Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

A Chapter by TKBickel

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Chapter 6

Sweet Revenge

“There’s movement in the back, within the trees and….” After a couple of seconds, Mick absorbed the scene. “What the…” It hit hard and heavy. I…will deal with this later.

She saw the shock, brief hurt swinging straight back to battle mode crossing his face in seconds.

Mick picked up where he left off, “…and on the west side of the building. I’m going out the east door and around back through the courtyard. We’ll box them in and take them out…Watch your backs.” He snatched a shotgun hidden behind the chair and trotted out the door not taking a glance back.

Way to go there girl! You are to help not inflict more pain on them! “Oh hell!” Samantha sprang out of the bed and snatched her clothes from under it.

With a rolling back flip off the bed, Sam grabbed his. As he dressed, he tried to study Samantha and see if she was alright.

She zipped her jeans and started on her own plan of attack. “I’ll take front and center, clearing the path for you to pull people out of their room and send them the opposite way.” She slid Johnny out as Sam pulled a shotgun from under his bed.

He grabbed her arm before she could run out the door. “I’ve got your back. You are not alone in this.”

Popping up on her toes, she gave him a quick peck while grinning like the Cheshire cat again. “Time to kick some a*s,” and out the door she sprinted.

Samantha’s bare feet slapped the cold speckled linoleum floor four times in the poorly lit hallway before her inhuman instincts told her to jump back. As she jumped, the axe was already swinging like a bat as the vampire dropped down from the ceiling.

Johnny hummed, cutting through the vamp’s neck like butter with a little sizzle sound to boot. As the head rolled back off the body, it managed to drench Samantha with a heavy spray of blood. The vamp’s headless body hit the floor with a thud and began to degenerate into fleshy mushy goo.

A second later Sam was at Samantha’s shoulder as she whispered over it. “Glad I’m not wearing my boots.” Her bare, pink painted, goo dotted, toes wiggled at Sam. “We better move quickly. They have already advanced way too quickly into the building. It’s got to be those damn skylights.”

The deadly duo went door to door dragging the people out and surprising a few vamps with the same fate. The gooey piles built quietly up while they still had the advantage of surprise.

She could easily see down the dark, quiet, empty hall. Heightened senses were a strange side effect that happened after Rayzon touched her. Her speed, strength and agility also magnified. She mastered what she could to make herself a more lethal Hunter and fighter.

Samantha opened the door to Alice’s room and found her huddled back in a corner, wide eyed with paralyzing fear. The distractive vamp did hear his death coming as he reveled in thoughts of having some fun with his food before dining.

Johnny hummed again. The head flew and Alice screamed bloody murder. With a slide, Sam arrived in the door frame. Samantha attempted to yell over Alice’s screaming. “Oh hell! I’ve might as well have pulled the fire alarm! Sam, help me!” She stepped back and Sam entered the room.

He waved for Alice to come to him and cooed reassuringly. “Alice, it’s ok, come here.” She focused on him, his beckoning hand and the screaming ceased. Creeping towards him, she took his hand.

Samantha saw Alice’s deathly fear of her as she shrank away passing her, the blood covered crazed woman wielding an axe.

Sam reassured Alice again. “It’s ok. It’s time to go.” Ushering her out of the room, he pointed to the door down the hall. “Run Alice and don’t stop!” With a shove, Alice took off like a shot and never looked back.

Everyone and thing was now in the hall, dancing to a new song of total chaos. Metal clanked as Sam cocked the shotgun. “Here we go.” They jumped into the psycho mosh pit.


* * * * *


Mick rounded the back of the building at a silent crawl, catching a glimmer of something with the corner of his eye. Did that go through the closed back door of the cafeteria? He shook his head thinking it was just a run of his imagination looking hard for action. It’s way too quiet out here. No sounds of nature. Mainly no bad guys either. Where the hell have they all gone?

Poised and holding his readied shotgun, Mick moved cautiously to the questionable door. Checking his back for no surprises, his hand steadily gripped on the doors handle and opened it with extreme caution. First the gun moved through the doorway then Mick, scanning side to side. Moving further in the placid room, he made out the two closed doors on either side of the room that lead to the hall. Screaming and a shotgun blast from the far right door perked up his ears. Damn, I’m missing the party!

Picking up speed, he moved toward the door that beckoned him with the sounds of action. With a sudden yank of the gun, it flew from his hands and skidded across the floor. “What the hell!” Next thing he knew was being slammed up against the wall across from his targeted door and a hand around his neck. A face loomed before him. It was the one he, just hours ago, raved about killing with his own bare hands.

“Well, well, look at what I have here.” Rayzon slid Mick effortlessly up the wall inch by inch as his fingers tightened around on his neck. With glowing predator eyes, Rayzon studied Mick. “I don’t believe we’ve met yet but I do remember your father.”

Mick flexed his neck muscles and dug his fingers deep into his own neck to fight the constriction of Rayzon’s fingers. He growled a response. “You should have stuck around…so we could have become, acquainted.”

Rayzon smiled in a hair raising creepy kind of way as an arrogant superior air radiated around him. “I wasn’t properly prepared for your visit. Too bad though…Your father had a warrior energy strength in him…” Rayzon’s gaze raked up and down Mick as if scanning for something. “He could have helped me further, to complete my mission…His death was such a waste but yours won’t be. How is it said? Father like son or is it son like father?”

Mick’s adrenalin skyrocketed, heating his blood, making him think his blood just might boil through his skin. For a moment, Mick was fascinated at the new level of pissed-off he was achieving, giving him an energy boost. Then Rayzon’s face rippled. “What the hell are you?”

The creepy smile appeared again. “The beginning of the end for your kind…You have a strong energy and will definitely be able to bring a brother over.”


* * * * *


The hall cleared out. What people Sam and Samantha could save were gone and the rest of the vamps tucked tail and ran, knowing that there was no reward but death left for them.

Samantha paused a moment to worry about Mick. Then she felt the energy tug to the dining room, making her queasy. The end was calling her. So much for the iron clad stomach. She knew what needed to be done and headed back to the nearest door to the dining room.


* * * * *


Rayzon solidified. “You took something that was mine but I shall have that back very soon. I’ve been tracking her for the last two of your years…She is so very…entertaining.”

Mick saw the door open slowly behind Rayzon and thanked God it was well greased. He needed to keep Rayzon distracted and strained another growl through his compressed neck. “You sick delusional son-of-a-b***h, she’s not and never will be yours.”

Rayzon effortlessly raised him a few more inches up the wall as Mick continued to struggle. “She was and will be again. I can feed off her energy for quite a long time. She is very unique and…enjoyable.”

Samantha was upon her prey with an unnatural shadow stealth and blurring speed. It impressed the hell out of him. He had never seen her move like that. She was so quiet, so fast, Rayzon had no idea she was right behind him until Johnny whirled.

“Enjoy this b***h!” Samantha shrieked

Rayzon’s turned his head for his final vision of death.

Johnny took his head and the body fell to the floor.

Mick caught his balance as his feet met the ground again. Rubbing his neck, he coughed as they watched a faint blue glow come from the body for a brief second. Then a white mist lifted and dissolved away. “That’s a new.” Mick looked up from the decapitated body to Samantha. She reminded him of a scene in Stephen King’s Carrie. The blood covered tiny girl filled with rage and revenge.

A clunk echoed in the empty room as the heavy end of the axe dropped to the floor. Finger tips barely held the metal cap of the axe’s handle. Her head tilted to the side as she studied the body. The little box within her cracked open. Was that it? Am I done? Five long lonely years and the pain is still there…Will it every go away?

Something dark and wrong called out to her mind, tempting it could sooth her pain. She wanted to step away from this reality and toyed with the alluring offer. The room started to spin.

Mick saw in her eyes she was slipping away. Oh No, not again! He wasn’t going to let her fall back into that dark abyss. It had almost swallowed her whole when they found her in Mexico.

In desperation he stepped over the corpse to her and seized her face with both hands. “Sammie I’m here…Sammie girl look at me.”

Pulling her eyes away from the body, she blindly stared at Mick. Drifting back into reality of him being right there and the obvious worried look painted across his face, she croaked out. “I’m sorry.”

Still holding her face, he smiled at her. “It’s ok Sammie. It’s all ok.”

She could feel the moisture building in her eyes and the self control slipping. “Mick, are we orphans now?”

He embraced her and chuckled at her random thought. “How can we be if we have each other?” Johnny fell to the floor and her box cracked a little more. She gave into the tears in Mick’s arms.

Sam hovered quietly in the doorway. Mick looked over at him mirroring his same concerned expression. “Clean up time Sam and we don’t have much time.”

With a little nod, he went to work. Sam knew Mick would take good care of her. They needed to cover their tracks.


* * * * *


As Mick deposited Samantha in the back seat, Sam closed the trunk to Mick’s Chevy GTO.  “We have a few minutes before the gas explosion I set up in the kitchen. I don’t think anyone is going to be telling what they really saw here tonight…Although we probably shouldn’t have used our real first names this time.” He paused to watch Samantha through the car’s back window. He grabbed Mick’s arm as he passed by on his way to the driver’s door. “How’s she doing?”

Hesitating, he looked at her too. “She’ll be fine as long as she stays with us. Hurry up and get in.”

The car doors slammed and the classic 1965 muscle engine roared to life. As they headed down the road, Mick glanced in the rear view mirror to check on Samantha. He caught sight of the building igniting into a fireball. Within the light of flames and moonlight, he saw a body standing there. Mick blinked and it was gone. “S**t!”

Sam anxiously shot a look back over his shoulder at the inferno. “What?”

What did I see? Was it really there or just an adrenaline induced vision? “Nothing,” He hammered the accelerator. The GTO fish tailed down the empty road, leaving a spray of gravel in its wake.

© 2013 TKBickel

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