner than I turned his way
Did he offer me a frown
And tried to tare me down.
But, of course I offered him a  smile
And like always, walked that mile.

Over the years I saw much
But, never did I see
A single smile grace the lips
Of anyone other than me.
No matter the words, sneer, or glare,
I always smiled
And I always walked that mile.

© 2011 Andrainea Silverlite

Author's Note

Andrainea Silverlite
I have no idea where this came from....

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Added on January 14, 2011
Last Updated on January 14, 2011


Andrainea Silverlite
Andrainea Silverlite

Jasper, AL

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