Writing exercise

Writing exercise

A Story by T. F. Rice

Nov. 07 writing exercise from The Other Herald





            Writers must remember that their writing may serve different purposes. Not everything is fit for public reading, nor should it be; that may not be its purpose. The feeling of having purpose is important, for a writer at any age.


            Writing down what is bothering you, for example, can be very therapeutic. Teenagers write about what is important to them; that writing is a stepping stone to future writings which may have more of an audience. A person is not meant to write like a nationally-published poet at first try!


            Adults may write journals about their lives, especially after retirement; they should not need the smile of a publisher to feel validated. Family stories are so often sadly lost. Put those jokes in the kids’ lunch-boxes! Write a letter; write love notes; begin an article for the local paper; make up your own bedtime stories; start a family memory book…


            Writing for the self is as important as writing for others! Appreciate the type of writing that you are able to do at this time. Try a new one if you like…but don’t chastise yourself for lack of comparable performance. If you are drawn to the craft of writing, feel compelled to pick up that pen or pencil, do so with enjoyment. Who said you must share?


Orig publ in Nov 07 issue of The Other Herald

© 2008 T. F. Rice

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That's a good point. I think too often we write with a particular audience in mind. Sometimes it's necessary to just... write!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on February 9, 2008


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T. F. Rice

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