Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Tim Youn

Hi I just started decided to write a book and now I need a review on these chapters.


Chapter 5

As soon as the doors were busted open I jumped in and ducked as Helleige let loose bolts of fire. Had I known it was going to be that hot I would’ve hid behind her, but what kind of man would I be if I had hid behind her? As soon as she was done and hid behind the wall I got up and started shooting while moving to cover trying to clear out as many mercenaries as I could so that Helleige had a position to run to. My mind was a blur with the smell of gunpowder and the yells of the C.O’s telling there men to get up and fight.

“Get up you gutless b******s. If we don’t take care of these guys Lady Hubris won’t be pleased. Do you want to piss her off?” yelled the three C.O’s

“No sir!!!” yelled the mercenaries as the got up and fired back at me

The adrenaline running through me, the loud bangs of bullets being fired, and the smell of gunpowder just made me go into a frenzy.

“Helleige draw their fire for a bit while I eliminate their C.O’s” I ordered

“Roger.” yelled Helleige as she ran from the door frame to a desk flipped on its back

It was perfect they all fell for it, now all I needed to do was cut the head off of the snake and the rest would be a cake walk. I lined the first shot with the C.O wearing winter military camouflage. He wore a helmet so a headshot was out of the question. I fired my first shot; it hit him in the chest, but he didn’t even flinch. I let off my second shot; it hit him in the shoulder and he fell like a rag doll. The other C.O’s realized what was happening and focused their fire on me. I looked to the right where Helleige was, she looked alright and she fought with such vigor it made my heart do summersaults. I got my mind back to the two others I had to get rid of. The second C.O only wore the body protection so he was pretty easy to dispose of. One shot to the head and he was done. The third C.O however was decked out in full bomb protection armor. A pistol would be no good; I quickly reequipped to my M&P15 PSX trying to find a chink in his armor. The only chink I could think of would be on his back. I hid behind the pillar and signaled Helleige to switch enemies. It seemed like she understood as she set the armored C.O on fire. Now it was my turn to take care of the small fry. It was pretty easy since they were only equipped with MP5’s and pistols. I took them out with haste so that I could back Helleige up with the walking tank. I shot three in the chest and one in the back as he was trying to retreat. Four down, eleven to go. This fight couldn’t be any longer. I switched my ammunition with armor piercing rounds so that I could shoot through their cover. I think I got 5 of them through the flipped over desks and the flipped over couch. All I could hear was pistol shots from the C.O so I took my chance and fired at his back. He fell like a really fat gorilla, now to finish off this fight.

“Helleige six more to go lets quickly finish this.” I yelled at the top of my voice

“I’m still with you” she yelled over the rain of bullets

I leaned around the pillar and started firing; three down, now to find the three others who are cowering behind their covers. All of a sudden everything went white and I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise. In an instant it was over and I saw the remaining three men rolling around as if they had been flash banged. I quickly disposed of them.

“Ok Helleige we’re all clear here.” I said as I walked around making sure no one else was hiding

“Ummm Aegis…..” I could hear a twinge of fear in her voice. As I turned around I could see that someone was holding as a hostage.

My mind went blank; first Strider, now Helleige. What kind of a leader gets his friends caught. No what kind of a friend lets his friends get caught. I instinctively raise my weapon and looked at the person who captured Helleige. To my surprise she was a young lady. She was about five foot eight, she had her hair tied into a bun, and her hair was the color of chocolate. She couldn’t have looked that much younger than us; maybe she was 19-20. She spoke and it felt like I had gotten out of a trance.

“Bonjour il ya beau.” she said with a shy smile that would make any man get weak in the knees “Je suis Vice plaisir de vous rencontrer.” I had no idea what she was saying but d****t she was very beautiful.

I wanted to hit myself. How could I be thinking about that when the girl of my dreams is being held hostage? At this point I really don’t think I’m leader material.

“Please let my friend go and I won’t have any reason to harm you.” I said as slowly as I could with it still being understandable

“Haha you are a very humorous man. I would make you mine if I didn’t have to kill you. Sad” as Vice said that she threw a knife into my thigh. I never knew she had concealed two weapons. My leg gave out and I fell hard on my arm. I heard Helleige scream and cry as if I had been killed. I tried to get up to show her I was okay but I couldn’t move.

“Oh pauvre bébé, can’t get up?” Vice giggled as she mocked me

“Please, please let me help him” cried Helleige

“Oh very well” Vice said as she flicked her wrist

Immediately Helleige stopped crying and walked towards me. I stretched out my free hand to get up but before I knew it she kicked me in face, and I was out cold.

© 2013 Tim Youn

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Tim Youn
Ignore grammar problems, just tell me whether this is interesting or not.

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