Kaleidoscopes and Shovels

Kaleidoscopes and Shovels

A Poem by Alvin L. Kathembe

Our hearts are like kaleidoscopes
Changing lens of brilliant colours
And with each turn of the dial;
A different, vivid picture
Each more profound than the last.

There’s heart-stopping fear
And mind-blowing elation
There’s soul-numbing despair
And intoxicating jubilation-
Nerve-wracking panic
And cold, piercing pain
And the sheer magnitude of different emotions
Could drive anyone insane!

We must face up to our emotions;
People cope in different ways-
Some embrace them-
Wringing every ounce of feeling
Out of their bleeding hearts
Others dig deep holes in their memories
And bury them deep and far
Never to resurface again.

There’s a pain too deep for words,
There’s anguish too deep to say-
There’s a despair no-one could tell
Or poetry convey…

We must face up to our emotions
Face them head-on like adults
That’s the sane, mature, thing to do
Or else, one day, many years from now,
You’ll be lying on a sofa
Whining about that teacher who hated you
Or that boy who broke your heart
And paying by the hour-
Or even singing songs
About how you really didn’t like your mom.

Yep, face your emotions.
That’s the sane, mature thing to do.

I get my shovel.

U dig?

© 2011 Alvin L. Kathembe

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Wonderful! I love it great job!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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nice! I like the idea of it - the imagery of the kaleidoscope lens switching onto new ideas! it has a top-down approach almost spanning from the vaguer more philosophical notions to the more precise and personal - "face your emotions" - the your in contrast to the "our" used earlier on - the progression from anyone - to we - to you - to I - nice!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

The first two paragraphs were amazing and flowed easily... and they built up upon each other and once I reached the words 'could drive anyone insane'... I felt the intensity of the moment. It made me speak those last words out loud... but then it just fell from there and I become lost, distant, and less interested. The poem was great as a whole, but that it just my honest opinion on where the poem took me. The meaning behind the poem was great... I just lost interest after the flow fell apart.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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LOL. The ending made me laugh out loud. No really - it did. Just... Oh God, I love this. I'm sure I don't face my emotions the way I'm supposed to. I'll probably end up being the one on the "therapist's" couch whining about s**t. Actually, I won't. I'd rather sing about it or write about it or simply lose myself THINKING about it.

My favorite part of this poem is HANDS DOWN this stanza right here:

"There’s a pain too deep for words,
There’s anguish too deep to say-
There’s a despair no-one could tell
Or poetry convey…"

Especially the last two lines. Oh God, I can relate to that so damn much. I've had pain so damn bad I didn't know what to DO or how to act or what to say. I tried to write about it, and the poems are on here, but they just don't get the real DEPTH of despair, anguish, pain I was feeling in the moment or the month or the week or whatever. Sure, you can feel the pain in the words, but you can't feel how MUCH it really, truly hurt.

Ughh, damn me and my wandering fingers! I didn't think I'd be able to type a long review for this once since it hit me so hard, but, then again, I haven't really been reviewing the poem, have I? Oops, forgive me. But really I don't know WHAT to say about this poem. When I read it, I feel my pain all over again and I want to cry, which is annoying I tell you. But the ending really did make me laugh, and it brightened my mood. So I will leave you with "I love this sososo much!" and this feeling...


Posted 12 Years Ago

Indeed, it is very true that we all cope in our different ways and we must push past our emotions to face and to move past our problems. I am actually writing an essay about this type of thing right now in my English class and I understand this feeling so well. Some days, people just want to give up and not try or give any effort into anything they do because they feel that giving up is the best option and will make everything better. BUT, everything will get better if we learn to step to and battle our problems and fears so we can understand and feel that we are still alive and worth it. People should know that our feelings and emotions are worth facing, though life may seem like it sucks on its certain days, but we all learn to get through it in the end if we are mature about it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

So you are a bury-er of heart crimes?! I'll watch for you on the upcoming episode of CSI: Emotions Edition! Cool poem, ALK.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I like the poem and the ending is cute. Good job

Posted 12 Years Ago

great write nice ending

Posted 12 Years Ago

I love the ending, great Rhyme scheme. well done(:

Oh i dig, haha.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on February 3, 2011
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Alvin L. Kathembe
Alvin L. Kathembe

Nairobi, Kenya

I write for the mind...and if I touch your heart while I'm at it, I'll take it. more..


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