A note to my friend

A note to my friend

A Poem by GummyBear

Listen loud and listen clear,
This is a message for all to hear,
To express my point of view,
This news is old, it isn't new.
This type of news you'll often see,
In newspapers, magazines, and even TVs,
About people wasting their life away,
Thinking that suicide is the only way.
Some say their hardships are too great,
And that suicide will release them from their fate,
It isn't the answer, I tell you so,
This isn't the attitude that one should show.
You think that suicide will lift the pain,
That suicide will release you from your shame,
That suicide is the only way out,
You are definitely wrong without a doubt.
Though maybe with the problem you cannot cope,
You sit there thinking that there's no hope,
Though it is easier said then done,
You should face your problems, you mustn’t run.
Look at the brighter side instead,

You can cry out, but raise your head,
Remember that life is precious beyond measure,
It's filled with sorrow, joy, hardships, and even pleasure.
Don't be a coward and put your life to an end,
Instead, reach out for a helping hand,
Because to every problem, there is a solution,
Solve it and don't put your life straight to a conclusion.
Ask for help, do not despair,
For someone you need will always be there,
To help you through your darkest times,
For taking you own life...is the worst crime…

© 2011 GummyBear

Author's Note

I wrote this one a few days after one of close friends commited suicide. I really do wish I had know so he could read it. But this poem just shows how I felt and still feel on the subject. I am sorry if this offends anyone.

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It's sad but really good. I like the rhyme and rhythm. Great job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on November 9, 2011
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