Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice

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This helps a lot when you are haveing problems.


Relationships can be complicated. Teamwork helps to have a successful relationship. This means that each person must realize there is no such thing as perfection, there is always the possibility of relationships problems, and that it takes consistent effort to ensure that a relationship survives.

Anyone who has been in a relationship has likely had relationships problems. These problems can result from a number of things. One thing that can cause strife is when either one or both parties do not take the time to listen to and understand the other's perspective.

It’s easy to just say ‘you need to see it from the other person’s perspective’ but that’s often easily said and not so easily done. You may think you're right but you partner might be thinking differentely. But you must really try! There are many different reasons why both parties often find it difficult to understand the other party's perspective.

1. If you are upset by another part of your partners life, talk to them. This often causes a general negative outlook, and the unwillingness to be flexible, loving and forgiving. Pick the right time and place to discuss important issues.

2. Lack of communication can also cause one person not to understand the other's perspective. Talking to each other is important in a relationship. Communication is the key to understanding each other.
3. Unresolved anger with issues in the relationship can also cause relationships problems. Bad feelings between a couple can fester if you are upset with each other.

4. Another emotion, such as jealousy, can cause the person experiencing the emotion to be less trustful or open with their partner. To be able to see something from someone else's point of view, one has to be willing to do so. When strong emotions arise, they tend to cloud one's judgment.

In order to avoid relationships problems, it is important to communicate with your partner, and to listen openly and non judgmentally to everything he or she has to tell you. If you have an issue with the information hehas given you, try to discuss your concerns in a diplomatic manner and a calm, even tone - that's key. Remember what makes you happy and strive to achieve this.

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Thanks for the advice. So cute of you to do so. Good write!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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