Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Tim Youn

Hi I just started decided to write a book and now I need a review on these chapters.


Chapter 3

“Alright Helleige you ready? I’m going to reequip to the HK416. On my mark we rush in, stay on my left and have Ignis stay on my right. When we get to the convoy regroup and use it as cover we can bust down the doors from there. Ready, GO!”

The first few minutes were a blur of fire and bullets flying left and right. I never knew what red zoning had been like, but know I knew. I didn’t care if I killed or hurt the enemies I just knew that it was kill or be killed. My thought process had shut down I didn’t care if I got shot as long as we could all go home together. I wasn’t going to let Strider get killed just because I made a stupid call.

To my left I could see Helleige shooting flames from her hand at the enemies and on my right I could see Ignis swooping down and setting more enemies aflame. I kept my gun pointed straight ahead; I didn’t need to worry about my sides. Helleige and Ignis kept the other soldiers busy so I could focus on my targets. The plan was working we were pushing our way toward the compound I just hope Strider managed to get away or stay alive. We managed to get to the vehicles and regrouped.

“Helleige are you injured?” I asked with a twinge of anxiety in my voice

“No I’m okay.” Helleige said trying to catch her breathe.

“Okay we just got through the first barricade now we have to get in, get strider, and get out of there.” I said as I looked through the window of the driver’s side.

“Okay…… oh my god Aegis you’re bleeding! You’re hit!” she stifled her scream as she said that

“Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.” I assured her, but she didn’t believe me.

“You’re hit and in the shoulder no less. You need medical attention.” She pleaded

“Listen. Seriously you don’t have to worry. Right now we need to worry about Strider. He’s in more trouble than I am.” I said sternly

“Alright, if you say so…. But you should let me check it just in case.” Helleige said with concern in her voice

“Helleige honestly I’m fine. We really need to get in to the compound. Let’s go.”

© 2013 Tim Youn

Author's Note

Tim Youn
Ignore grammar problems, just tell me whether this is interesting or not.

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Tim Youn
Tim Youn

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