Night swing

Night swing

A Story by Crossroads

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"These aged walls hold bad secrets; bad vibrations," father's anxious voice would say. At sunset, he'd nervously sway on the decrepit back porch swing, pushed by inexorable delusions, no longer able to remember my name. 

"Father, it's late, you need to come in."

What were those secrets, and why did he always jump when there was a knock on the door or a ring of the phone? 

A year on, with no answers, my bereaved mom's weak words hung on the air like grey smoke from a fields summer fire. "Ghosts never show themselves," she'd say. 

But on certain nights, when the wind softly pushes the squeaky swing, I'd listen and wonder. 

I've only ever lost two people close to me. My father, and Cindy, a childhood friend who went missing many years ago.  

But I'm sure my father wouldn't have anything to do with...?

© 2020 Crossroads

Author's Note

This will probably be re-worked.

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Your poetry is filled with honest emotion and it is very touching. I can relate to your words. Who knows, maybe the swing swaying is someone who has passed sending a message. We won't know till we are gone. My dad passed before my mom and mom swore he sat in his recliner some nights. She believed it. Your words brought tears to my eyes. Just wonderful. Lydi**

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you, Lydia. :)
this reminds me of my parents, only in reverse...and he was the one who still heard her speaking to him...i knew she was a ghost...but he had to believe...70 years of marriage...he knew...the padlock would be unlocked when he went to join her.
beautiful piece...and struck me in the gut in a good way..

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Muchas gracias, señor :)
The weight of your words are palpable and leave quite an impression upon the heart. Beautiful expression and a most poignant delivery.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Muchas gracias, señor

1 Year Ago

haha, I meant señora. :)

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