Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by TKBickel

Goggons was at a loss. "What's going on?"

Sam's fingers raked long dirty blonde fringes out of his deep blue eyes. "Long story short, this band and us don't mix well. They seem to heighten our…moodiness. And from the looks of it, ‘Street Rules’ just engaged. The last time that happened there were a few broken bones." With an unnatural strong leap he stood on the side of the ring, hanging on the ropes. "Don't make me come in there!"

Mick's brow arched. "Did you hear something?"

Her brows knitted together with determined squinty eyes. "Nope, just the sounds of you hitting the mat in a few seconds."

Playtime was over. Things just became serious. Knowing each other's fighting tactics, an opening was out of the question and they attacked at the same time. Mocking Rocky and Apollo, right hooks hit and ricocheted off gloves and faces. Rounds of strategic punching combinations and amazing blocks commenced. This was a dance they knew well after years of Hunter training with each other. Thinking shut down and instinct kicked in. Jab-block-swing-dodge went round and round until Mick upped the intensity with a roundhouse kick. Prepared with the double arm block, she absorbed most of the incredibly strong impact but still fell on her back. A split second pasted to his charge at her and the windmill whip of her legs wiping out Mick. He landed hard enough for a thunk before they both pushed off their backs, shoulders and gloved hands, landing on their feet, plowing in again. Sam didn't notice Goggons by his side trying to talk or everyone else in the gym abandoning their follies and gathering around the ring. What he did notice was how their graceful fighting dance pace slowly grew faster and harder as the fight stretched on with no rest.

Dark determination settled in their faces. Subtle changes of strange combinations of hits, kicks, movements and blocks had the onlookers mumbling with interest. They haven't witnessed anything like this before. Goggons bumped Sam with his elbow. "What type of fighting is this?"

Sam began to wonder too. It was looking rather foreign to him but yet…it seemed familiar.

Agonizing time stretched as Sam fidgeted and grumbled under his breath, forced to play spectator. Keep it together. This shouldn’t last much longer. Song after song of the ‘Three Doors Down’ concert beat Sam’s ears and tugged his heart. He prayed certain songs wouldn’t shuffle-up or he just might loose his cool.

The sands of time ran out with his patient hourglass. The last grain dropped. Anger rang in his voice. “You two end this now!” He pointed at the bald guy perched in his private balcony seat. “And you up there, turn that music off!” Ok, so I lost my cool.

The gym became silent when the music choked off. The huff and puff sounds companied the body contact slaps that dominated the old church. Sam’s voice snipped with authority. “I said end this!”

Mick went all in for his last killer move, a full body tackle to the mat. Samantha reacted with the strangest moves yet to be seen. A diving roll passed his blatant charge. She let Mick ricocheted off the ropes with a twist. Timing his movements, she flipped up on a handstand and trapped him with her legs. Knees hooked over his shoulders as she collapsed his knees, sending Mick’s back on a collision course with the mat.

The heavy blow of the sandwiched impact, between Samantha on his chest and the ground, stole his breath. Dazed and confused, a swift breath sucked through gritted teeth right before slamming an arm down on the mat and growing loudly in frustration. He looked up between her legs and found a victory smile plastered across her face. She sat squarely on his muscular chest, struggling to catch her breath. Sweat rolled down her face. Chunks of dark chestnut hair worked out of her thick French braid. Her eyes glowed immensely as he found himself lost in them.

She peered deep into his radiant melted chocolate-brown eyes. A playful foreign twist lingered in her voice. “Do you yield or must I do unthinkable things to you?”

Laughing heartily, his whole body shook under her. “I would only yield to my sweet Niagile Zadie.” The words rolled naturally off his tongue as if spoken them many times before.

She chuckled. “The Great Nomacki falls to me again.”

Their smiles traded to shock as it sunk in this was not normal. Samantha forced out a whisper. “What did you call me?”

He whispered right back. “I think it was Niagile Zadie.”

Eyes closed. “I…know those words.” She searched her mind. Niagile Zadie…Niagile Zadie…Come on, what is it?” Finally, digging deep into a partial lost memory unveiled their meaning. She screeched their definition in excitement. “Royal Princess!”

Mick felt her body relax with her eyes closed. In turn he relaxed too like it was a natural thing to have her perched on top of him. A full body spasm bucked at her surprising shriek. “Damn it Sammie! I hate it when you do that!”

The bewildered looks on Mick and Samantha’s faces rose up to Sam’s six foot six towering frame over them. “What the hell is going on?”

Rising up, her head tipped. “I…don’t know.” Her eyes swept the silent gawking crowd around the ring. Damn we’ve created way too much attention. She thought how to break the strange situation. Pink gloved hands rose high above her head. “King Kong has nothing on me!”

A roar of applause, cheers and chuckles came from the spectators before they disbursted through out the gym.

With one glove off, Mick chastised as if all was back to normal. “Seriously, ‘Training Day’? You do realize that guy is dead at the end of the movie?”

“Yea, so was King Kong you uncoordinated baboon that got his a*s whipped by a G-I-R-L.”

With a quick dodge, a red glove flew past her. “You are not a normal girl.”

Her smile slipped away with a heavy sigh. “Thanks for reminding me.” She watched Mick head off towards Goggons.

Sam helped her shed the gloves but she wouldn’t meet his gaze. “Sammie?” Within their connection he sent a mental request, Sammie, please look at me. She couldn’t deny his plea. Bewildered green peeked up. “What was that?”

“I wish I knew. Let’s get back to the apartment before we start picking it apart. Give me a minute to get my things.” Darting out of the ring she left Sam holding the pink gloves and a nagging feeling something was off between her and Mick. The jealousy monster wanted to visit and tapped on his door. No, go away.

Lost in thought, he gazed over to Mick lacing up his boots and eating crow from Goggons. Royal Princess? What is Nomacki? He heard her call to him a couple times before he responded. Flipping the tied gloves over the top rope, he slipped though and dropped to down.

She felt the wacky swing of his mood and pinned him against the ringside. “Lost you for a minute…What’s wrong?”

He wasn’t sure. His brain ran franticly on everything and nothing. Damn that music…Damn Mick…Damn Heath…Damn Sarrsus…Damn-Damn-Damn it all to hell! Why can’t we cut a break with all this freaky s**t! “I’m sorry, I just trying to get a head start on our every growing list of strangeness.”

Grabbing a fist full of jacket, she tugged him to her level. “I said wait until we get back.” She slapped him with a sultry look. “You should be thinking of all the naughty things I’ll be doing to you in the near future.”

Excitement replaced the ramped worry. “The near future so you say?”

“Too many eyes for right now don’t you think?”

A low sounding growl of his possessive Neanderthal side was her only warning before he swept her over his shoulder. He nabbed her backpack and slung it over the other shoulder. She squealed to the slap of her butt. “We’re out of here.”

Carrying her to the doors, he let her down in front of Mick and Goggons. The playful little boy was gone. The old serious Mick was back and impatiently waiting. “Can we finally go? I don’t know about you but I’m starving.”


She and Sam noticed that the stronger the power ran through them, the hungrier they became. Sam guessed it raised their bodies’ metabolism. Mick’s abilities were growing no matter how much he ignored them. The abilities lay dormant until Samantha connected her life’s essences with his and awoken them. This was before she understood the effect she had caused on both brothers. They all had unnaturally heightened senses and strength. She controlled and understood hers better since she had the most time in learning how to use them along with other special developments.


Mick and Goggons open double doors to a white world. A blanket of snow covered everything leaving no color behind and an unnatural silence. Sam and Samantha passed through the door and into a swirl of cold wind. A rotten stench rode the breeze and filled their sensitive noses.

The trio froze and Goggons bumped into Mick. Goggons was at a loss again. “What is it?” He followed three pairs of eyes to a petite figure across the street. “How the hell do you guys do that?”

Samantha drank in the figure’s dark sight. Tiny, under five foot, dressed all in black looking like a lump of coal on the white snow. Hands rested in the front pocket of the black hoodie that hanged down to its knees. Its face was well hidden under the hood and black sunglasses. “What’s a vamp doing out during daytime?”

© 2012 TKBickel

Author's Note

Please, it would help if you can be more precise or point out the sentences with problem areas.

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man the things you do to me, I will never understand. Wow what fight that leaves my mouth open wide enough to catch flies. I didn't find anything or I forgot to look because I was to deep in the story to care. Awesome second chapter. Now I hunger for more.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Ah, you make me feel I might be doing something right. Thank you
Yay!!!!!! You added another chapter!!!!! You have no idea how excited I was when I saw that you had posted another one!!!!! This chapter did not disappoint!!! Keep them coming and let me know when you add another one!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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