Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by TKBickel

Blood rush, adrenaline pumped and all senses sharpened. She stood between the brothers but her natural need to protect them goaded a forward step. The crunch of the snow under her foot sounded unnaturally loud in her ears. She wanted to be the first out of the gate to chase the miniature vampire down or defend if it attacked.

A mix of the brother’s mental voices whispered Sammie in her mind, causing a brief surprised distraction. Mick spoke to her and not the other way around. He probably didn’t even know he did it. A hand from each brother rested on her shoulders to anchor her.  Irritation lingered in her voice. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Her naked palms itched to have Bonnie and Clyde firmly in them, a pair of crafted finger hole hunting knives hidden in her pack on Sam’s shoulder. They were her babies but Jonny was her brut. A wedge ax forged with steel, silver and ancient runes, made especially to kill Rayzon, an otherworldly being, that abducted her and her parents. Soul survivor of his brutal torture, his touch awoke her dormant abilities.  He had used her parents’ life’s energy and blood to open a cosmic door that brought Sarrsus to her world. She had her revenge on Rayzon but Sarrsus now hunted for her.

The vampire spoke with a light and airy child-like feminine voice. “I’m not here to hurt you. I would appreciate if you would do the same.”

Mick sarcastically snorted and dropped his hand off Samantha. “Yea right.”

Samantha shooshed him. “Ok, you stay there and we’ll stay here. Will that work for you?”

The creature remained in perfect statue form. “That will be fine…I take it you are Samantha?”

She hesitated. Damn I hate that they know me and now it seems I’m too easy to find. “Yes…and what should I call you?”

Goggons nudged Mick. “Is she talking to the Dearg-due?”

Mick now shooshed Goggons and whispered, “if you mean vamp, then yes. Can’t you hear it?”

He quietly replied. “No…You three never ceased to astonish me.” He had wittiness their unusually behavior, even for the likes of a Hunter, before Castella enlighten him this little group was special. Castella also warned him that they will need his help to keep their secret.

“My name is Isabella but everyone calls me Beth.”

“What do you want Beth?”

“Once there was a truce and we…coexisted together. I want that again…and there are others that see the same.”

“It’s not my fault the truce doesn’t stand anymore. Your people seemed to decide a Coo was a better idea. You shouldn’t have killed your master.”

A heated hiss of anger warmed the breeze the words rode on. “I did not kill my master! We were tricked into leaving town to feed. Groups were formed to take turns leaving the city limits to eat as the treaty outlined. My particular group had the most of my dead master’s loyalists followers.” Information came to an abrupt stop. They could tell something caught the dark figures attention as Beth’s head made a small twitch side to side. Her words flowed swiftly. “I came to ask you for a meeting, here in the church, tomorrow night at midnight. I will give you more information then.” A blur of a black smudge lingered across the white snow as the petite vampire didn’t wait for an answer and darted down the eerie empty street.

Teeth sank into Samantha’s bottom lip, drawing a taste of bitter blood. The distraction of the pain helped curve the necessity for the chase. Her gaze lingered down the silent street. “That…was…odd.”

Sam’s gaze followed hers as his hand slid down her arm to lace fingers. “Step right up and don’t be shy. Buy a ticket and see our weird, the unnatural and oddities. We will leave you full of wonder.”

She smiled at Sam’s Ring Master playfulness but it was Mick that made her laugh out loud, “full of bullshit. This caged performing lion is in need of a steak.” He descended the old church stone steps, “a bake potato and a beer. Maybe an apple pie for dessert, this is the big apple.”

Goggons chased after him. “I have the same with a side of ‘What the hell just happened’.”

Mick barked a loud laugh and cleared his throat for Mr. Miyagi to return. “Ah my grasshopper, you are learning the way of ‘The Mick Sarcasm’ quickly.”

Samantha glanced up and back at Sam. “I see the old myth of vamps and holy ground isn’t true. Someone will need to update the Hunter Journals.”

“We’ll let Mick call Max since he’s always looking for an excuse to call her.”

“Have I missed something lately? Is the Max thing getting more…serious?”

“Not that I know of. We are talking about Mick. Serious and women are like oil and water to him. Why?”

“Well…Brenda is rather…confused. We come back from England and he chases her like a dog in heat, you know Mick style. When she finally breaks down and commits to a date that, to her was Magical, he drops her at her door and practically ran the other direction from her. She thought that was it for them but he keeps coming back hot and heavy only to clam up and become frigid on her. She doesn’t know what to do or think.”

“That doesn’t sound like our Mick.”

“No it doesn’t and it feels like I’m missing something obvious. I thought maybe he might have said something to you that might shed some light…Do you think the witch might have something to do with it?”

“Hmm…I don’t know. I’ll start poking around.”

Samantha’s hand popped up to catch a snowball about to slam into Sam’s head. They both looked to the other end of its velocity to see another one bouncing up and down in the air from Mick’s palm. “Would you two play moon eyes and suck face after we eat?”

The snowball left Samantha’s hand in a blur and exploded on Mick’s chest. “Shows how bad your reaction time is and your observation skills. There wasn’t any suck face going on and if you do that again… you will have and arsenal of snowballs coming for your head.”

An eyebrow rose. “Is that another challenge?”

Sam hurriedly ushered her down the shoveled stone steps. “Oh no you two. There will be no more challenges for quite a while.”

© 2012 TKBickel

Author's Note

Please, it would help out if you can be more precise or point out the sentences with problem areas.
Thanks again for taking time to read this.

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Maan... Put next chapter up!! Fast!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

yea a new chapter at last. Boo hoo it was so short. Come on I want to burry my teeth into your words. Daddys hungry.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

lol-If someone could give me some free time I would be glad to feed you with a shovel.

8 Years Ago

no new chapters yet?
Yeah, new chapter! It is about time. This is an amazing chapter. I had read the other chapters first to recall the plot and characters. Once again this amazing chapter with a lot of details on the characters. I remembered why I like this group so much . I found nothing wrong grammar. Great Read!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks q for hanging in there.

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